Jardin Public at Honfleur!

There is so much to write here and writers did! or to see and painters painted it that I can have a blog on Honfleur. However, let me tell you about the little pieces that makes this the second most visited site in Normandy, and you know the first one.

The Public garden or Jardin Public is on Boulevard Charles V, Honfleur. Along the pier, you can go for a walk in the public garden, created in 1996, also called the Jardin Retrouvé or found garden for its romantic setting and its English style layout.


Beautiful garden, excellent for children with lots of games suitable for different ages, a sandpit and in summer a paddling pool that makes children happy. Very pleasant park, excellent for a short walk. We love it!

There is boat mooring before the ecluses. Visitors are moored on the visitors pontoon. Boats must moor as two side by side. Any other mooring than those mentioned above is subject to the port authority. In season, April to September you will be guided by one of our employees on the canoe (orange) to your mooring.

This is the tourist office of Honfleur on the Jardin Public in English: Tourist office of Honfleur on the Jardin Public


One event held at the Jardin Public we love as a family and came here often is the Salon Passionnément Jardin . The next is schedule for May 23 and 24, 2020 if allow under the new sanitary conditions. On the program for this 14th edition: 80 +- professionals from the world of the garden such as nurserymen, horticulturalists, landscapers, crafts, furniture, decoration, tools, etc.,will be here on workshops for budding gardeners, advice and know-how shared by enthusiasts and specialists, on-site catering.As well as take home plants. A colorful weekend to celebrate spring, where you can spend a pleasant time with family or friends.

This is the official webpage on the Salon Passionnément Jardin in French: Salon Passionnement Jardin




A garden continuous to the Jardin Public and a bit more into the Promenade de la Jetée, is the Jardin des Personnalités inaugurated in 2004.. Installed on an old mudflat of the estuary, this 10 hectare landscaped area offers a walk to discover garden boats in the center of which stand busts of personalities of the historical and cultural heritage of Honfleur among which the gifted children of the country, natives of the small city but also personalities who lived or stayed there, such as Claude Monet, Charles Baudelaire, etc. A wonderful place to admire these masters of the arts.

Ironically, the city of Honfleur does not have much at least in English on the Jardin Public; here is their page on gardens in French: City of Honfleur on gardens

Well at least I feel better to have it shown in my blog on a single post. These gardens were a source of nice walks with the family and once hook on the Passionnément Jardin we came every year. Honfleur is very sentimental for me and my family. Not to be shabby one of the best tourist destinations in my belle France ! Hope you enjoy the walk in the Jardin Public garden

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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