Monasterio de Uclés, part III

This is one of the gem you need a car to see the world better. In what can be an off the beaten path trip deep into the province of Cuenca in the Castilla La Mancha region. I like to bring you back with another post, the 3rd on the series of this wonderful place, a must to see. This is Uclés and the main dish, the Monastery of Uclés!!!

And again in my beloved Spain, and favorite region of Castilla La Mancha, of Don Quijote dreams and stories! One can never have enough in my Spain, everything under the Sun! Once again,  I will tell you a bit more on the Monastery / Castle of Uclés ,after finding some pictures in my vault not yet shown. In our tours as road warriors in Castilla La Mancha region has been huge for us, and we love it!!!. We did the trip by car of course, and did it across sunflower fields of dirt/stone terrain to reach it by the south side where it can be seen in its entire splendor. A wonderful decision we will cherish forever in the family; my dear late wife Martine was a bit scare on the dusty road but I got all there safe!! This spot can, also, be reach on the A23 highway Madrid-Valencia.



Uclès is known for the two battles that took place there: the first in the Middle Ages, during the Reconquista: Battle of Uclès (1108); and the second during the Independance war or Peninsular war, during the occupation of Spain by dictator Napoléon’s  troops: Battle of Uclès (1809).

The main point of interest in this town of course is the monastery, built by Francisco de Mora, a disciple of Herrera, in the 16C. Also known as “The Escorial of Castilla-La Mancha” or “the small Escurial”, the monastery is built around a beautiful two-story square patio, dating from the 16C, which preserves a magnificent cistern in the center. The Churrigueresque portal with a sculpture of the Apostle Santiago stands out from the main façade. The church, with a single nave, built in the north wing, houses a painting by Francisco Ricci, the remains of Rodrigo Manrique, master of the Order of Saint James (Santiago), and his son, Jorge Manrique are kept here. It , also, has a historical importance to the Order of Saint-James de La Mancha, which chose this locality as the capital of its territory.






There is ,also, pretty good wine here! The Uclés appellation has in the western half the vineyard are between 500 and 800 meters high, and in the eastern half between 600 and 1,200 meters, the two parts separated by the Sierra de Altamira. My experience here has been good with bottles from the  Finca La Estacada 100% Tempranillo (see post).

The official Monastery of Uclés:

The city of Uclés on the Monastery:

The Castilla La Mancha region tourist office on the Monastery

There you go folks, a wonderful countryside in the Manchego of Castilla La Mancha and a historical Uclés. In all it is fun for a day of sightseeing and driving on country road, the real travel ! Enjoy the Monastery of Uclés as we did! It’s a must to visit me think.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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