L’Île Bouchard and La Isla Bonita!!!

And of course, with all these going around we ,also, needed a rest to sleep in this beautiful lands of the Loire Valley of my belle France. We knew the place we stayed before was central so we opted for a repeat and see the folks still very nice. I like to tell you a bit more of the Île Bouchard (an island on the Vienne river) and our stayed at the La Isla Bonita b&b. Hope you enjoy it as I.

ile bouchard hotel de ville feb22

Below from the pont St Maurice (D757) to town and the belltower of the Church St Maurice

ile bouchard pont st maurice D757 to belltower ch St Maurice feb22

As already rented from them , the call was direct and cheaper for the same apartment for 4 including wheelchair Dad. Another son and the dog Rex stayed behind this timeThe contact was easy and immediately rented the Trinidad apartment which windows have a view on the back terrace leading to the Vienne river!.You can see my other posts on the town island of Île Bouchard! Only 17 km from Chinon. The L’Île-Bouchard is located in the Indre-et-Loire department,37 in the Centre-Val de Loire region. The view from La Isla Bonita our B&B to town below

Ile Bouchard la isla bonita bb to town feb22

The Isla Bonita chambre d’Hôte or B&B is located on an island, on the edge of the Vienne river; in fact the terrace is right next to it!. The B&B  allows you to enjoy the charm and tranquility of Touraine while offering a variety of attractions nearby. We stayed at the Trinidad apartment, a family room: it is made up of 2 separate rooms which communicate: a parent room and a child room. Each room has access to the balcony. 28.17 sq meters with inside bathroom. Great!  La Isla Bonita BB at 10 pl Bouchard, Île Bouchard, The loire valley tourist office webpage:  https://www.loirevalley-france.co.uk/organise-your-stay/accommodation/bed-and-breakfasts/la-isla-bonita

ile bouchard la isla bonita bb front my car feb22

ile bouchard la isla bonita bb living feb22

Ile Bouchard la isla bonita salon upstairs by room feb22

ile bourchard la isla bonita bb bfast feb22

As we already knew the island of 1700 folks, we walked to pick up our pizzas for dinner in our room. This was again the good Pizzeria Tintin.You ordered and go to pick up about one km from the apartment. This was recommended by the owners on our first trip here, and was good again. webpage: https://pizza-tintin-lile-bouchard.eatbu.com/?lang=fr

ile bouchard pizzeria Tintin feb22

There you go folks, a nice secluded real France stay with easy connection to the wonders of the Loire Valley, and very friendly folks at La Isla Bonita! Hope you enjoy the post and discover with me this pretty island.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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