Jaca: Bodegas Langa!

And here I am back in my beloved Spain! I have been coming here for years , initially as a stopping point between my trips from France to Spain over  Somport and Portalet; then we visit the city and even spent vacation time around the area. This is Jaca right facing the Pyrénées mountains! As you might know Spain is the No 2 most visited country in the world according to official tallies of the UN-WTO.

I have written several posts on it , including one on restaurants ,but feel this wonderful shopping place is missing, and I am trying to remedy this ommission of this wonderful quant city of Aragon. Let me tell you a bit more of Jaca on Bodegas Langa.

We had some goodies for later and wines from Somontano like the Enate again at Bodegas Langa, Plaza de San Pedro, no 5. Lots of canned gourmet goodies like ham Teruel, cheeses of Roncal, and wines of Lalanne as well. Great, happy ::) Also, in the area behind the back door of the Cathedral of Jaca!

Jaca plaza san pedro bodegas langa aug14

The Bodegas Langa is located in the historic center of Jaca, in front of the Cathedral and on the ground floor of a building from the end of the 19C; in this old warehouse dedicated to selling bulk wines since 1930, which has evolved according to current demand and that all kinds of spirits can be purchased, both national and imported and artisans from the area.


Although the most important chapter is that of wines, giving priority to those of Aragon, those of Somontano and the most important designations of origin of the country such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra, Priorato, Rías Baixas, Txakoli, Cavas and Champagnes, etc.  In the food section they offer: Teruel ham, Bajo Aragón oils, Roncal cheese, asparagus from Navarra. Great selection of Stuffed Peppers. Wide assortment of meat preserves, pâtés, anchovies from Santoña and specialties from the Rías Gallegas. All this made in an artisanal way.

You can find out more on their official webpage for the store in Jaca here: Bodegas Langa in Jaca

However, the family is all over and indeed have a great winery in Calatayud near Zaragoza.  Their story goes as this:

It all began in 1867 when the family of Mariano Langa Gallego after returning from the war in Cuba in 1898  (that led to Cuban independance) developed the business but it was after the follow up of the family in Juan Langa Mariscal that a winery business often from others took place. In 1940 Sebastian Langa Langa conserving wineries in Morata de Jiloca,Calatayud and Jaca with a big business with France.  By 1967 Juan Jose Langa Fuentes and sister Maria Teresa Langa Fuentes gave the most important push to the business in its history installing the bottling company in 1954 and founding in 1989 the DOP Calatayud (Denominacion de origen protegida) ,and recognised as historic bodega by DOCAVA (the regulatory org of sparkling wines). Today Juan and Cesar Langa Gonzalez fifth generation of the family keeps along the 150 years of history of Bodegas Langa.

More of the winery in Calatayud in English here: Bodegas Langa Calatayud

Some further reading on the wines of Aragon

The DOP Calatayud on its wines in English: DOP Calatayud wines

As I have a diploma on Spanish wines from ICEX ( Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) is the international window of Spanish wines Food and Wines from Spain on Calatayud: Food and Wines from Spain on DOP Calatayud

I will say from Calatayud the best is this Bodegas Langa, from Cariñena area have no favorites, from Somontano, have Enate and Laus. And from Campo de Borja have Borsao and Bodegas Aragonesas. OF course these are my choices.

Hope you enjoy the wine and gourmet tour of Jaca and do come in, worth the detour I said. Enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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