Public transports in Madrid !!!

This is my Madrid , a city that I came to know in 1970 and have not stop visiting whenever and wherever I am, I first drove on the city in 1982 , and then with what would be my wife took her for a spin in 1990 to show off ! She was impressed ! . Yes you can drive in Madrid as in any other major city if you are used to coming from driving in big cities. Madrid is no different than any others. I have many posts on Madrid and different transport ways so this post will be on my black and white series, no pictures, Hope you enjoy it as I.

I had for a while in my other life in travel forums folks telling me of my fascination with driving, Needless to tell them ,that if you live in Europe, you will do a lot of public transports ! I fact, I was a Grand Voyageur train frequent travelers while in my working life ! While in Madrid, I have come by airplane and car, into the city ; thereafter I have used public transports and doing a lot of walking ; the best way to see a city, I said, However, let me tell you a bit more in a general way on public transports in Madrid !!!

The wonderful metro/tube/subway of Madrid, openned in 1919 and already with 301 stations and 13 lines. The network has 12 regular lines and the section Opera to Principe Pio as well as 3 lines of light metro with 38 additional stations. The beltway lines are MetroSur (Line 12) passing by Alcorcón, Móstoles, Fuenlabrada, Getafe, and Leganés; MetroNorte (Line 10) passing Alcobendas and San Sebastián de los Reyes; MetroEste (Line 7) reaching to  Coslada and San Fernando de Henares; TFM (Line 9)  connecting  Rivas Vaciamadrid and Arganda del Rey, as well as Metro Ligero Oeste (Lines 2 and 3), there is a tramway network at Pozuelo to Boadilla del Monte.

The Madrid Metro lines in Madrid that I have used or/and are best for visitors are:

1 Pinar de Chamartín – Valdecarros
2 Las Rosas – Cuatro Caminos
3 Villaverde Alto – Moncloa
4 Pinar de Chamartín – Argüelles
5 Alameda de Osuna – Casa de Campo
6 Circular ,around circle line.
8 Nuevos Ministerios – Airport T4
9 Herrera Oria – Arganda del Rey
10 Infanta Sofia Hospital – Puerta del Sur
11 Plaza Eliptica – La Fortuna
R Opera – Principe Pio

The Madrid metro ligero or light rail lines in Madrid that I have used or/and best for visitors are:

ML1 Las Tablas – Pinar de Chamartín
ML2 Colonia Jardín – Estacion de Aravaca
ML3 Colonia Jardin – Puerta de Boadilla

The metro of Madrid:

It connects in 21 metro stations with the suburban train network Cercanicas of Madrid managed by RENFE. Cercanías is a suburbian train service having 10 lines . They connect all the lines by the Atocha train station that allows you to go to San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Aranjuez, mountain towns in the Sierra de Guadarrama (C-8 and C9 to Cercedilla and Cotos) ,and Alcala de Henares  as well as reaching rapidly the T4 terminal at Adolfo Suarez Barajas airport  The C-2 and C-7 to Alcala de Henares and C-3 to Aranjuez and El Escorial. The line C-1 is the one very fast from T4 to the city as well as connecting Atocha with Chamartin main train stations. 

The RENFE Cercanias Lines in Madrid that I have used o/and serve for visitors are!

C-1 Princepe Pio – Atocha – Recoletos – Chamartín – Airport T4
C-2 Guadalajara – Alcala de Henares – Atocha – Chamartín
C-3 Aranjuez – Atocha – Sol – Chamartín
C-3a Aranjuez – Atocha – Sol – Chamartín – El Escorial
C-4b Parla – Atocha – Sol – Chamartín – Cantoblanco – Colmenar Viejo
C-7 Alcala de Henares – Atocha – Chamartín – Principe Pio
C-8 Guadalajara – Alcalá de Henares – Atocha – Chamartín – Villalba – Cercedilla
C-10 Villalba – Principe Pio – Atocha – Recoletos – Chamartín – Airport T4

