August 21, 2014

Pyrénées-Atlantiques still in Aquitaine, the trip continues.

In continuing my travels through this wonderful region I am now in deep pyrénées atlantiques or dept 64 not far from Pau whre we were based. The way to handle it all. the tourist offices of Lescar, Morlaàs and Orthez are to follow. covering the region of Pau as  with Morlaàs its own in French, ,and more specific for the Orthez area,

we set out from Pau and hit first Morlaàs, Montaner, then LescarOrthez, and finally Thézé  before coming back to Pau late night.

At Lescar you come into the Cathedral of the Kings of Navarre, and its wonderful.  Many of these places have no English translation and when do is very limited so the French is better. Nowsdays it can be translated on Google or bing etc. So will poste the French to give more information,

We went up to see the hotel de ville or mayor’s office or mairie always an intriguing building in France. This one at Lescar was uniquely modern but set on a hill of winding Streets thru residential neighborhood the trip to the top was the highlight of the trip for us. Located at street Allée du Bois d’Ariste; webpage of city here

Here by the Cathedral there is a small but interesting museum of antiquities from the findings in the area dating to Romanesques times, located at the old cellars of the episcopal palace, more here

You, also , have interesting ruins of castle and citadel up at pont saint louis very nice rustique natural setting, you can climb from the bottom parking lot thru the river and up the ruins into the high city and the Cathedral. Nice.  Here was the old bishophery from the 6C and from the 10C a  baptistry dedicated to Saint-John-the Baptist.  Later a repenting soldier built a chapel , “Loup-Fort”,where it was dedicated to Saint Mary.

In direction Morlaàs we passed by an old castle where winding roads needed to be taken up the road D7 and then D62. this is in ruins but the tower is in excellent shape rides up 3,50€ and chivarly or knights contests for kids was very colorful. This is the Château de Montaner.

And we arrive in Morlaàs, here there is the beautiful awesome Church Sainte Foy built from 1080AD. You have in it three beautiful sculpture chapitres in the choir with the showing of Sainte Foy, and the piton de Jaca, an architectural motifs you find in the ways to Santiago de Compostela. Other than mine you see more pictures here text in French,

And we continue on towards Orthez, this is a nice town, first you have the house museum of Jeanne d’Albret, that shows the Protestant Béarn, the museum at 37 rue Bourg-Vieux, here you have four centuries of history from the reform to the 20C, the story of the Huguenots ,love the history here.

You must see the Church of Saint Pierre in a vast square or pl St Pierre. The town was the site of the viscount of Béarn and this led to start the construction of the Church in the 13C.  On August 15, 1569 the forces of led by the count of Montgomery takes the town and massacre the inhabitants as well as confiscated the Church. Here is the town take on it in French,

On our way out we passed and got to see the parvis of the château Moncade right in the town of Orthez! It is built on a hill of 100 meters high protected by moats with a well unique in Europe, from the top of the tower donjon (33 meters) you can see a wonderful view of the roofstops of Orthez.  the castle was built in 1242 and finally finished in the 14C by Gaston VII de Moncade.  You pay only 3€ adults to get in. It is with a tower remaining the rest is an animation model maquette to tell of what it was but still nice if you are into history like me.

We finally made the round for the day by coming all out to Thézé on the road D834 and coming back in into Pau. Here you have a nice looking Church, where it is ,also, Church of Saint Pierre. The unique thing about it is that ithas a square bell tower with huge contraweight in a double retreat and with a cylindrical tower. It is considered as one of the most original in the region of Béarn.

Good to stop by a local Sparr supermarket there load up and come back to home base at Pau. Until the next run stay tune for more. cheers.

 Lescar  Lescar  Lescar  Lescar  Lescar  Lescar  Lescar Montaner Montaner Montaner Morlaas Morlaas Morlaas Morlaas Morlaas Morlaas Morlaas Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Orthez Théze  Théze


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August 20, 2014

Pau, Aquitaine, wonderful region

This was my headquarters destination for the first traject of our vacations, Pau is an interesting town. We had passed by it many times, even stay in quick night hôtels on the town, but never really wandered about it, and we decided that after so many choices we have here to pick one that we have not seen fully; so therefore, this is it PAU. We came avoiding tolls on the N165 to Nantes then the N149, and then the D824,D834,D932, etc to the N10,A63 free ride to the D834 again entering Pau on the rocade at the D817.

