The wonderful Saint Jean de Luz!!

Ok so needed to dig deep into my vault of pictures to showcase a bit more on this wonderful city of Saint Jean de Luz. We used to spent quite a bit of time here especially when living in Versailles; once moved to the Morbihan we have not been yet. I have many family souvenirs ,and will post some old family picture for mon mémoires of good family times.

In fact, if my memory does not failed me, the first time we came here was by chance after spending beach time in Lacanau-Océan and wanting to get out of the park to see the cities nearby and we did even as far as San Sebastian in Spain but this is another post already in my blog. For now let me tell you a bit more of Saint Jean de Luz, and hope you enjoy it as I do.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is located in the department 64 of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The town is part of the Basque province of Labourd and the urban area of ​​Bayonne ; it shares with Ciboure ,the Bay of Socoa, on the Bay of Biscay, The bay of Socoa is the only sheltered harbor between Arcachon and Spain. Thanks to its dikes which protect it from the anger of the Atlantic Ocean, it is popular with bathers and has become a famous seaside resort on the Basque coast.

Saint jean de Luz harbor looking pyrenées mountain France

Saint-Jean-de-Luz extends on either side of the RD 810, (former N10). The agglomeration is served by the A63 motorway: exits 3 (Saint-Jean-de-Luz north) and 2 (Saint-Jean-de-Luz south). There is a train station but never taken, gare de Saint-Jean-de-Luz – Ciboure.

st jean de luz Kids in front of train station

The city center roughly corresponds to Vieux-Saint-Jean, limited by the port, rue du Midi and boulevard Thiers, but extends around boulevard Victor-Hugo well beyond the initial site of the ” city ​​of the Corsairs ”, St Jean de Luz. A large pedestrian area with restaurants, shops, etc connects the sea on the Promenade Jacques-Thibaud to the main street rue Gambetta which leads to our favorite spot ,the Place Louis XIV and its welcoming terraces.

st jean de luz Kids at le suisse resto pl louis XIV

It’s time to dive into the Vieux Saint-Jean to explore the shipowners’ houses. Four centuries later, many are still in very good condition and are worth a visit. The oldest “Esquerrénéa” at 17, rue de la République, dates from the 16C, with its tower which allowed to monitor the arrival of boats, then “Ornoaga” and “Grange Baïta” at 3 and 2, rue Mazarin , which welcomed Napoleon 1st on a visit in 1808. “Saint Martin Baïta” at 13 rue Mazarin as well has a magnificent wrought iron ramp, “Aux Trois Canons” at 10 rue Mazarin, with its cannon-shaped gargoyles and “ Alexandrenia ” at 12 rue Mazarin. Also, “Joanoenia” known as the Maison de l’Infante at 1, quai de l’Infante welcomed Marie-Thérèse before her marriage, Most are closed to visitors, except that of the Infanta and Louis XIV, but the exteriors are magnificent and deserve a look.

st jean de luz Pedro harbor of Saint Jean deluz

In Saint Jean de Luz , after many wars the peace is achieved in the region by the edit of Union in 1620 signed by king Louis XIII when the kings of France become automatically kings of Navarra as well with the confirmation of the treaty of the Pyrenées in 1659 due to the union of king Louix XIV and Infanta Maria Teresa of Spain. The frontiers and the repartition has remained intact to our days.

In all a wonderful town to walk, with lots of history and pretty architecture. The web pages to help you plan your trip are:

The tourist office of Saint Jean de Luz

The city of Saint Jean de Luz :

The Nouvelle Aquitaine region tourist board on St Jean de Luz

There you go a bit more on Saint Jean de Luz ,a link between my beloved France and Spain in basque country to boot! A bit more on my family travels, which we love and a blog for keeping these precious moments. Hope you enjoy the reading and again thanks for reading me since November 2010!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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