Mercado de Abastos of Aranjuez!

And back into my beautiful historical sunny Spain, and another legendary city of it. This is Aranjuez, in the Comunidad de Madrid region, just outside the Capital city of Madrid. Wonderful beautiful indeed. I like to update this older post of a dear visit to historical Aranjuez!

However, today will tell you a bit more on the supplies market that is the happenning in town again. The Mercado de Abastos or sort of supplies market is now better than ever right near the Palace. Again, plenty more written in my blog but this icon needs more me think. We love markets if you read my blog…!


The Mercado de Abastos market inauguration dates from the year 1894, and its most important restoration of 1985. In 1997 the consistory yields the exploitation of the market to a private company that finally mirrored and conditions the entire enclosure.  Before the 19C there was an open-air crate market, located in the same square.


This work introduces the formal vocabulary of a new material such as iron, and interprets the use of brick and stone so characteristic of the architecture of Aranjuez, and following a Hispanic tradition.   However, it maintained the 18C architecture. The building was a  market of supplies at the end of the 19C (1891-1895) and recently restored, finishes to form the Plaza de la Constitucion, with a last element, the sculpture of king Alfonso XII that centers the square, public space fully 19C both in Its architect typology, as in its denomination and use.  The historic new Mercado  de Abastos  market has inaugurated in 2016 an area dedicated to the restoration that is located in the central courtyard of the building.


In the 18C, a large urban space had been dedicated where transactions were practiced. In 1775, there appears a wide street, elongated, called Plaza de Abastos, which clearly divides into two the urban area of the Royal site. This route began in the Camino Real or Camino de Ocaña (Royal or Ocaña way) , the current Ruta de  Andalusia (road) and ended in what would be the Calle del  Foso or moat st. It had not yet been built in its center the line of houses that would divide in two this large area, forming the current streets of the Gobernador and Abastos. A quant wonderful part of Aranjuez and we walked it all, easy to do come on, very close to the Royal Palace grounds and around here the best places to eat out. Plenty more in my blog.

The official mercado de abastos of Aranjuez

The city of Aranjuez on the mercado de abastos

There you go folks ,again another gem in my beautiful Spain, the Mercado de Abastos of Aranjuez is nice, especially after a visit to the Royal Palace in town! Enjoy it as we did!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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