Orlando: Gatorland!!

Well this one I am astonished to find some photos on it. It was my early life in Florida USA, and to Orlando came a lot, later and still have family there. I have some posts on Florida overall and Orlando attractions in particular but not on this park yet.

Let me tell you about an attraction that many still come to Florida, Gatorland.

But first , let me tell you an anecdote. When my dear late wife Martine’s older brother came to visit us from the Nord of France, he was eager to see these sort of things. We took them to the place and had his first gator burger without knowing, a prank I did! He found it delicious until he found out, and well too late, he got the taste for it now lol!

Briefly as it has been a while and the new photos here are old ok. I guess from the 1990’s. Maybe before…not sure…

Gatorland is a 110-acre  or 45 ha theme park and wildlife preserve in Florida, located along South Orange Blossom Trail in south Orlando. It was founded 71 years ago by Owen Godwin on former cattle land in 1949, and is privately owned by his family today.


Billed as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” Gatorland features thousands of alligators ,including the rare leucistic alligators and crocodiles, and many other animals. Attractions in the park include a breeding marsh with a boardwalk and observation tower,  zip lines an off road swamp vehicule tour a ridable miniature train, alligator feeding shows, alligator wrestling shows, an aviary, a petting zoo, and educational programs. The breeding marsh area of the park was used in the filming of the 1984 movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (and one my family favorite films too).


The Gatorland Express, known as Ol’ Iron Horse Express prior to 2001 is a 2 feet or 610 mm narrow gauge railroad attraction inside the park, which first opened in 1961. And still very popular ride , a must when visiting me think.


There just the basics , do not know how to make the post better as the text is mostly from their site which is here:  https://www.gatorland.com/

The tourist office of nearby Kissimmee has a better laidout on Gatorland here: https://www.experiencekissimmee.com/things-to-do/theme-amusement-parks/gatorland

And there you go folks ,short and sassy just for the memories and hoping it will become yours one day. I know would love to see Gatorland again if life and times allow me to be back. For now life goes on in France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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