My memorable roads of my Spain !!!

As you have been reading my blog , you know I  love the road, the car is my second home ! Road warrior all the way or we used to say in my good old Daytona Beach, put your pedal to the metal and rock !!! I have moved about the globetrotter in me and been around to so many countries, regions, and cities I lost count lol! Well in my beloved Spain I started out not driving at all , too young! but then did it back in 1982 and it has never stop afterward ! Therefore, let me tell you a bit about my memorable roads of my Spain, with new found older pictures in my vault. Hope you enjoy the freedom of the ride as I.

The A 2 from Madrid to France as Madrid, Zaragoza, Lleida, Barcelona, Girona and French border. The A-2 , also known as the Autovia del Noreste or northeast highway, is one of six radial highways in Spain that connects Madrid to Barcelona. Originally, the A-2 was an urban highway linking Madrid to Torrejón de Ardoz (my first taste of it). Eventually, it was to connect Madrid to the French road RN9 at Le Perthus via La Junquera, near the border between Spain and France. The first extends for 339 km between Madrid and Alfajarín, where it is extended by the AP-2 and by the national road 2 until Fraga-Oeste, It is a high traffic highway as it connects the two largest cities in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) via Zaragoza. The origin dates back to December 1952 when the 2×2 lane autovia de Barajas was opened between Madrid and Barajas Airport. In 1965, it was extended to Torrejón de Ardoz. The development of the road in 2×2 lanes to Guadalajara is carried out between 1982 and 1987. From 1990, the national 2 is gradually transformed into an expressway from Torrejón de Ardoz to Zaragoza, The A-2 begins to the east of Madrid (M-30 beltway) where it extends the great Avenida de America. It crosses the eastern part of the City conurbation (doubled by the newer M-21) and bypasses the Adolfo Suarez Barajas International Airport from the south. It continues its path to the northeast where it serves the towns of Torrejón de Ardoz, Alcalá de Henares and Guadalaraja which it runs along to the south and from where it is joined by the R-2. The A-2 is connected with A-15, and it extends northeast following the Jalón Valley, serves Calatayud, then arrives in Zaragoza serving Europe’s largest logistics platform Pla-Za before connecting to the Zaragoza ring road (Z-40). After crossing the conurbation from the north, the A-2 ends to give way to the N-2 towards Alfajarin for almost 100 km to Fraga. A wonderful road going all around all those cities above !

Madrid A2 dir zaragoza to FR aug16

The N330  national road, goes to Alicante, Almansa, Requena, Utiel, Teruel, Zaragoza, Huesca, Jaca, and the French border at Somport tunnel (see post) ,The road from Alicante to France via Zaragoza is the name by which the Spanish national road that links the province of Alicante with France, passing through Aragon, is known. It corresponds to the European network E-7 only up to Zaragoza. Following the banks of the Turia river, between beautiful rock formations and beautiful landscapes, the oldest route of the N-330 reaches Teruel. it reaches the Campo de Cariñena region, and following the course of the Huerva river it reaches Zaragoza. The section between Cadrete and Zaragoza is doubled, as is the Zaragoza exit heading north. Shortly before reaching Villanueva de Gállego, the doubled N-330 joins the A-23; and it is in Villanueva de Gállego where the N-330 separates from the A-23 as a single carriageway. The N-330 crosses, in addition to Villanueva, the towns of Zuera and Almudévar and Alto de las Canteras, to reach Huesca. Currently with the conversion of Monrepós into a dual carriageway, the N-330 ends its route in Nueno. The Nueno-Lanave section can only be done through the new A-23. After Monrepós, the road came to Sabiñánigo, an industrial town in the Huesca Pyrenees, and from there to Jaca where it separated from the N-240. Through Avda. de Francia or de la Variante, it enters the Valle del Aragón and, after crossing Castiello de Jaca, Villanúa and Canfranc, it takes the first ramps of the Somport pass, or underground tunnel ending at the French border at an altitude of 1,640 meters. My road for many years and love can’t wait to be back eventually !! .


