Antonio Pérez Foundation Museum of Cuenca!!

I have several posts on sentimental Cuenca in my blog. This one is an older post that I like to break down into each individual museum with a post of its own rather than one all post as before. I feel that on one of my favorite cities in Spain is worth it to tell you about their museums we like in a bit more details on each. So, therefore, here are my version of the Antonio Pérez Foundation Museum of Cuenca, in Castilla La Mancha autonomous community! Hope you enjoy them as I.

Museo Fundación Antonio Pérez , began its history in 1998 located in the former Convent of the Barefooted Carmels, it houses the particular collection of contemporary works of art by the artist Antonio Pérez. The important art collection of Antonio Pérez composed of paintings by painters as important as Saura, Millares, Feito or Gordillo. A museum whose initial collection of painting, sculpture, photography, graphic work and artist’s books has increased dramatically during the  years the museum has been in operation.

cuenca mus fundacion antonio perez aug17

Today there are already more than three thousand works of art, the result of this initial collection and other acquisitions and donations that the museum has been obtaining over the years. The Antonio Pérez Foundation has had its offsprings such as in San Clemente with the Museum of Graphic Art, and in Huete , the Photography museumBoth easily reach from CuencaAntonio Pérez first travel to Cuenca in 1957, and there he met with Manolo Millares and Antonio Saura, with whom he began this collection. Later in Paris, he had the opportunity to experience friendship and work with various painters. Forty years later the collection returns to its place of origin.

The Official Antonio Perez Foundation on the museum

The Cuenca province tourist office on the museum

The Castilla La Mancha tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a nice museum to see in lovely Cuenca Unesco heritage site and very quant,nice, as a typical Castilian town should be. Enjoy the Antonio Pérez Foundation Museum of Cuenca !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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