Madrid is like home!!!

I like that title, Madrid is like home!!! Really, each time I feel like a fish in the water… Wonderful memories, finding it meeting it and getting to know my future wife there, and my Mom showing me around the roots; yes Madrid is like home!!!

I am updating, revising these posts of old going to when I started my blog and bringing them to life pershaps to my new readers. Hope you enjoy it as I do doing it. Reminder, most if not all  of the monuments here I have photos in their individual posts.

In a way, I am very lucky to be able to visit Madrid often, couple times a year sometimes 3. For those new to my blog, I lived in Madrid in the 70’s in another era as a teenager, and it has impacted me greatly over the years. My Spanish from my grandparents of Tenerife, allows me to move easy in the city as well.  It’s a memorable event each time, like the first time.

I came from my adopted country of France, and as always in the last few years come out of Nantes Atlantique airport. This time came on Iberia to Adolfo Suàrez Madrid Barajas airport on terminal 4. Very easy trip going and coming. I had my usual rendering of Màs Q Menos resto in T4 and my usual turrones, chocolates ,and vinos of Spain to bring back. I had a drive to my hotel. The hotel is the by now my home away from home , good , they all know me there now lol!  Ayre hotels and the wonderful Gran Colon at 1 Calle Pez Volador corner with Calle del  Dr Esquerdo.  The metro station on line 6 or 9 is Sainz de Baranda or Conde de Casal. However, I do not need to go underground to see the city only use it to come in from airport when nobody can get met.

The first night had a mission to go out and walk to my old baseball playing field in the Polideportivo La Elipa, I walked over the passarelle of the beltway road M30. This road was built just as I was leaving Madrid with my dear mother, and now it’s a major road encircling Madrid on the first beltway, as by now there are several others! It took me about 20 minutes walking to reach La Elipa, and memories began to flash back. In previous trip, did not had time to stop by.. La Elipa back in 1971 was just a playing field that the US air force base in Torrejon de Ardoz had built so the kids of the servicemen could continue playing the American game of baseball.  It was just a playing field, couple of stands and period. I played for a team that was sponsoring the baseball initiative, the Real Madrid CF in a league of 8 teams that included the Rayo Vallecano, Atletico de Madrid, Condepols, Piratas, the school Abraham Lincoln, etc.Don’t remember them all. The ride was taken on the P13 that now is bus line 113, the same!!!,and subsequently took it. The Madrid baseball federation is now based there, and they still play baseball there!!! Now with a huge complex of 3 municipal pools, running trails, and a full cafeteria. It was a moment to reflect on those beautiful times of youth that just won’t or do not want to let it go away. Especially, seen my Mom sitting in the stand watching me played the feeling is awesome. Madrid is like home.


However, friends came to me to have lunch in their town of Rivas VaciaMadrid and we had lunch together at Palacio Criollo, an Argentinian steakhouse. I had my bife chorizo very good and tender, with the cruzcampo beers and coffee, great experience even if for most visitors this is a bit far off, line 9 of metro and then walking.  This is their webpage:

rivas vaciamadrid palacio criollo resto argentino setna jul15

By the way one of the top baseball teams in Spain today is from Rivas Vaciamadrid ,even if this year they are not doing well. Real Federacion Española de Béisbol y Sofbol or the Royal Federation of Baseball and Softball of Spain webpage:

I came back late at the hotel and decided after a full day running around to eat at the hotel restaurant which is nice and a view of the street Dr Esquerdo.

The second night there, decided to go back towards the  Retiro park, a wonderful park in the heart of the city and my hangout as a teen and still in love with it , or love all the things I see there ::)  I set out on foot as well best way to see any city and Madrid is no exception. This was my itinerary on foot. I left the hotel Gran Colon , and headed out to Dr Esquerdo street, walk towards conde de casal, but turn right on ave de Nazaret , this took me to plaza del Niño Jesus (square), here reach avenida de Menendez Pelayo and the Retiro park was on my right hand side. Flashes back already as every building every turn almost every house got to think, “I was here”.

I continue on Menendez Pelayo until the traffic circle of several streets but stayed on right hand side to hit Paseo de la Reina Cristina; this is a wonderful boulevard going down to Atocha, and of course passed by the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Atocha Church, very nice At the end it joins avenida ciudad de Barcelona with a nice monument to the fallen, and you see the Repsol gas/petrol station and of course Atocha on the back cercanias trains entrance. Aand went inside, there had my soul searching boy mind and had my whopper at Burger King ! yes, can ‘t help it ok so what is good and from Florida another of my love spots in the world.


It was time to remember, to go back in my mind to those wonderful days of youth and see all the crowds in their routine of traveling in Spain by train. I too, went out of here many times since those days. After some soul searching, headed back to the hotel following the same route, took about 15 minutes. Time to rest and say one more time Adios Madrid, pero recuerden, Madrid al cielo y un hueco en él para mirarla todos los dias. Or Good bye Madrid, but remember, From Madrid to heaven, and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day!

Madrid is like home!! Indeed. I hope you enjoy the post even if from a visiting point of view as to me is beyond the simple visit. Enjoy it live it share it and  maybe one day you can visit too.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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