The RENFE Cercanias trains in Madrid:

There is a huge bus network runs by CRTM (comunidad de Madrid) and the EMT(Madrid city) with 2000 buses and 200 lines . The principal terminals are at Avenida de America, Mendez Alvaro, and Plaza de Castilla, there are other smaller ones such as Moncloa, Principe Pio, and Plaza Eliptica. There is a night bus or Bùhos lines known by their N number. There is a express bus line 203 from the airport T1, T2, and T4 terminals to stops in 0’Donnell, Cibeles, and Atocha (where I have taken it ) , There is a regular bus line 200 from T1, T2, and T4 to Avenida de America connect Canillejas on metro line 5 (my line!) and the interchange terminal at Avenida de America to connect with metro lines 4 6 7 and 9.

Madrid EMT Bus Lines in Madrid that I have used or/and they serve for tourists are: And visitors should use more, they are great above ground!!

2 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Avenida Reina Victoria

5 Puerta del Sol – Estacion de Chamartin
10 Plaza de Cibeles – Palomeras
14 Plaza Conde de Casal – Avenida Pío XII
15 Puerta del Sol – La Elipa
16 Moncloa – Avenida Pío XII
17 Plaza Mayor – Colonia Parque Europa
20 Puerta del Sol – Pavones
21 Paseo del Pintor Rosales – Barrio del Salvador
23 Plaza Mayor – El Espinillo
24 Atocha – Pozo del Tio Raimundo
25 Opera – Casa de Campo
26 Plaza Tirso de Molina – Diego de León
27 Glorieta de Embajadores – Plaza de Castilla
28 Puerta de Alcalá – Canillejas
33 Principe Pío – Casa de Campo
37 Glorieta Cuatro Caminos -Puente de Vallecas
38 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Las Rosas
40 Tribunal- Alfonso XIII
42 Plaza de Castilla – Peñagrande
44 Plaza del Callao- Marques de Viana
46 Gran Via – Moncloa
48 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Canillejas
49 Plaza de Castilla – Arroyo del Fresno
50 Puerta del Sol – Avenida Manzanares
51 Puerta del Sol – Plaza del Perú
52 Puerta del Sol – Santamarca
53 Puerta del Sol – Parque San Juan Bautista
55 Atocha – Batan
57 Atocha – Altos de Arenal
60 Plaza de la Cebada – Orcasitas
61 Moncloa – Narvaez
66 Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos- Fuencarral
71 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Puerta Arganda
72 Diego de Leon – Hortaleza
73 Diego de Leon – Canillas
74 Paseo del Pintor Rosales – Parque de las Avenidas
83 Moncloa – Pilar

85 Atocha – Barrio de los Rosales
101 Canillejas – Airport – Barajas
102 Atocha – Estacion El Pozo
104 Plaza Ciudad Lineal – Mar de Cristal
105 Plaza Ciudad Lineal – Barajas
106 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Vicálvaro
107 Plaza de Castilla – Hortaleza
110 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Cementerio Almudena
112 Mar de Cristal – Airport District
113 Méndez Álvaro – Plaza de Ciudad Lineal (My old line)
114 Avenida de América – Airport District
115 Avenida de America – Barajas
119 Atocha – Goya
120 Plaza Lima – Hortaleza
122 Avenida de America – Campo de Naciones
125 Mar de Cristal – Ramón y Cajal Hospital
126 Nuevos Ministerios – Pilar
128 Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos- Barrio del Pilar
129 Plaza de Castilla – Manoteras
132 Moncloa – Hospital de la Paz
133 Plaza Callao – Mirasierra
135 Plaza de Castilla – Ramón y Cajal Hospital
136 Pacifico – Madrid Sur
137 Ciudad Puerta de Hierro – Fuencarral
147 Plaza Callao – Pilar

