Plaza de Toros of Aranjuez!

One of the nicest story coming out of my old Spain, the prince love story of Aranjuez! Anybody heard of the concierto of Aranjuez? Well its a masterpiece even brought to theater. Written by Juaquin Rodrigo while on his last year of his stayed in Paris, 1939! A masterpiece.

Aranjuez is nice quant,regal, and chic. My dear late mother Gladys made me come into it when a boy and it has always stay with me up to today. The city of Aranjuez in the Communidad de Madrid region only 42 km from Madrid, which I have come always by car,on the A4 with connection to the city on the M305.  However, it can be reached by public transport from Madrid Cercanías Train C-3 El Escorial–Aranjuez.

The Plaza de Toros de Aranjuez bullring was inaugurated in 1797. It currently has a capacity of 9500 people. An important bullfighting festival is celebrated on May 30 of each year, being the festival of San Fernando. Also, Toros Goyesca, which brings together the main figures of bullfighting and specimens of the meilleurs haras espagnols in September of each year.


It was designed in smaller proportions, similar to the old bullring near the Puerta de Alcalá (Madrid before Ventas). The period of splendor of the bullring was from the 18C and, above all, at the beginning of the 19C due to the bullfighting hobby of King Fernando VII. But in 1809 it was destroyed by a raging fire, and was not raised again until ten years later. Indeed, in 1829, by order of the aforementioned Fernando VII, the Royal Heritage completely rebuilt this coliseum and transferred its property to the Aranjuez City Council, which from then on took charge of the management and conservation of the building.


The Plaza de Toros of Aranjuez has twelve entrance doors to the public that communicate with the interior by means of ten stairs and three galleries. The royal family entered through an access door and a private staircase that led directly to the Royal Box. The interior of the Plaza de Toros , a museum was created by the city of Aranjuez,that can be visited with appointment,

The Museo de la Plaza de Toros of Aranjuez bullfighting museum offers a series of guided tours of the different rooms in the bullring (quadrillas patio, albero, alleys, stables, apartao, Palco Real, pigsties and corrals) that allow a tour through from the world of bullfighting and recreate the most popular festivals that have been held in the Royal Site city since the beginning of the 19C.

The Plaza de Toros de Aranjuez:

The Aranjuez tourist office on the Plaza de Toros

This is a private initiative with tourist information on Aranjuez and have it on the Plaza de Toros. I find it very good:

And there you go folks, an institution of bullfights in a historical bullring very near Madrid . This is a nice princely city of Aranjuez. Hope you enjoy the post on the Plaza de Toros, and see my many posts on the city in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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