The tourist office is here,  , and the city page is here

We came by car as always, and we rented inexpensive hôtels in the outskirts so enjoy the sights and smells of the basque without paying for excessive hôtels and tolls, which with a family can leave quite a bit of centimes for better things. Our favorite chain is ACCOR and for this trip we chose the Ibis Budget Pau Est ,wonderful service by manager Véronique and great stay easy on and off from the highways and straight down the city center of Pau.

We had to tell you about the castle museum of Pau; here is their homepage  This is a wonderful property still Under renovation but the public is still invited in with guided tours, as well as individuals. The gardens are great wonderful views over the Pyrénées mountains and well maintained.

We visited the museum of Bernadotte, the birthplace of this   Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte chosen by Napoleon I to secure the continuation of the royal house of Sweden in 1818 he finally became the king of Sweden, today the current king Gustav is a descendant Bernadotte.

We visited the boulevard des pyrénées famous look over the mountains and took the funiculaire or cable car up and down;and it is free!!!

We went to several wonderful churches such as Saint Martin, Saint Jacques, and the religious Library now of the Church of Reparatrice. We took a walk by the museum of deportation and liberation that was closed but in the beautiful park of Villa Lawrence. Many more about them and ideas here too numerours to mention, In Pau-Pyrénées&id_parent=237&idMenuEncours=238

We did our shopping in the Auchan cc near us, wonderful place with all you need including micromania hehehe and Flunch restos,nice refreshing site to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Of course we ate out, and the best there was pizzeria l’Etna at rue Sully, very nice folks and great food at reasonable prices. Even thus some of the rating is average 3 out of 5 we found it above average for the price, quality, excellent service, and quick; leave you with my site in French where I write too :

We did lots of eating in house, buying at the Auchan cc or the covered market Halles in Pau is excellent fresh produce great quality and good prices for take home from veggies to wines; every day except sundays and at place de la République,

We did our shopping of goodies here mostly the kids bought stuff like foot locker,fnac, micromania, lacoste and hugo boss, we settle for the food, chocolates !!! the L’Atelier du Chocolat at Maréchal Joffre is excellent, we got the touron basque or the basque nougat,

Also, at the palais des pyrénées shopping center where FNAC ,Micromania are located off place Clemenceau you find the Chocolaterie de la Couronne, here we went for the suedoise or swedish and the pallet des pyrénées, delicious, try it;

We did took a peek at the Galeries Lafayette store at place Clemenceau, and had our cold beers at the Café de l’Europe just there too at rue Maréchal Foch  with nice fast friendly service. We , also, stop first one at La Brasserie Royale at place Royale for cold beers and drinks.

The above was done in and out as we got our wheels and travel all over the region and even into Spain on one day trips from our base in Pau. Great family trip, and good driving all the way with little or no traffic. Over 2450 kms of travels by the road warrior once again. Cheers and stay tune for more.

 Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau  Pau


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August 10, 2014

My travels in the Morbihan VII

Another nice sunny day in the Morbihan, and family last day to go back nord. We came back to prepare for our family vacation in the pyrénées area starting tomorrow on the road warrior trails of France.

We probably repeated photos and trails this day as we were showing our family some of the areas we like here. Today , we went to La Trinitaine store in St Philibert on road D28 off the N165 ,this is outlet store huge with all the deco ,drinks and souvenirs of Brittany, as the factory is right behind it. It is in a small shopping center where the store is it, with bakery next door and ice creams, fruit stand from the Drome and galettes resto; all in one stop before heading for the beaches.

We love it , of course, and took time to buy some goodies to eat tonite and others for the road tomorrow. Here is the store ,

From here we went down to La Trinité-sur-Mer a gorgeous harbor with plenty of sailing , motor boats and restos all alond the harbor. There is nice shopping, woodend boat builder and museum such as  ,and nice old church of St Joseph as the first chapel was built in 1682. In 1894, the height of the belfry was increased by more than 10 meters, thus serving as a landmark to sailors. The chapel was enlarged in 1935, thus becoming a true Church.

the gracious fishing market or halle aux poissons off the harbor fresh catch of the day, open 7/7 here,  , and of course the tourist office and the wonderful looks at the harbor. We had our hot dogs, galettes and ciders here right next to the fishing market in a food truck , unique, for a first time.