148 Plaza Callao – Puente Vallecas
149 Tribunal- Plaza de Castilla
150 Puerta del Sol – Colonia Virgen del Cortijo
151 Canillejas – Barajas
152 Avenida Felipe II- Méndez Álvaro
153 Las Rosas – Mar de Cristal
156 Plaza Manuel Becerra – Plaza Legazpi
160 Moncloa – Aravaca
171 Mar de Cristal – Valdebebas
173 Plaza de Castilla – Sanchinarro
176 Plaza de Castilla – Las Tablas
177 Plaza de Castilla – Marques de Viana
180 Plaza Legazpi – Caja Magica
200 Avenida America – Barajas Airport
203 Barajas Airport Express
210 Plaza Manuel Becerra – La Elipa
215 Avenida Felipe -Parque Roma
001 Atocha – Moncloa
002 Puerta de Toledo – Argüelles
C1 Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos – Atocha -Glorieta de Embajadores
C2 Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos – Glorieta de Embajadores- Atocha
E1 Atocha – Glorieta de Embajadores- Plaza Eliptica
E2 Avenida Felipe II – Las Rosas
E3 Avenida Felipe II – Puerta de Arganda
F Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos – Ciudad Universitaria

G Moncloa – Ciudad Universidad
M1 Sevilla – Glorieta de Embajadores
N2 Plaza de Cibeles – Hortaleza buho
N3 Plaza de Cibeles – Canillas buho
N4 Plaza de Cibeles – Barajas buho
N6 Plaza de Cibeles – Las Rosas buho
N22 Plaza de Cibeles – Barrio del Pilar buho
N27 Barajas Airport Express buho
N28 Moncloa – Aravaca
S E Plaza Eliptica- Centro Comercial Islazul
S E Sol – Sevilla – Puerta deToledo
S E Canillejas – Estadio Metropolitano

T62 Plaza de Castilla – Estacion Chamartín

The EMT Madrid bus lines:

The Intercity Bus Lines of the Community of Madrid in Madrid that I have used or/and serve for visitors are:

151 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Alcobendas
153 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Alcobendas – Rosa de Luxemburgo
154 Madrid (Chamartin) – San Sebastian de los Reyes
154-C Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – San Sebastián de los Reyes
157 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Alcobendas (Paseo de la Chopera)
191 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Buitrago
194 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Rascafria
197 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Torrelaguna – Uceda
211 Madrid (Ciudad lineal) – Paracuellos – Belvis
223 Madrid (Avenida de America ) – Alcalá de Henares
224 Madrid (Avenida America) – Torrejón de Ardoz
227 Madrid (Avenida America ) – Alcalá de Henares (Espartales – University)
261 Madrid (Avenida America) – New Baztan – Villar del Olmo
280 Coslada (RENFE) – Hospital – Loeches
281 Madrid (Avenida America ) – San Fernando de Henares
283 Madrid (Avenida America- Coslada – San Fernando
284 Madrid (Avenida America) – Velilla – Loeches
285 Coslada (San Fernando RENFE) – Velilla – Arganda del Rey
286 Madrid (Ciudad Lineal) – Coslada
312 Madrid (Conde Casal) – Arganda (El Mirador)
332 Madrid (Conde Casal) – Rivas (Town)
337 Madrid (Conde Casal) – Chinchón – Valdelaguna
352 Madrid (Ronda Atocha) – Fuentidueña – Tarancon
421 Madrid (Legazpi) – Pinto
422 Madrid (Legazpi) – Valdemoro
423 Madrid (Estacion del Sur) – Aranjuez
461 Madrid (Plaza Eliptica) – Parla
481 Madrid (Plaza Eliptica) – Leganés (Parquesur – Hospital)
511 Madrid (Príncipe Pío) – Alcorcón (Parque de Lisboa)
516 Madrid (Príncipe Pío) – Alcorcón (Rey Juan Carlos University)
518 Madrid (Principe Pío) – Villaviciosa de Odon
521 Madrid (Principe Pío) – Móstoles
528 Madrid (Principe Pío) – Navalcarnero
581 Madrid (Principe Pio) – Brunete – Quijorna
601 Madrid (Moncloa) – El Pardo – Mingorrubio
611 Madrid (Moncloa) – Manzanares Hole
612 Madrid (Moncloa) – Torrelodones
621 Madrid (Moncloa) – Las Rozas
627 Madrid (Moncloa) – Villanueva de la Cañada – Brunete
651 Madrid (Moncloa) – Majadahonda (Spain Avenue)
653 Madrid (Moncloa) – Majadahonda (Hospital – RENFE)
656 Madrid (Moncloa) – Pozuelo de Alarcon
657-A Madrid (Moncloa) – Pozuelo (San Juan de la Cruz)
661 Madrid (Moncloa) – San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Galapagar)
673 Madrid (Moncloa) – Collado Villalba (El Valle)
682 Madrid (Moncloa) – Villalba – Guadarrama
684 Madrid (Moncloa) – Cercedilla (Guadarrama)
686 Madrid (Moncloa) – Torrelodones (Los Peñascales)
687 Madrid (Moncloa) – Collado Villalba
691 Madrid (Moncloa) – Becerril – Navacerrada – Valdesquí
712 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Tres Cantos (avenida Viñuelas)
716 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Tres Cantos (Soto de Viñuelas)
721 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Colmenar Viejo
722 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Colmenar Viejo (Glorieta del Mediterraneo)
815 Madrid (Chamartín) – Pozuelo de Alarcón
822 Madrid (Barajas Airport) – Coslada – San Fernando de Henares
824 Madrid (Barajas Airport) – Torrejón de Ardoz
827 Madrid (Canillejas) – Alcobendas – Autonomous University – Tres Cantos
876 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Moralzarzal – Collado Villalba
VAC-023 Madrid (Plaza Eliptica) – Toledo
VAC-243 Route 4: Madrid – Guadalajara (direct)

