The Plaza de Toros of Cuenca !!

This is again my dear memorable Cuenca, in the province of Cuenca, Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha, kingdom of Spain, this town is also Unesco World Heritage Site ,and should be me think. One more tradition kept here is the plaza de Toros of Cuenca ! I like to update this older post with new text, and links using old pictures, Hope you enjoy the post as I


As you have read, I have written several posts on the town and surrounding, we love it there and spent several summers with the family high in the mountains of the Serrania de  Cuenca. I like to tell you a bit more on the Plaza de Toro or bullfighting arena of a real tradition of Spain , The Plaza de Toros of Cuenca (bullfighting arena) is located at Avenida de los Reyes Catolicos, s/n on the road out of town near the Parque de Santa Ana. It was first built in 1848 with two floors and 5,000 spaces. Later, in 1913, another enclosure was built, which lasted only a few years.


The city council built the current enclosure or arena in 1926 with the present of Santa Coloma bulls, for the right-handed Marcial Lalande, “Valencia II ” and Martín Agüero. The square, of reinforced cement, has pens, twelve stalls and the necessary dependencies to make bullfights easier. The San Julian Fair, the last week of August, comes with a fairground installed and a series of activities take place such as theater, parade of floats, bullfights, circus, etc…. In addition to a wide and varied sports program that includes an equestrian competition. As a culmination to these festivities, you will see great fireworks.  We were lucky while here to see briefly the Fiesta de San Juliàn August 24th, the traditional feast of the town in honor of their patron Saint.



A bit of history I like

Cuenca had counted on three other bullrings before the current was built. The first was known as the Pintado or painting, located on the grounds occupied by the delegation of Finance of the local government, in the parque San Julián, (see post) annexed to other areas where the cinema Palmeras was.

The second arena, known as La Perdigana or, which was located on the site of what was then Cine Xúcar and Hotel.  The third plaza, in the neighborhood of Casablanca, to which it was known like the one of Caballeros or knights, inaugurated in 1913, and in which they acted the torero with swords ,the first of the 20C, among them Juan Belmonte, in 1915.  This square was shot down after the 1920 fair. Six years was Cuenca without bulls during the Fiestas of San Julián, occupying  the bullfighting part in the Plaza Mayor, as was done annually by the fairs of San Mateo or on the occasion of some extraordinary event. On September 5, 1927, in the new bullring in Cuenca as we know it today. It is good to tell you that the first special mention was the presence of Manuel Rodríguez “Manolete” three times, in the years 1943 and 1944. One of the greatest bullfighers of all time. The Fairs are in summer so as the time approaches look up the site Maxitoro  or Taquillas oficial Cuenca, for ticket information and more on the contenders. It is an experience to live it at least once, and then some more…


The Cuenta tourist office on fairs see San Julian and San Mateo

The official Taquillas tickets for the Plaza de Toros of Cuenca :

The Maxitoro info on Cuenca fairs

There you go folks, a dandy nice tradition of all things Spanish, The Plaza de Toros of Cuenca is unique and worth the detour even if not into bullfights ; it is historical and architecturally nice. Again, hope you have enjoy this post on the Plaza de  Toros of Cuenca as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health;, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Hola amigo, me alegro que hayas puesto estas entradas sobre Cuenca, el pueblo donde nació mi abuela materna. Un abrazo.

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