The castle of Chinchon !!!

I like to update this older post on a wonderful monument of my dear Spain, I had mix in with other post but felled needed a post of its own, It has been a thrill reviving these wonderful memories! Thanks for those who have follow me thru the years , appreciated. Now, let me tell you a bit about the castle or Castillo de Chinchon !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.


My favorites areas , well there are so many in my dear Spain and lots of wonderful memories, However, narrowed it down if I must, the Comunidad de Madrid is right there with ClM ,and Madrid City, I have written before on the sights of Chinchon , and this is the main attraction there. The castle or castillo or rather its historical full name Castillo de los Condes (Counts’ Castle) is a must to visit here even if now lots of it in ruins,  First a bit about Chinchon, It is a town located in the region of Las Vegas, 51 km from Madrid. From it, you can reach Chinchón by the highway A-3 taking the detour of the M-307, shortly before reaching Arganda. From there take the roads M-311 and then the M-313 to Chinchón. It can also be reached by the A-4, taking the turnoff of the M-404, shortly after Valdemoro, which takes us through Ciempozuelos and Titulcia to Chinchón. From Conde de Casal square and avenida del Mediterraneo (next to metro station same name) bus stop in Madrid you can take bus line 337, to Chinchon terminus Valdelaguna.

The Castillo de los Condes of Chinchon, history tell us that there were two fortresses; The first, apparently, of the 15C and now disappeared. The current castle was built in the second half of the 16C by order of Diego Fernandez de Cabrera and Bobadilla, third count of Chinchón after being the first destroyed during the communal riots. Its last used was a liquor factory, and now it is just there holding fairs and temporary events.It has an interesting history I like.


The Manor of Chinchón, held by the Cabrera family since the time of King Henri IV of Castile. The original castle suffered damages of consideration in the attack made by the communal troops in the year 1520. The square was delivered with all its artillery in 1521. The third count of Chinchón, Diego Fernandez de Cabrera and Bobadilla, decided to demolish the remains of it. On its plot, it ordered to raise a new castle, taking advantage of the materials of the old. It is known that its construction lasted from 1590 to 1598.


The Castle of Chinchon was well preserved until 1705, year in which it suffered the consequences of the War of Spanish Succession. At that time it was occupied by the troops of the Austrian Archduke’s army, led by the Marquis of Mines. Its dependencies were used for the installation of abundant artillery. Later, it suffered a fire in its northwest part, as a result of the storage of hemp.  A century later, in 1808, during the three days of siege to Chinchón, it was plundered and burned to the hands of the Polish Brigade of the French Marshal Claude Perrin Victor, in the context of the War of the Independence of Spain (against dictator Napoléon I France).

The new castle of Chinchón was built in concerted limestone masonry, filled with mortar and stones. The spans and moldings are made in ashlars, except the access door, partially lifted in masonry. It exhibits the blazon of the Counts of Chinchón, framed by padded ashlars. The castle is of two bodies, which overlap each other forming a large rectangular plant. It is topped in cylindrical towers, which are located in the corners of each of the bodies. Its appearance responds to the characteristics of Renaissance architecture. Rugged and very horizontal, he sought to avoid enemy artillery fire. The walls on the slopes are intended to hinder the access of sappers .It is surrounded by a moat, which is partially conserved. The castle was abandoned in the 18C after being the residence of the Counts of Chinchón for two hundred years.  Access to the interior of the castle is not allowed, but only in events/festivities,for security reasons.


The official Castillo de Chinchon for events/festivities

The city of Chinchon on things to see:

The Comunidad de Madrid regional tourist office on the castle of Chinchon:

The  Madrid city tourist office on Chinchon

There you go folks, a wonderful property that really needs to be seen more, You have a nice day in Chinchon a typical Madrileno town yet in the countryside.  Again, hope you enjoy this post on the castle of Chinchon  as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I have been to Chinchon but was not able to visit the castle. It is a very fine fortress.

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