Cathedral Treasury Museum of Cuenca!!

I have several posts on sentimental Cuenca in my blog. This one is an older post that I like to break down into each individual museum with a post of its own rather than one all post as before. I feel that on one of my favorite cities in Spain is worth it to tell you about their museums we like in a bit more details on each. So, therefore, here are my version of the Cathedral Treasury Museum of Cuenca, in Castilla La Mancha autonomous community! Hope you enjoy them as I.


The Museo Tesoro-Catedral museum (Cathedral’s treasury) is located in the Episcopal Palace, adjacent to the Cathedral of Santa María and San Julián (see post), The entrance is done thru the street Calle Obispo Valero.  It is the appropriate complement to the visit of the Cathedral, since it contains important works of art of all kinds,It is made up of ten rooms in which more than two hundred pieces of great value and uniqueness are exhibited, especially those referring to the 16C, medieval art and the Renaissance. The Treasure, preserved in a vault, is made up of unrepeatable works and pieces such as the Byzantine Diptych (Reliquary Icon of the Despots of Epirus 16C) or the exquisite collection of Renaissance tapestries, rugs and panels on display of the Conquense school of the 16C to 18C, The funds of the museum come from the Cathedral and numerous parishes throughout the Diocese of Cuenca.


The highlight of the museum is a collection of tables by Juan de Borgoña, two works by El Greco, paintings by Martín Gómez, Gerard David and many other anonymous works; I highlight a Resurrection by Diego de Tiedra; impressive collection of chalices and monstrance’s, with hose worn by the punches of the Becerril family, as well as liturgical utensils: incense burners, processional crosses, bells, etc.

The official Cathedral of Cuenca treasury museum

The Cuenca province tourist office on the museum

The Castilla La Mancha regional tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a nice museum to see in lovely Cuenca Unesco heritage site and very quant,nice, as a typical Castilian town should be. Enjoy the Cathedral Treasury museum of Cuenca !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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