The curiosities of Huete !!!

A sentimental post to an area that will remain in my heart. I , of course, know it well, but coming here with my family was huge. An opportunity to show them the roots and having just a great time. One of the quant towns we visited in the last several years was Huete in the Province of Cuenca and the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha. I have other posts but as usual lately have found older pictures that are not in my blog and they should, Therefore, here is my take on the curiosities of Huete, Hope you enjoy the post as I


Again, I passed you by the nice Church of Santo Domingo de  Guzman, done in the Classical to the Baroque in 1621 and finished by 1642.  The façade is impressive and nice walk in the surrounding streets.The pictures below look the same but are from different years….


The Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzman was built in the 14C with sisters coming from the area of Amasatrigo thanks to donations by Catalina de Lancáster, Queen of Castille and Lady of Huete.  The current Church is from 1621 .There were renovations from 1621 to 1642. One of its members was the bishop of Astorga ,don Diego de Veancos y Salcedo, buried in one of the Chapels decorated with his bishop’s arms.  The convent was clear of its duties in 1835, and sold losing even the cloister done in the last third of the 16C. It is located at Plaza San Juan corner with Subida de San Pedro streets.


The Church Monasterio de Santa Maria de la Merced or Mercy monastery is a church from 1648-1684 and a cloister from 1645-56. The story goes fray Marcos de Salmerón, born in Buendía in 1588 but resident since childhood in Huete, where he studied and professed in the Order of Mercy in 1603, becoming master general of the order in 1642. Deceased in Madrid, his corpse was transferred to the Monastery of Huete and was buried in the Chapel of San José, (St Joseph) which he himself had built.


The MAC Florencio de la Fuente houses a collection of Contemporary Art of an international nature with works by Picasso, Dalí, Corot, Bores, Villatoro, Ortega, Guayasamín, etc. assembled by the collector and founder of the Museum, whose collection has been donated to Huete and serves as complement to all the artistic periods that the city treasures. Here is also the tourist office of Huete,  The monastery and al,is located at no 1, Calle de San Esteban around Plaza de la Merced.


The Huete tourist office on its heritage:

The Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha tourist board on Huete (download travel guide in pdf) :

There you go folks, this is off the beaten path territory but the real Spain, you would love it as I Do stop by Huete and the surrounding wineries and cheese factories , simply the best and all worth the detour, Again, hope you enjoy the post on the curiosities of Huete as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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