The Chapel of Bom Sucesso of Porto !

One of my surprises in my travels , all wonderful and bring many nice periods of my life. One of them was visiting Porto, Portugal.  I have heard of Porto and drank its wines but this was my first visit here. I have several posts but feels they have been too general, therefore, let me update this post and tell you about the Capela de Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso or Chapel of Our Lady of Success of Porto ! Which now is a restaurant !!


In the back of the shopping center (see post) , there is a nice small chapel, Capela de Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso, it dates from  1748, last renovated in 2005. It is done in a rectangular shape with two story façade. Stone staircase that give access to the balcony. Neo Classical in the façade with a portal with tympanum curved interrupted by windows. The Quinta do Bom Sucesso House and Chapel set is one of the few examples of 18C farm houses still in Porto, located close to the Rotunda da Boavista.

The Quinta de Bom Sucesso was an old rural property on the outskirts of Porto. In the 18C and 19C, whzn it was still a relatively small city, and was surrounded by rural properties, belonging to the large families in Porto. This farm was built at the end of the 18C by António de Almeida Saraiva. This was one of the many wealthy merchants and bourgeois in the city, who used the country property for leisure. He built a nice house, with simple and slightly rural design and lines, and next to it, forming an L with the house, a baroque chapel, with a more elaborate design, which he dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso. He christened the farm as Quinta do Bom Sucesso. The chapel gained faithfuls, and according to the parish memories of 1758 , the chapel already had some devotees who came from the city of Porto to the chapel to pray to the image of Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso . Today, the lands occupied by Quinta, formerly cultivated, are under the tar and cement of the streets and buildings of the urban Porto of our time, and the old property left the farmhouse and the chapel. These were in turn incorporated into the glass skyscrapers of Shopping Cidade do Porto. They are restored, they have kept their original exterior. The house is now a restaurant-bar; the Chapel was reopened for worship, in the care of the Missionaries of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity.


The Casa Agricola restaurant official Chapel :

There you go folks, a very nice monument in the middle of high rise buildings and blends well with the modernity of them . Hope you enjoy as it is a wonderful area to be at and I was just around the corner. Hope you enjoy the Capela de Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso and the restaurant too!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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