Walks in Jaca!!!

And here I am back in my beloved Spain! I have been coming here for years , initially as a stopping point between my trips from France to Spain over  Somport and Portalet; then we visit the city and even spent vacation time around the area. This is Jaca right facing the Pyrénées mountains! As you might know Spain is the No 2 most visited country in the world according to official tallies of the UN-WTO.

I have written several posts on it  ,but feel some is missing and I am trying to remedy this ommission of this wonderful quant city of Aragon. Let me tell you a bit more of Jaca on the Plaza Ripa and Paseo de la  Constitucion.

The Plaza Ripa or square Ripa in Jaca, Province of Huesca in the autonomous region of Aragon is very nice and central. We got into town by the road N330 coming from France by car, you hit immediately the boulevard facing the Ciudadela or citadel or castle of San Pedro on your right hand side, impressive fortified castle and what a way to enter a city! (see post!!).   I parked by the parking Turismo on Plaza Ripa across is the bus station and to the right is the Cathedral right in city center secured underground parking all day.


Here was the cemetery of San Nicolás, now Plaza Ripa!. The Plaza Ripa is named after Don Manuel Ripa Romero, mayor of Jaca, and provincial deputy in 1900.

There are great walks all over the city from here. Not far is the wonderful Cathedral (see post) and the museu Diocesano of romantic arts, as well as the tourist office. If you want to take public transport , well the bus terminal is right here too! The parking underground is wonderful and easy in and out. A wonderful spot with a great market.

Jaca plaza ripa aug14

This summer as usually the case, the Jaca Pirineos Markets will be present in the Plaza Ripa every Sunday from June 28 to August 30. With a clear commitment to local products. As a novelty, agri-food producers will have for sale, in all stalls, a basket with products from each of them, for 45 or 50 euros, depending on quality. The products are from the Val Minuta winery, Repostarte, Carlina Cheeses, Miel de Oz, Mead Guerrero and Chesitas, in addition to other culinary proposals, such as those from an association. Artisans will also sell lots of products, on their assigned days. In this case, you can find costume jewelry, jewelry, soaps and watercolors, among other items. A plastic artist from the Jacarte Association will join them. This is ongoing for several summers now and should be available this year. More from City of Jaca in Spanish here: City of Jaca on the market at Plaza Ripa

There is a beautiful Paseo de la Constitución with nice children playground, and music kiosk , many libraries or book stores are here and an open air book market with stands as well. This is wonderful and only about 500 meters from Plaza Ripa above, so all you need is do the walking and see all of Jaca before your eyes, and what of views it has.



In 1888, and in view of the increase in population during the summer season, the idea arose to create a new promenade in Jaca. The works for its construction began in 1903, and the first 600 plants were donated by the Marquis de la Cadena. In 1923 it was expanded with the acquisition by the town council of several more plots on the left bank, and around it stately houses began to emerge, mainly owned by the Zaragoza bourgeoisie. Inside, there are some fifty species among plants and trees, firs, birches, holly, linden, elm, yew , etc. In 1992, it was renamed Paseo de la Constitución and today, without losing an iota of its charm and beauty, it has been modernized with a wi-fi area, summer library or playground. It is especially in this season when it is a magnificent place to relax in the shade of the trees, and cool off in the freshness provided by the fountains. In no case can you miss the wood carvings with mythological motifs that are on the trunks of several dry acacia trees. In the Paseo de la Constitución you will find the sculpture entitled “La Amistad” or the friendship ;donated by the city’s Casino. It represents two figures in a friendly attitude made of wrought iron. More from the city of Jaca here: City of Jaca on paseo de la constitucion

For reference the Jaca tourist office in English here: Jaca tourist office

Huesca province tourist office in Spanish on Jaca: Huesca province on Jaca

Region of Aragon tourist office on Jaca in English: Aragon tourist office on Jaca

And there you go folks, Jaca is wonderful a great getaway with the marvelous face of the Pyrénées. The walking amongt beautiful architecture full of history is marvelous. Hope you have enjoy the walk.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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