Wines news of Spain XII

We are now in nice Spring 2023, its time to tell you once again on the wines of my dear Spain, As said, this goes back from my beginnings ,and I still go for them everywhere, Therefore, will try the monumental task of telling you about my favorites anecdotes and news of Spanish wines and hope to continue this series as my others with your blessing and likes. Here it is ,again coming back at you my wines news of Spain XII!! Of course post No 12 or the non Romans, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Everything you can discover by visiting wineries (even if you don’t like wine), It is no longer just about learning about wines, but also about enjoying playful approaches and gastronomic winks. Not everyone who visits a winery is necessarily a wine lover. Most of them are not interested in knowing in detail the details of its production, much less going into technical issues According to Acevin (Spanish Association of Wine Cities), in 2022 the percentage of “passionate” visitors in the almost 40 existing wine routes in Spain it was around 23%. This is about right indeed. Today it is possible to see an exhibition, eat and even stay in a winery. You can also stomp grapes in a traditional wine press, fly over the vineyards in a balloon, tour them on horseback, by bike or Segway, enjoy a picnic, visit a necropolis, practice yoga among the vines or sign up to observe the stars in summer with a drink by your side.webpage:

The global wine sector has undergone significant changes during the year 2022 due to high inflation, the war in Ukraine, the associated energy crisis and disruptions in the global supply chain. These factors have led to an increase in wine prices and a slight decrease in the volumes consumed worldwide. Despite this, the global value of wine exports reached its highest level on record. These conclusions were presented at a press conference of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) now in Dijon, where the macroeconomic results for the year 2022 were presented. Thus, in 2022, the world vineyard area was estimated at 7, 3 million hectares (mha), which represents a marginal decrease of 0.4% compared to 2021. As for world wine production in 2022, it was estimated at 258 million hectoliters (mhl), which marks a decrease 1% compared to the previous year. World wine consumption experienced a decrease of 2 mhl compared to 2021, standing at 232 mhl. The value of world wine exports was estimated at 37.6 billion euros, the highest figure ever recorded. Webpage:

In La Rioja, the hotel with colored projections by Marqués de Riscal designed by Frank Gehry, the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture or the impressive architectural renovation by Marqués de Murrieta are very powerful claims for the region as a whole. The same could be said of the cathedral wineries of Marco de Jerez. It is also no coincidence that the three Michelin-starred restaurants in the Ribera del Duero and its surroundings are associated with wineries. World’s Best Vineyards brand. Marqués de Riscal was second and González Byass, who already has his own hotel in Jerez, came sixth. Among the first 50 wineries also appeared Abadía Retuerta, which with its old monastery converted into a five-star hotel on a large estate in Valladolid presents itself as a tourist destination in itself, and Vivanco, with its indisputable museum. There are more and more ways to discover and enjoy the world of wine.Webpage:

The high stocks and the drop in consumption are strangling the wine, from the sector calls for distillation measures, a green harvest, a ban on new plantings, more yield adjustments and even start-ups, The wine sector is going through a crisis situation this campaign caused by on one hand, due to a significant volume of stocks in the wineries, and on the other due to the drop in consumption in the domestic market and in exports, the winegrowers of the agricultural organizations and the agri-food cooperatives fear that a new campaign with average productions between 40 and 42 million hectoliters further aggravate the current stock situation, well above demand, and call for measures to avoid this situation. As well this in Spain

The resurgence of Oneca grape of Navarra recovers an old grape variety that was about to disappear. The name of this variety, which returns to the vines with genetics and experimentation, comes from the mother of Iñigo Arista, the first king of Pamplona Onneca was a native woman from what is now Navarra which according to Arab authors at the end of the 8C or the beginning of the 9C, gave birth to two men who were later famous on earth. The first, Iñigo Arista (whose name in ancient documents is recorded as Eneco, first king of Pamplona; and the second, Musa Ibn Musa, the most famous of the Banu Qasi lineage. Over the centuries, Onneca has evolved into the current Oneca, the most deeply rooted name and surname in the middle and eastern part of the Navarra. webpage:

The Bodegas Faustino and Foster+Partners are building the new Faustino-Foster+Partners 2024 Project, which will turn Bodegas Faustino, which already has advanced facilities for the production and aging of Rioja wines, into a more innovative and sustainable architectural complex, as reported by the company. The new facilities will allow visitors to visit the wine, the vineyard, nature, architecture, culture and sustainability in a unique proposal to connect all the spaces with the vineyards, which become part of the architectural complex. . All this in a winery that is over 160 years old and has more than 60,000 barrels in which Rioja wines age. The first phase of El Legado de Bodegas Faustino,(legacy) which can already be visited, involves the reconversion of the entire environment and the intervention in the interior and exterior spaces of the winery occupied for the production and aging of wine. They have been building wineries for more than 30 years Campillo, and 12 years ago created Bodegas Portia, the first winery built by Foster+Partners. Now it is logical to take a step forward and consolidate The Legacy of Bodegas Faustino as a new dimension of wine tourism that houses a much more complete and avant-garde set of experiences that allows them to increase the level of knowledge about the vineyards and the wine of their visitors. The Bodega Faustino is confident that the project will be underway from June or July 2024. Webpage:

The finos and manzanillas make their August in spring. Especially April, the great month of Andalusian fairs starting with Seville, the mother of them all, with its replicas in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Alicante. But also in Jerez de la Frontera, known as the horse fair, at the beginning of May (this year 2023 from 6 to 13 May ), whose booths are increasingly crowded. The fino and the manzanilla, both mixed, is a festive wine, but deep, elegant and complex like few others. Greatness that is due, mainly, to the magic of its biological aging, where the flor veil (yeasts that float on the wine in the oak boot) interacts with the wine during its aging of a minimum of five years; and the duende of its aging by the system of soleras and criaderas. The difference is basically due to their geographical location. Manzanilla is made exclusively in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, under the influence of the sea, since most of its wineries are located a few meters from the mouth of the Guadalquivir river. Fino is made mainly in Jerez de la Frontera, 8 km from the Atlantic, from dry climate, which influences the development, thickness and permanence of the flor veil and gives its wines a more pungent and dry aroma, with accentuated hints of nuts. Without forgetting the distant Cordoba cousins of Montilla-Moriles, with their finos with the mild sweetness and kindness of the Pedro Ximénez grape.

Let me give you my fav 3 the podium, these you won’t go wrong from Marco de Jerez

In 1844 a fine call was born to become a symbol of this universal drink: Tío Pepe. A true classic that offers the most genuine version, the fino en rama, an experience that could only be had by visiting the winery and tasting the fino freshly taken from the barrel by the master stroke of the venenciador. Tío Pepe 2023 is born from soleras from the Gran Bodega del Tío Pepe, created in the 1960s, extracted directly from the center of the butt in spring, when the flower veil reaches its maximum activity. Incisive and pungent aromas of brioche, dried fruit and fleshy fruit, meadow herbs (chamomile), talc and noble hints of wood. The sensations in the mouth, dry, fresh and elegant, are linked and unfold with a rhythmic rhythm. A taste with depth and what a taste!! Webpage:

The bicentennial Bodega Barbadillo has the merit of having been the first to market its Solear chamomile on the branch. this chamomile. With about six years of biological aging, the wine displays an impressive and complex aromatic richness, delicately incisive, with notes of dried fruit, aromatic herbs, and the faint hint of yeast blossom. Intense and persistent, its delicate and dry palate intoxicates you, with iodized marine hints Webpage :

The almost tercentenary Alvear winery the generous classics, among which Fino Capataz (foremen) stands out, made from the most aged solera of the Alvear family’s fine wines. The 12 years of biological aging and long aging bring its profile closer to that of an amontillado. Unheaded Cordovan fine endowed with great elegance and complexity with intense aromas of sourdough bread, nuts, particularly raw almonds, sweet tones of baked apple, and a stylized background of albariza earth. Tasty, light on the palate, unctuous to the touch, long bitter, soft and persistent finish. Webpage :

A new wine from my Spain to taste for sure if you can find it me got a bottle from Madrid!. The Colorado 2017 with the Cenicienta grape or Cinderella, the lost red variety of Rueda, This variety appeared by chance among the hundred-year-old Verdejo vines of El Pago de Saltamontes, a vineyard that the family has owned it for four generations. Cenicienta is a red variety of unknown genetics, which they have recovered and are the only ones to work with. It has shiny and very toothed leaves, small, cylindrical and loose grapes and white pulp with red veins. Its general appearance is lighter than that of the other varieties, with white nuances. In addition, it is a very vigorous plant, with high-quality productions but low yields, which requires continuous work in the vineyard. It is found planted in soils made up of a surface of rounded pebbles and clayey subsoil. Harvested by hand, it ferments and is aged for ten months in French oak barrels. Blue fruit and notes of aromatic herbs such as rosemary and thyme, it has a complex nose. On the palate it stands out for its freshness and persistence. Bodegas Javier Sanz webpage:

And to taste for sure one of my all time favorites from my dear Spain, Montecillo! Bodegas Montecillo Rioja Crianza 2018 with 18 months in American oak barrels using Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. The elegant Crianza from Bodegas Montecillo shines in the glass with a bright ruby red. The bouquet of this red wine from La Rioja enchants with notes of black cherries, plums, morello cherries and mulberries. It is precisely its fruity nature that makes this wine so special. This red is the right choice for all wine enthusiasts who like it dry. However, it is never sparse or brittle, but round and supple. Due to its vital fruit acid, the Crianza is exceptionally fresh and lively on the palate. In the finish, this storable wine from the La Rioja wine-growing region inspires with its good length. There are again hints of blueberries and plums. Mineral notes from the soil, which is dominated by clay and limestone, join in the aftertaste. In La Rioja, the vines that produce the grapes for this wine grow on clay and limestone soils. After the grape harvest, the grapes are taken to the winery as quickly as possible. Here they are sorted and carefully ground. Fermentation then takes place in small wood at controlled temperatures. Fermentation is followed by aging for 18 months in American barrels. Enjoy this red wine at a temperature of 15 – 18°C. Wonderful and glad can get at my local supermarket!! Webpage:

There you go folks, another wonderful post on my dear Spanish wines, Hoping for a long lasting memories of my dear Spain and its wine news, An area already shining for several years, and getting better me think, Hope you enjoy the new series of wines news of Spain XI as I

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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