We ,then took a quick tour of Locmariaquer to see the monoliths and the museum , we were here many times and the visitors wanted to continue to Sainte Anne d’Auray so we left quickly, however, the museum is good to see for a first timer at least;

We arrive at Sainte Anne d’Auray by the old C2 communal road that comes right  facing the basilica of Sainte Anne, imposing as well; we used to live about 6 kms from here now it is about 18. Still impressive. There were getting ready for festivities of Yves Nicolazic (the one who saw the appearance of Ste Anne first) running thru August 15 and then on the 23/24 the world festival of galettes the goodies from all over the world competition. and the feast here ,

We had the view of the service Inside the basilica and follow the priest into the cloister, the beautiful room, nice cloister, great free museum expo. the monument to the Fallen of Brittany, the places where Pope John Paul II came to speak to the faithful, and the stair of prayers and celebration, the beautiful gardens, and the tranquil peace coming here brings to all, a must to visit while in the area, they all enjoy it very much.

more on tourism here,  , and the city tourist info in English,

We came home and say goodbye as the family were heading also to pack and go back nord tomorrow morning we are now packing ::) the rest of the family, so we head tomorrow first to Pau and then beyond into Spain. Until then have a wonderful week. Cheers.

 Saint Philibert  Saint Philibert  Saint Philibert  Saint Philibert  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer  La Trinité sur Mer Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne d'Auray


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August 9, 2014

Auray and the district harbor of Saint Goustan.

Well nice weather ,hot and plenty of tourist from all over the world is the mood here in my coastal breton lands. We are getting ready to go out in our vacation to the pyrénées and before visit by the wife’s brother and family from the ch’tis nord !

We went out to Saint Goustan where we used to lived in Auray before moving to inland Morbihan. Still we are about 15 kms from Saint Goustan or about 9 miles.  Our town tourist page in English,  and more on Saint Goustan from tourist office of Brittany/Bretagne.

The area is gorgeous , just at the point of heading into the Gulf of Morbihan and UNESCO Heritage site islands in the gulf. here in French,   and English from tourist office ,

What can I say more, it is sublime like an islands in heavens. the only drawback is the climate for most of the year is windy ,cold and rainy, but around june to september very places can compete.

We went out with the family and the visiting family to our favorite galette place at Saint Goustan , a memorable historical and gorgeous harbor to eat at Créperie Saint Sauveur,

We had our usual galette madrilene, savoyards, goat cheese salads, etc with coco nuts ,banana splits ices and plenty of bottles of the local Coat-Albret brut cider all for about 18 euros each great place, great food, good friends and reasonable prices, heavens. The visitors like it too….

As the brother and family were trying out our Interceltique festival in Lorient, all about the Celtic people from France, UK, and Spain with lots of celebration superb but we have been already.

We headed back to Vannes to do some last minute shopping for our trip and some Tools for the house like a lawnmower machine! and then headed back to Saint Goustan for ice creams at the L’Igloo !!! superb ice cream I had the dark chocolate large cone with five flavors from strawberry ,coconut, mousse de chocolat, chocolate raspberry, and banana wow for 5,70 euros ;great you should try it big cone!  Over 150 flavors and branch in Carnac Plage/beach too which we of course have tried too !!  as not available in the auray area directory, give you the area on the city mayor’s office here

We then did our usual walk around this gorgeous place taking some pictures don’t even know if repeated but so what they are always wonderful. Enjoy the Morbihan, and do try Saint Goustan.  Cheers

Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray Auray

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August 3, 2014

Peninsula of Conleau, Vannes

Well its time so much to see and not posting since november 2011 on conleau the peninsula off Vannes. This is ideal for families,barbecue, and just soak in the tranquil life away from the city and crowds.

We had family visitors from the nord ,but they are off to the interceltique festival in Lorient, and we done that so we went to the Conleau for a relaxing moment of our own.

