AFP ,Agence France Presse in Paris!

Well here is another of my off the beaten path road/or foot warrior thrills of my eternal Paris. I have been by here lots of time as had many functions in the across the street Palais Brongniart (see post) and saw the building. Weird at first, need to look again , as have heard of AFP but never figure where they were! my gosh they were just across the street from my management conventions !!! So, let me tell you a bit about AFP or Agence France Presse; it that can be had guided visits.

AFP is a global news agency, providing rapid, comprehensive and verified coverage of current events and issues that shape our daily lives. With an unrivaled network of journalists, deployed in 151 countries, AFP is also a world leader in digital investigation. It has, they say 2,400 employees, of 100 different nationalities, cover the world in six languages, with a unique quality of multimedia production in video, text, photo and computer graphics. Cross-checking and disseminating information, in a neutral, reliable form that can be used directly by all types of media (radio , television, written press, websites) as well as with large companies and administrations.

Paris AFP agence France Presse bdlg 13 pl de la bourse sep15

AFP took over the premises and customers of the Havas company founded in 1836 by Charles-Louis Havas, son of the royal inspector of the Librairie de Rouen (76)  and who became a cotton merchant after the French revolution. The agency moved to 111-15 place de la Bourse, in the Champeaux restaurant building, then faced competition from American agencies, before taking advantage in the 1920s of the financial advertising boom.

It was only under the Nazis occupation that a change took place: the agency’s advertising sector became a mixed company with German participation and kept the name Havas; the information branch is nationalized and is now called the French Information Office (OFI).  During the Liberation of Paris, August 20, 1944, journalists members of the Resistance seize the OFI, five days before the arrival of Gen Leclerc’s tanks, They issued the first dispatch of a free agency which would take the name of Agence France-Presse (AFP) on September 30, 1944. For its part, the Havas advertising agency is nationalised.

AFP takes over the OFI building, created by Vichy from the Havas agency, which the occupier had transformed into a propaganda center, in defiance of a history dating back to 1835. AFP also inherited structures born under the occupation: the French Information Agency (AFI) launched in London in 1940, the France-Africa Agency in Algiers in 1942, and the Information and Documentation Agency (AID), created in 1944.

AFP wanted to become autonomous, rather than a semi-governmental agency. This wish was granted on January 10, 1957, thanks to the unanimous vote by parliament of a specific law on its status. The former resistant Jean Marin, first president elected according to this law, directs AFP until 1975, developing the network, the technical means and an ever wider clientele. AFP is one of the four world news agencies with the American Bloomberg, Associated Press (AP) and the British Reuters.

It is located at 11-15 Place de la Bourse, 2éme arrondissement of Paris across from the Palais Brongniart (see post), You can reach it on metro line 3 Bourse, and on bus lines 20/29/39/74/85 arrêt/stop Bourse.

The official AFP webpage in English :

There you go folks, another dandy off the beaten path monument that is right smack in a wonderful neighborhood of Paris with plenty to see, shop, and eat! Hope you enjoy the post on AFP as I. Nice to have found it indeed

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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