Off the beaten paths shopping in Madrid !!

I saw this old post and it was so nostalgic for me that decided to update text and link and bring it back to live, This is the AZCA business center a bit off the center of Madrid and not known much but very nice off the beaten path shopping in Madrid !! Let me tell you a bit about AZCA ,and hope you enjoy the post as I,

In my later life I came here many times because it is where the 1) HI hotel closest to Santiago Bernabeu stadium I stayed, 2) a huge dept store El Corte Inglés is near, 3) The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium of Real Madrid, my team ok,is walking distance, Ok enough about my reasons, let me tell about AZCA.

AZCA ,has a long name ,in Spanish is Asociación Mixta de Compensación de la Manzana A de la Zona Comercial de la Avenida del Generalísimo ,(now Paseo de la Castellana since 1981) It is a financial and business district of Madrid with a rectangular superblock of 19 hectares of area composed of office buildings between the streets of Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde, Orense, General Perón and Paseo de la Castellana. Also, within the scope are the squares of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Carlos Trías Beltrán and Manuel Gómez Moreno.  It has several tall buildings or towers such as Torre Picasso, Building of BBVA ,and the Torre Europa.  In it, there is a huge department store of the chain El Corte Inglés (see post).

Its original conception ,and its name was approved in 1946; was finally won by architects in 1954 that were inspired by the Rockefeller Center New York. Their total and final approval did not occur until 1964. At the end of 1968 the urbanization of the area began, as well as the beginning of the construction of the first building on land belonging to the El Corte Inglés dept store. The last plot of land to be built was also of the El Corte Inglés in 2000. The shape square or manzana of AZCA has a practically rectangular shape, with dimensions of approximately 618 x 305 meters and an area of almost 19 hectares; inside this area under the ground is a ring of circulation that communicates and facilitates the traffic of the streets around it.

Madrid el-corte-ingles by Nuevos Ministerios

Some of the buildings of note are: Torre Picasso, 5th highest building in Madrid and 10th highest building in Spain. Torre Europa is the 7th tallest building in Madrid and houses offices of different companies.  The Castellana 81, under the building runs the tunnel of the railway, therefore, the entire structure supports two large pilasters of concrete on horseback on both sides. Torre Titania , the first six plants house the El Corte Inglés dept store and the rest is the headquarters of Ernst & Young Spain. It occupies the site of the Windsor building, destroyed after a fire in 2005.  The Mahou Tower, 17th highest in Madrid is the headquarters of Mutua Madrileña insurance company.

The area had its ups and downs for several years trying to bring activity business and folks into the area with increase security. The store Zara opened in April 2017 its largest store in Spain occupying 5000 m² in Castellana 79. As it goes for shopping ,and we love it. We have come here ever since it was open in 1988.  The shopping mall Moda (en. fashion) is located in the heart of AZCA, just between the emblematic buildings of Torre Picasso and Torre Europa very close to the Congress Palace and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This is very chic shopping with some big names in a grand modern building with many glass windows and a nice inner patio to unwind the walks in the city. The shopping is super; you can come into the mall by several street entrances such as Paseo de la Castellana,95, Calle Orense 22-24 in the Plaza Carlos Trias Bertràn, and Calle del General Péron, 38-40. The Plaza Carlos Trias Bertràn is the easier entrance to the Holiday Inn hotel above. You have classic eateries here, we love the Biaci,Mallorca Cafe , and Casa Carmen. As stores well the Chocolate Factory, Juancho Lujans, and Via Venetto. Nice indeed.


AZCA neighborhood is also home to several bars, pubs, restaurants and the occasional discotheque. Going past the buildings lining the streets that limit this area, and to the inner zone, several of these establishments can be found under the arches or on the ground floors of the buildings. In MODA you will find a shopping center for people who generally dislike shopping centers. It’s a small, glass-roofed, quiet and elegant place, with a delightful food court area, a terrace and a few places ideal for grabbing a breakfast. The little mall often hosts different exhibitions and fairs, which are one more reason to pay a visit.

Parking Hotel Holiday InnBernabéu (now new name Hotel Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana)  at 5 minutes on foot from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium (Real Madrid) and  7 minutes on foot from  AZCA . It has direct access to the hotel (my usual hotel for games when not staying with family) access pedestrian and vehicule by  Avenida del General Perón, 34. The new hotel webpage:

The nearest metro station is Nuevos Ministerios line 8 that also connects to the airport, and Santiago Bernabéu  Line 10 (exit AZCA), and bus numbers 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147 and 150 will also take you here too.

The Madrid tourist office on AZCA :

The AZCA association of merchants :

The official MODA shopping center :

The Madrid tourist office on MODA shopping center :

There you go folks, a dandy chic area of my Madrid often overlook by visitors but for me a must to visit while in the City, OF course, I have other reasons see above ,,,The area will be hopping I am sure once the Bernabeu stadium is completely finish and a more vibrant neighborhood is reborn, Hope you enjoy this updated post on AZCA and the side kick MODA of Madrid as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Spain seems like a nifty place to visit!

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