The Conleau peninsula is a former island of the Gulf of Morbihan, connected to the Mainland by a dike road from 1879. Of modest dimensions (about 500 meters in length for an average width of 100 m, it lies at the confluence of the rivers Vincin and Marle, the two main streams of Vannes. The peninsula is separated from the municipality of Arradon by the Vincin and the municipality of Séné by the Marle.  In 1878 the résidents decided to give a different look at the area so they created  a pool of seawater surrounded by cabins of bath, chalets, a restaurant and a grand hotel (now Best Western Le Roof). As early as 1879, a dike-road connects the island to the Mainland, promoting the development of the small seaside resort.
The colorful Guinguette créperie, the Corlazo cafe facing the pool and the cafe de conleau as well as restaurant le Roof in the Best Western hotel provides all the eating/drinking you need. There are public bathroom and change rooms available.  More info from the tourist office of Vannes,
For the camping cars aficionado there is a great facility there , and for  families there is also, a camping le conleau, with great facilities here ,
nice site I follow on beaches of France, here is the pool of sea water at Conleau ,
In addition to the pictures I took, enjoy a full day with the family here. cheers
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July 29, 2014

Paris again and Suresnes welcome back !!!

 Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes Paris Paris PAris PAris  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  SuresnesI had my thrill of getting my father at CDG coming back from visit to his sister in Fla USA. Now i am narrowing it down the last détails for my trip on summer vacation…shhhh! And the house garden is coming along with some décorations ::)

But my trip was of course my car, the best way to travel anywhere! We took off on the N12 ,A12, A13, D7 all the way to our hotel in Suresnes ,just for a one night rest before getting to CDG at T2E for the AF flight direct non stop.  And we chose the Campanile Pont de Suresnes as it was the city where i once worked.

The hotel was small rooms as usual , minimum bare amenities so only good for the one night, the breakfast at 9,50€ was too much for the continental breakfast buffet offered; the parking was one of the narrowest I have taken here and have a few::: the only good was the location right by the pont de Suresnes over the Bois de Boulogne and Porte Maillot Paris.

Always passed by it never entered and finally on the visit use it, not that great. We did went up to Mont Valérien with a view of Paris and the American Cementary at Suresnes, from the French side a mémorial to those executed there by the Nazis.  and from the American side a cementary to the Fallen from WWI and WWII,

We walked around the town for me nice memories of a good company and friends that still in touch, one must move on for better without forgeting the old good moments, and Suresnes was a very good moment.  The wonderful hotel de ville architecturally stunning, the levies on the Seine, the pont de Suresnes, and our lunch once again at my old lunch place Lotus d’OR restaurant , here same wonderful folks and great oriental food.

I went by old places of lunch like the Donatello Italian resto, at the place i write in French, as they have no webpage ,  , stop by Le Rives, , the L’Entrepot ET Claude brasserie, , and they change Le Berry now there is a Gastronomie Plancha listed in the city of Suresnes page here ; and I stop by my favorite Irish pub in town LE PUB,, the Charlie Birdie on the quais looking at the Seine and Bois de Boulogne, , and my favorite bakery in town for those sweets and the fast formule Au Pain de Suresnes,, and the bar le Lafayette,

If I needed anything there was a small shopping with a Monoprix right on the bd Henri Sellier, Galerie Bagatelle,

And of course great public transports to leave my car in the basement garage at work and just go over quick to Paris by metro, bus or tramway….

And of course from Suresnes why not drive into the Bois de Boulogne and see the Grand Cascade, the Hippodrome Longchamps, the Moulin, the wonderful Fondation Louis Vuetton, the wonderful auberge du bonheur, and the wonderful again jardin d’Aclimatation that my kids remember when Young taken the petit train still there!!! and the ladies still doing their hussle at 7PM (19H) lol!!!

this is it, another time in tinsel town ,city of lights and the memorable return to my place of Suresnes, oh yes the McDonalds at place Henri IV oohh you are going to kill me but just for the memories sakes of course big mac anyone ? Cheers



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July 24, 2014

Some news from France LXXXVIIII

well its been a while but traveling and home work takes its toll; I am back.

It’s been scorching hot for the area, up to 34C over 90F and today it was 29C! and a downpour of rain , heavy for a while just arriving home. But getting closer to our summer vacation, and the house is coming along.

