My best restaurant La Gare!!!

To go out eating in France is heavens and we love the gastronomy and wines of my belle France. I like to tell you about this memorable restaurant La Gare with a nice history,and I am glad was part of it, It is one of my sentimental all time favorites places to drink and eat while in Paris for many years. There is a new beginning sadly see below but will tell as if nothing happened; one for the memories of my eternal Paris.

My former favorite in Paris , La Gare, this superb restaurant of the 16éme district or arrondissement of Paris, which was once the train station of Passy- la Muette running on the  Auteuil line and the Petite Ceinture.  It has been totally transformed and it is my favorite spot in Paris for a drink or eating; already taken many visitor friends here including those from defunct travel forum like VT. A wonderdul oasis in Paris near the Monet Marmottan museum.just behind it passing the jardin du Ranelagh

paris la gare resto afar muette nov19

The beautiful staircases whose walls are gilded with gold leaf to access the spectacular room that hosts the restaurant. Giant columns, design glass chandeliers, light canopy, large brass mirrors and 18C wall decor of the Maison Zuber: The place is remarkable. The sensation of grandeur reminds us of the first function of this space an old train station of the Petite Ceinture.


In a timeless place, come and ask yourself to have a coffee in the summer garden or to dine in the huge restaurant under canopy, extended with a beautiful terrace of 500 m2 of surface and 185 seats. Hallucinating of space, height of ceiling, walls in red brick, this is what makes the interest of this place to the clientele very 16éme-West Parisian!


When you go down the stairs to get to the quays and now dining room!, the place reveals a huge restaurant of 1 000 m2 , revisited in a colonial style with vintage furniture. One has the impression, going down the steps, to be aboard the Titanic and its huge restaurant less thinking of the sinking but rather the train. Chic and refined atmosphere, pretty mural paintings and period columns contribute to the displacement.


At the bottom of the room, we discover a beautiful terrace in the quiet, which will make your happiness on the days of good weather. Regarding the menu, the restaurant offers French cuisine to the most famous revisited. Located at 19 chaussée de la Muette metro line 9 La Muette out and turn left you see the restaurant ahead of you. Open every day and a delicious all you can eat Brunch on Sundays.


All this to tell you that as all that is good has a quicker ending and La Gare is no longer due to the devastation of the covid, This venerable institution has change hands and is now the Andia In order to give pep and modernity to the place, the decorator Laura Gonzalez imagined a colorful decor, inspired by the mixes orchestrated in the kitchen. Because in the kitchen, we find the Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, Today at the head of 50 restaurants in 12 countries, including two ranked in the Top 20 The World’s 15 Best Restaurants, chef Gastón Acurio is known in the capital as an ambassador of Peruvian cuisine thanks to the opening of the Manko Paris. The food is now latin ranging from the Andean peaks, from the Amazon jungle to the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Just for the memories will have to stop by and see the new decor and food but the best memories will be kept for La Gare !

For reference the official Andia restaurant :

And a bit of nostalgia on my favorite reviews Yelp on the former La Gare with pictures:

And, there you go ,if you come to Paris and want to experience the real Parisian feel in historical surrounding with great company and food, then by all means the Restaurant La Gare was classy chic tops. And to add, I was here that I met one of the best comedians in Paris Olivier Giroud !! time will tell on my visit to the new Andia, but like I said the best memories will remain at La Gare. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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