The streets of my Honfleur!

And here I am again updating/revising my older post in a magical roller coaster ride that I am enjoying so much; and I thank you for reading me over the years. Let me tell you a bit about the streets of my Honfleur!

Ok so I will  tell you again of a special town of mine for reasons explained in my blog several times. Sentimental and nice, as well as being the 2nd most visited site in all of Normandy just behind MSM (Mont Saint Michel).  I like to tell about the sights and architecture, beautiful streets of my beloved Honfleur. Here I go!

Oops a monument on the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville is well the Hôtel de Ville or city/town hall. The reconstruction of the municipal building was envisaged at the end of the Ancien Régime due to the condition of the building but in fact this reconstruction cannot take place due to the events of the French revolution. Eventually , the first stone was laid in 1832, and the work ended in 1837. The building is made of stone. It has two levels and a beautiful staircase as well as a gallery with Doric columns. The City/Town Hall is a representative example of the public architecture of the July Monarchy.


The rue Cachin : It has been totally renovated with some ups and downs by the local residents. Aesthetically, it is overall a success. It has nothing to do with the old rue Cachin, which was really sad. But there are a few tweaks to be made. All the more so as Rue Cachin is the closest to Rue de la République, the city’s main artery.


The Rue de la République : This was the old Cours d’Orléans opened on old marshy meadows called the Prés Saint-Martin. It owes its name to Louis-Philippe Joseph, Duke of Orleans and logically changed its name during the French revolution, becoming the cours de l’Egalité. Under the Empire, it became the rue Impériale and at   the Restauration named rue Royale before a deliberation gave it back its name of cours d’Orléans, on August 26, 1830. It was finally in 1870 that it took its current name of rue de la République. From its opening in the 1770s, the road was planted with Elms. The quant nice Hotel La Diligence is at 53 Rue de la République, and the   property dates back to 1900. Here near my apartment is a wonderful school of music Erik Satie at 44 Rue de la République!



The rue Haute :  At the site of this street, there was a Roman road. Legend has it that Julius Caesar embarked in 55-54 BC from the Honfleur coast to conquer Brittany (now England). The rue Haute, which is the lowest street in the city, owes its name to the fact that it was above the sea which beat the foot of the houses. Two houses to look at here are the one at 28 rue Haute dates from the second quarter of the 16C more precisely 1540. The house is half-timbered and stone-built and has a corbel. Also, the house at 15 rue Haute, formerly rue Gambetta. The property dates from the 16C or even from the 15C. The house is half-timbered and in stone. Equipped with corbels, the house has sculptures on its sand pits, vines, human faces and animals.


The Rue des Prés, is an old street where there are lots of rental premises including the one we rented . It is joined by the Rue de la République which turning left takes you to the vieux basin of the port of Honfleur.


The city of Honfleur on its heritage:

And there you go some nice pictures of my beloved Honfleur in Calvados dept 14 of Normandy, in my belle France. Hope you have enjoy the walk…

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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