A Coruña here I come back !!!

And again, revised update text and links from a memorable trip to Galicia Spain. This time I take you back to A Coruña! I will leave the photos not shown elsewhere me think. Hope you enjoy it as I did redoing it

Well almost exactly a year I came back briefly to A Coruña and always pleasant from the tricky airport to the ambiance and the food.  It was a long flight driving first to Nantes airport, then catching Iberia to Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas T4, which already has become like a second home lol!!! Then the Iberia transfer to A Coruña airport.

Going went easy but the return was hell, Iberia was one hour late in arriving, and when the connection at Barajas thinking will miss the flight went to the customer service desk, saw a long line! Then looking at the boards realise my flight was still boarding! (held because of the flight delays of the day) ,ran like a mad man to the gate K85 and was able to catch the last bus to the plane!!! Arrive at Nantes took my car and finally arrive home by midnight! I will try never again to take Iberia, two trips with them and two delays!!

The Coruna airport site for reference:  http://www.aena.es/en/a-coruna-airport/airport-guide.html


I took a taxi this time very nice friendly talkative guy and he took me to the scenic ride down the road along the bay into the center of town and back to my hotel; this was my request. The cost was less than 15 euros and I arrive at my hotel.


The Attica21 hotel is my repeat hotel here in the wonderful neighborhood of Matogrande very nice modern from the 20C architecture. The area is surrounded by nice hôtels , great restos and gyms too!

The Attica21 Hotel webpage: https://www.attica21hotels.com/fr/hotel-attica21-coruna/


Here had the opportunity to walk into places already guided before by locals such as the SoHo Café and Bogart Baar and a new one Fire Capitano just across the street from the hotel.  Every lunch or dinner was an adventure. I also, try the restaurant in the hotel where a buffet menu of 15€ was awesome quality /price.

I give the links for the restos here:

Soho Caféhttps://sohocafecoruna.com/

Bogart Baar,no web but a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BogartBaar/

Fire Capitanohttps://www.klikin.com/commercessites/#/commerceInfo/57c4550651355801000f99ef

On the way back stayed one night and no pictures at another wonderful hotel. The AC A Coruña Hotel part of the Marriott chain just at the entrance to the city,and half way to Sada. The hotel was very nice, friendly, with all amenities I needed. The rooms was big, and the bed; and it has a great breakfast resto with all you can eat included in the price of the room, and the AC Bar was great , cold drinks and light meals. One to consider when in town, even if a bit away from the coastline beaches. webpage: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lcgco-ac-hotel-a-coruna/

As a side anecdote all this was around the holiday of St James  ,Santiago, St Jacques the famous saint of Galicia so so!!  It was July 25th the feast of St James or Santiago, the patron saint of Galicia and Spain. It was a day off, so my old friend from Real Madrid days Nilo came to pick me up at the hotel. The poor man drove 110 kms to see me, I thought it was closer.

However, the trip ,the company was like family. We drove to Xove, passing Ferrol, Viveiro, Oviudo, Cabanas, San Ciprian has a beautiful beach sitting next to Xove. He took me to the next town San Cibrao en Galician or San Ciprian in Castilian,  and I step into a wonderful beach of Torno or praia do Torno.

The beaches around Xove: http://: https://turismo.xove.es/praias/

The local council on the beach at Tornohttp://www.concellodecervo.com/web/publico/turismo/praias-e-calas/praia-do-torno

We have a saying that once a Real Madrid fan, Madridista, you are always one and welcome the world over. Here is home ground and it is no different. We walk all over town stopping for tapas and drinks in so many places I lost count lol!!! It is a faster pace one that I need to get back in shape for it. The locals dont stop eating, drinking,and talking all day long.

We made a meal at the finca or family terrain just overlooking the nice beach of San Ciprian, and we had salmon, and percebes, and salads, plus white wine of Ribeiro, and it was fun all afternoon. I had some adjustments to make but was able to hold on the day and come back to A Coruña to the AC hotel before next morning going back home. A memorable trip never to forget and we are still in touch of course.

The tourist office of  Galicia on A Coruñahttps://www.turismo.gal/que-visitar/cidades/a-coruna?langId=en_US

I encourage those readers to visit A Coruña is really a small but nice city to visit and friendly folks as well as the rest of Galicia. Hope you enjoy the post and the personal story.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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