The Autovia Mudéjar highway or A-23, from Sagunto to the French border through Somport or, according to some indications of the road, the highway from Valencia to France through Aragón or the Sagunto-Somport highway, will be, once it is completely finished, (ongoing almost done) an important connection axis between the Valencian Community, Aragon, the Basque Country area and France through the Somport tunnel. The A-23 runs through the corridors of the N-234, between Sagunto and Retascón, and the N-330 between Retascón and Jaca, although the entire route of the highway is new and independent of the national highways except for two small sections, one of 10 km between Viver and Barracas (Ragudo pass ascent) and another of about 30 km to cross the extremely complicated pre-Pyrenean pass of Monrepós, (tunnels) which is the most expensive section of the entire highway. The A-23 also is part of the European Route E7, which connects Pau, in the south of France, with Zaragoza. In the French section, the road is called RN134, which links Pau with Oloron-Sainte-Marie direction Zaragoza, and Spain. The three Aragonese capitals have been linked by dual carriageway, with the commissioning of the last section of the A-23 that was pending to be opened. The highway between Zaragoza and Teruel extends to Huesca and is expected to reach the French border, but the route also connects from Zaragoza with the Cantabrian Sea on the A-68, and in the future with the north of Navarre and the Basque Country by the A-21 and with Lérida on the A-22. Of the 427 km of the route, the first 397 km are already in service as a highway (14 km renamed Z-40 beltway of Zaragoza). Of the remaining 32 km, 13 km have already been completed, 8 km awarded, 3 km pending bidding and 8 km in a state of blockage. Reminder, the Z-40 beltway, completely bypasses Zaragoza, and allows the articulation of the metropolitan area and the distribution of national, regional and urban transits. Do take it marvelous !


The CUV 9113 road starts at Calle Iglesias next to the Church Nuestra Señora de la Natividad in Villalba de la Sierra (see post) and zig zag high mountain roads as much as 1600 meters on a wonderful thrill of driving on heaven passing near Calle Anastasio Lasso in Las Majadas very near our rental house, And goes higher into the upper reaches of the mountain of the Serrania de Cuenca and wild forest with wild animals and just awesome sights by car is awesome for sure a ride is a must, My road from it going to Cuenca was the CM 2105 crossing the Puente de las Grajas and into the old castle ruins to City center Cuenca ! Again, awesome rides, memories forever, Pic high up arriving to Las Majadas on the CUV 9113 !!!


One small hightway we took and was fun with a picture worth having here was the CM-2105, a second order Autonomous Community of Castilla la Mancha in the province of Cuenca that runs from the base of the University of Castilla la Mancha in Cuenca along the Jucar river by Cueva de Bonilla and Aventura leisure park just before arriving at Villalba de la Sierra (see post) where it connects with the CUV 9113 as above. It continues right past the Ventano del Diablo or the Devil’s window beautiful views over the valley of the Jucar river continues to the lake of Uña (see post), and further with the Dam of Toba with a great mirador or lookout with great views ,high in the mountains you reach the Curva del Jucar a sharp turn on the road with great views over the valley ,you reach Huélamo and the mirador del Castillejo another lookout with great views and finally the junction with the CUV 2106. Bear in mind all this is mountain passes from 1200 to 1600 meters, and narrow roads, love it !   The CM-2105 road on the direction Cuenca-Tragacete have been installed with three traffic signs in three different locations, pk. 13,700, pk. 21,800 and pk. 25,700, which correspond to the beginning from the Salto de Villalba de la Sierra to the Ventano del Diablo and Ciudad Encantada or enchanted city (see post). El Ventano del Diablo is just 2 km from Villalba de la Sierra next to the CM-2105 road towards Uña. and about 23 km from Cuenca. Below picture arriving of memorable Las Majadas.


The General Directory of Traffic information on rules of the road in Spain:

The General Directory of Traffic on conditions of roads, snow ,traffic etc :

The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) on Highway maps,conditions etc

The official Weather news of Spain (AEMET) :

There you go folks, just enough info for the smart road warrior, and then off you go ,and enjoy it as I. My memorable roads of my Spain !!! are clean,nice, safe, a wonderful freedom of travel !!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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