Some nice expositions in my wonderful Versailles are coming up as,maquettes de la marine imperiale at the Château de Versailles, until September 14 2014, exceptionally models of navy ships of the empire, awesome not usually shown many of them , shown every day except Mondays from 12h to 18h30 ,admission 15€.

at the Château de Breteuil , the collection of furniture and dresses of the nobles for 400 years of history, there until December 30 2014 every day from 10h to 17h30 admission 15,90€ adults.

until December 31 2014,the New Guinea is of fashion at St Germain en Laye , musée d’Archéologie, expo every day except Tuesdays, from 10h to 17h admission is 5,50€

a nice romantic one, the boating (canotage) in the Seine from Maupassant to Mistinguett, at the musée de la Grenouillere, Croissy sur Seine, just over the Seine from Paris. until December 14 2014 , 4€ admission, open from 14h30 to 18h;

and the latest shopping, Paris is on top. 50%, London second with 25%, Milan 18%, the fashion is the first thing they have in mind coming to Paris. next comes fashion  (51 %), souvenirs (40 %), cosmétics and perfums (38 %).  Survey done to Russians, Brazilians, Chinese and Japanese tourists with the Brazilians the biggest spenders at 6150€ per head! The study was done by the international cabinet, Abington.

more coming to Paris, Maison de Victor Hugo, until Feb 15,2015, a crossing of looks Victor Hugo,Jean Vilar, and Agnès Varda; admission is 7€  the house is open 10h to 18h .

Until February 2015 at the Musée de Montmartre, the catalan artists, such as Utrillo to Picasso, open 10h to 18h 9€ adults, the history of the Catalan artists at Montmartre.

The much announce opening of the Musée Picasso may finally comes through. It is estimated to be open by October 25, 2014.

From Manet to Matisse at musée d’Orsay, running through February  22, 2015, hours 9h to 18h admission 11€.

At the Invalides, the view from the front of the grand guerre  until Jan 25 2015. Admission soon to be shown, hours 10h to 18h;

At the Conciergerie, a showing of Saint Louis, until Jan 11 2015, admission 8,50€ adults, hours 9h30 to 18h.

At Cluny ,a voyage to the middle ages with cooperation of muséums of the same genre. Feb 20 2015, admission 8,50€, hours 9h15 to 17h15,

And the département 93 Seine Saint Denis, with all its urban problems is catching on to tourism, not only the basilica of Saint Denis and the Legion d’honneur. They are doing the beach theme like Paris along the Canal de l’Ourcq; the most tourists here are Brazilians, Portuguese, South Americans, and French from the provinces. The département has good transport to and from Paris, such as Metro lines 3, 5, 7, 9,11, 12 and 13 as well as 4 lines of tramway and a fifth one under construction and 3 lines of RER trains.  A prolongation of the line 14 to Saint Denis is on Schedule under the program of Grand Paris to help out the traffic on line 13.

Do plenty to do, and these are just my favorites events, there are a lot more in la belle France. Cheers

July 19, 2014

Any excuse to visit Vannes, the city I work!

Well I work here, and its always hard to come to enjoy the city you work. Usually i go away but this is Vannes, capital of the Morbihan and  the only city we can call it here. It has everything and today it was packed.

There was police directing traffic on an invasion of camping cars like a convention of theirs, there was live music on a giant screen at the ramparts of the ruined castle there was the petit train slowing traffic all over lol!, and there was the Saturday morning market which is always tops. In all that we moved to visit and eat at our favorite places like a true road warrior of the region. The temp was hot around 26C and humid, very hot.

We started taking the boys to the movies on the matinee at Cinéville to see Transformers 4, something like that;

then we went to have lunch lol!! at the new La Pataterie resto , ZAC Parc Lann, Rue Gay-Lussac, near the Decathlon store; this is a restaurant where the entire menu is around the Potato!!! We had the breton potato, with clam chowder sauce and cocktail shrimps for a special 10€! and a potato with bacon and hams, glass of red wine, and coffees for 15, 40€ each nice price for a lunch.

I write for other travel sites and hate to write something that I do not show a picture. We have so much “experts” on these sites that rely on a one time visit of whatever lenght or the Google internet routine to give opinions. I rather do my own expériences and tell you so and do it with pictures of my own. So this afternoon after lunch  went around the places where I was missing a picture from Vannes. Some of these were hôtels that I have stayed on business as can do a rest day when going abroad on visiting our branches. These were the Formule 1 very dirt cheap hôtels to the Best Western Vannes and the Kyriad Vannes hôtels.  These are their webpages,

For some reason unknown to me the Kyriad hotel is only shown in the French language version, but its there by Pl de la Liberation,

And one nice place I recommended friends and have collègues stayed so know well but never stayed myself is the Maison de la Garenne, a bed and breakfast in a historical old mansion overlooking the ramparts and gardens of the Garenne;

You get to see wonderful opera and theater shows evenings at the wonderful Théatre Anne de Bretagne, place de Bretagne, you see the line up coming up;

Another area hotel where I have not stayed but visitors from our branches have stayed and had met them there recommended by my company is the Escale Oceania Hotel ( I have stayed at their Nantes airport property and they are very good).  This is just by the theater above and right at the entrance to the city center, you have private parking and public Centre parking next to it.

