The Plaza de Toros de Toledo!!

Looking over my many posts on Toledo I saw that an oversight of my part have taken place, The venerable bullring arena has been left out, big time, Therefore, here is my rendition on the Plaza de Toros or bullring of Toledo. 

The Plaza de Toros de Toledo is located at Calle Huérfanos Cristino,s/n,in front of the former cinema María Cristina. Of course, you know by now Toledo is the capital of the province of Toledo and also of the region of Castilla La Mancha.


In what was the capital of the Spanish Empire, the first corrida or bullfight was held in the year 1566, and still preserved in writing, on the occasion of the birth of the infanta Clara Eugenia, daughter of king Felipe II. In that same scenario years later, specifically in 1572, two great bullfights were held that caused a sensation: the first was on the occasion of the great victory of Lepanto and the second with the birth of Prince Fernando.

For many years, until 1865, bullfights were held in the Plaza de Zocodover. It was in the 19C that the new and definitive Toledo bullring was created, located on the Carretera de Madrid highway (my old N401 and now A42 of many trips).It opened on August 18, 1866.  The great cartels and the best bullfighters always fought to make the paseo in the Toledo bullring. Great were the category and repercussion of the performances that took place there. For example, the bullfighter Joselito only did the paseíllo in 1916. Meanwhile, his admirer Juan Belmonte walked the ring six times between 1913 and 1944. Marcial Lalanda himself made his debut when he was only 11 years old in 1914. He would witness in 1927 how his fellow poster member Cagancho was carried out of the ring on the shoulders. After that, they took him after passing through the Puerta de Bisagra to the Hotel Castilla in Plaza de San Agustín !

The bullring has an Arab style with masonry walls and eight lines made of Berroque stone. Inside we can find the basic facilities, such as corrals, chapel, infirmary, pigsties, horse yards and bullpen plateau. Its capacity is 8,530 spectators, which is why it is classified in Spain among the second category bullrings.

On every June a well-known bullfight takes place in Toledo, On the occasion of this Eucharistic feast celebrated throughout Spain, Toledo hosts the largest procession in Spain. The streets are then richly decorated and covered. The coats of arms have come out of the cupboards, the pavement is strewn with thyme and rosemary, and the balconies are adorned with thousands of flowers and garlands of boxwood. The processional cortege is that of the custode (the monstrance), sculpted in the first gold coin brought back from America. This jewel of Gothic goldsmithing is usually exhibited in the cathedral. All the corporations of Toledo participate: brotherhoods and trades from the clergy and civil authorities, Big event indeed !


The Plaza de Toros , also hosts a wide variety of cultural and musical events. The visible faces of the company Mare Nostrum Arena, S.L. Who owns and manage the bullring are the businessman Nacho Lloret and his manager Luis María Garrido, both recognized in the bullfighting world and who have experience in managing bullfighting arenas.

The official plaza de toros of Toledo

The Toledo tourist office on its heritage

The Toledo province tourist office on Toledo

The Castilla La Mancha region tourist office on Toledo:

There you go folks, a huge town to visit for its architecture, history, cultures, the works; Toledo has it all. Now to round up the cultural tour glad to have the Plaza de Toros of Toledo in my blog. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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