My memorable A Coruña !!!

I have been here several times and plenty in my blog, but as usual lately been noticing left pictures out that should be in , A Coruña is a wonderful area of my dear Spain, and these are new pictures in my blog and new text to remind me of my memorable times in A Coruña, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Of course, lately been coming here from France by air usually in Iberia but also Air Europe, Vueling , Transvia, and Air France, The connections in Amsterdam, Paris, Porto or Madrid , I was able to do some walking in town and enjoy the night life with local friends on a personal level not touristic ,just the real thing. Needless, to say it was magical trips and always looking forward to be back, eventually.

I was driven there by friends so no public transports most of the times. And of course I stayed in my usual hotel, Attica21 in Matogrande neighborhood. A great hotel with friendly service, modern facilities, and good breakfast food all you eat as well as a super neighborhood !

coruna attica21 hotel rm-508 to calle enrique marinhas may16

coruna attica 21 hotel breakfast my15

The Calle (Rua) Enrique Mariñas is a nice residential street with the hotels I have stayed AC Hotel and Attica 21 and plenty of restaurants/bars, like Soho bar and Bogaart (see posts) ,This is not far from City center , about 22 in public transports even if I was in a car took me about 10 minutes, and the area of Matogrande is a great relaxing place to be at.

coruna driving Rúa Ramón y Cajal matogrande area apr17

We left the hotel and had a nice ride by the port, sublime, before going to eat at the below restaurant . Another marvelous ride and lucky took a picture from the car just leaving the port. Memories forever !

coruna driving to old port area apr17

This particular trip went again to City center to have dinner do not recall at the A Taberna de Cunqueiro Rúa Estrella, 22 (street/calle) opened in 2009 and since then just delicious local Galician food awesome as well as the best choices of wines from Spain, Recommended by yours truly !

coruna a taberna de cunqueiro resto apr17

 At the end four days later, was again taken to the airport by a still in contact friend to take my flight Iberia to Madrid, and then Nantes, where my car was waiting for the trip home in 1h30. Routine always fun to do and as said looking forward for more eventually.

The A Coruña tourist office:

The Galicia region tourist office on A Coruña:

The official Hotel Attica 21

The official A Taberna de Cunqueiro resto

The RestaurantGuru reviews on A Taberna de Cunqueiro :

There you go folks, memorable A Coruña, a fabolous City needs to be visit more, Thanks for the memories always and glad was able to put more pictures of it in my blog, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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