We end up the evening with dinner at Les Oliviers , 60, ave de Verdun, near the train station of Vannes. Today they only open in the evening from 19h30 the rest of the week is open for lunch as well. This time the gang join us for a family affair in one of the better restaurants in the city. My boss took me here once and now the family ,and we are going to another one next week so will do that too with the family as they are local jewels. The cooking here is market fresh and with gastronomic taste, the resto is in the Michelin guide.  So refine and local does not have a webpage, resa at +33 (0) 2 97 54 64 99. Reservation is a must, small restaurant, tops produce. Changes daily, today was lamb with ceboulette and bacon, creme brulée caramel, with a wonderful loire red wine; the menus are from 23€, do not hesitate to eat here when in the area.

And last on way home we made on the last 15 mins to buy our garden needs at Jardinerie Bloino in Muzillac so we got our paille to put in soil and avoid grass to grow, something like that I am nulle on gardens thingys. Where is the béton or cement ::)  web here

Cheers and have a great rest of weekend, enjoy the summer. Next weekend is back in Paris to pick up my father coming back home !

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes




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July 12, 2014

Some news from France LXXXVIII

Well here I am, is late too late to Watch a football match that is nothing , so remind myself I have Monday off from work for a reason. Its our Fête Nationale, or the old Bastille day, the French revolution is celebrated here not by all but most. After all , it is a revolution, many innocents were killed and we must tell that too.

You ever wondered why a wonderful square in Paris is call Concorde? well it used to be call Place Royale, even before Place Louis XIV, and the it became Place de la Revolution , yikes… finally in the country reconciliation with its past it was call as it is today the Place de la Concorde. Concorde=concordia = concord.

We have some célébrations that are dear to me from previous years living nearby in Versailles.

For the festivities of the 14 July or Fête Nationale or previously Bastille Day, we have the free show at 14h in the salle Richelieu of the Comédie Française, Paris. This year will be an adaptation of Lucrèce Borgia of Victor Hugo by the prolific Denis Podalydès. The tickets need to be pick up the same day at the entrance to the Comédie-Française starting from 13h, and will be given by order of arrival :more here 1 Place Colette, 75001 Paris,

The Bar La Vue in the 17ème arrondissement, open from 10h its doors to offer a wonderful view of the aerial show during the festivities done by the Patrouille de France. Once night arrives the place will propose a selection of drinks with various amuse bûche and regional specialties. The place Is perfect to see the fireworks and the final bouquet before the arrival of the DJ to prank up the rest of the evening. The price is from 21h on july 14 a cocktail of choice with 6 amuse bûches for 60€ more info at Place du Général Kœnig, 75017 Paris,

At the hotel de ville of Paris, while commemorating the beginning of WWI , the concert and fireworks will have the theme « Guerre et Paix » war and peace. The national orchestra of France, the choirs of Paris, and the master of the Radio France, all under the direction of Daniele Gatti, will invite the greatest lyrics artists to the concert. It will be play from 21h30 on France 2 TV, France Musique , and on mondovision, the concert will be follow by fireworks done by the group Groupe F and for the first time thrown from the Tour Eiffel. More info here Champ de Mars,

At the La Cité de la Mode et du Design, the Nüba , Charles-Baptiste will present « Réception du 14 juillet », an association dedicated to the Francophone and the French creation. This evening will showcase the young talents, offering lectures, and passarelles from the Le Rooftop de La Cité as well as projections, concerts , and DJ sets francophones from 16h until 02h. More info at 34 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris, admission is free from 16h.

For more up tempo then head for the La Chesnaie du Roy, Route de la Pyramide,Bois de Vincennes 12éme where from  14h to 2h will have an event with customes of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, ho ho ho; admission  10€ before 17h , and thereafter 15€. more info here ,

and my favorite always since the start there, in fact was there while it was been remodeled with folks from nearby Hostal St Christopher. La Rotonde, all from 14h free admission at 6-8, place de la Bataille de Stanlingrad, 19éme.  A place with a  cocktail glass with stimulating gas taht will rock you into  600 m2 of  sunny terrace (hopefully) with a loud sound of DJ’s such as  Gauthier DM, Julian M. or Na’Sayah. 

A classic event of the July 14 festivities , several yachts of Paris will have evenings in their boats to see the fireworks. In the program on the river Seine there will be tastings on the high bridges of the yachts with portraits of the main monuments in light of Paris as well as along the quais de Seine with animations. More info at Yacht de Paris, menu all inclusive, from 295 euros to 345 euros par person, .

and the traditional opening of many fire stations in the city of Paris for you to see and enjoy and remember they are there to help pass the night right and safe.

Caserne Rousseau / 21, rue du Jour – Ier / july 13 and 14,  Caserne Sévigné / 7-9, rue de Sévigné – IVe / Caserne des Arènes de Lutèce / 47-59, rue Monge – Ve /13 july only, Caserne Colombier / 11, rue du Vieux Colombier – VIe /13 and 14 july;  Caserne Blanche / 28, rue Blanche – IXe /only the 13 july;  Caserne Landon / 188, quai de Valmy – Xe /the 13 july but does a party together with  the great Point Ephémere ,info at ;  Caserne Chaligny / 26, rue de Chaligny – XIIe /13  and 14 july;  Caserne Port-Royal / 53-55, boulevard Port-Royal – XIIIe / 13 and 14 July;  Caserne Masséna / 37, boulevard Masséna – XIIIe /  13 july;  Caserne Grenelle / 06, place Violet – XVe / 13 and  14 july;  Caserne Boursault / 27, rue Boursault / XVIIe / 13 july;  Caserne Montmartre / 12, rue Carpeaux – XVIIIe /  13 july;  Caserne Bitche / 2, place de Bitche – XIXe /  13 july; and  Caserne Ménilmontant / 47, rue Saint-Fargeau – XXe /13 july.

So happy 14th July. and remember too. I leave with some thoughts in French from Le Figaro and prof and writer Jean Sévillia.


July 9, 2014

A different part of Mexico.

Well this time the travels took me to a new area of Mexico, this is way down by State of Quintana Roo ,and around the city of Chetumal. This is some tourist info on them  ( in Spanish)


I took a flight on interjet Airlines from Mexico city to Chetumal airport, a small country strip with two flights per day. Here we rented a car and drove around to Bacalar,Calderitas, and Chetumal.  Funny thing is there is a casino but closed because of some irregularities so no go Inside.

In Chetumal you have a wonderful museum of Maya culture right in town, and a great shopping mall ,Centro Comercial Las Americas,located at the area of El Encanto on Avenida Constituyentes and avenida Maxuxac with 48 stores including a big hypermarket Chedraui, Liverpool dept store ,and out has a McDonalds , Burger King, Applebee”s, and Inside a great VIPS we use for lunch. Go bottom Restaurantes to find them hit Quintana Roo,

The highlight is here is leisure relax in the Mayan riviera, the Bacalar lagoon  is located 38 km (24 miles) from the city, also known as the 7-color lagoon, and colonial monuments.

We,also, visited the Cenote Azul, a wonderful place with a lake of 90 meters deep water with swimming possibilities and a great restaurant, boutique. this is at Bacalar, and just climb up from the marina Los Mulatos and see the nice fortress museum San Felipe, built in the 17C, then part of the war of the Castes,and now a museum Cost:$5 and times are Tuesdays to Thursdays ,and Sundays from9h to19H

We had our lunch as well in Las Tortugas resto in Calderitas just next to Bacalar, along the Bay of Chetumal, wonderful fresh fried fish, fries, sweet bananas, yellow rice, and beers Modelo Especial, nice.

We had our drinks here at Hotel La Laguna in Bacalar gorgeous place and we were allowed to roam free afterward, the site picture tells it all !!

Once the night arrive we use friends points to stay at the City Express hotel in Chutemal city center or downtown. Nice clean rooms ,AC ,breakfast resto, lobby with TV, and free parking, view of the city.

Enjoy the pictures and another hot spot for retirement especially around Bacalar. Cheers.

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