The CRTM Comunity of Madrid bus lines:

Night bus lines of the Community of Madrid in Madrid that I have used or/and they serve for visitors are:

N-101 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Alcobendas
N-102 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – San Sebastian de los Reyes
N-202 Madrid (Avenida America) – Torrejón – Alcalá
N-302 Madrid (Conde Casal) – Rivas Pueblo
N-303 Madrid (Conde Casal) – Arganda del Rey
N-401 Madrid (Atocha) – Pinto – Valdemoro
N-402 Madrid (Atocha) – Ciempozuelos – Aranjuez
N-403 Madrid (Atocha) – San Martin de la Vega
N-501 Madrid (Príncipe Pío) – Alcorcón – Móstoles
N-502 Madrid (Principe Pío) – Alcorcón
N-504 Madrid (Príncipe Pío) – Villaviciosa de Odon
N-505 Madrid (Príncipe Pío) – Navalcarnero
N-602 Madrid (Moncloa) – Torrelodones – Collado Villalba
N-604 Madrid (Moncloa) – El Escorial – San Lorenzo de El Escorial
N-701 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) -Tres Cantos
N-702 Madrid (Plaza Castilla) – Colmenar Viejo
N-802 Madrid (Atocha) – Leganés
N-803 Madrid (Atocha) – Fuenlabrada (Orange Tree District)
N-805 Madrid (Atocha) – Getafe (centro- Sector III)
N-806 Madrid (Atocha) – Parla
N-807 Madrid (Atocha) – Getafe – Humanes – Griñón
N-901 Madrid (Moncloa) – Pozuelo – Majadahonda
N-903 Madrid (Moncloa) – Las Rozas – Monte Rozas
N-905 Madrid (Moncloa) – Boadilla del Monte
N-906 Madrid (Moncloa) – Majadahonda – Pozuelo
N-907 Madrid (Moncloa) – Villanueva de la Cañada – Brunete

The list of bus companies that operate out of Madrid CRTM intercity in pdf file:

The Night bus lines of Madrid in Madrid in pdf file:

There you go folks, you now have a complete picture of the best lines in metro, cercanias and bus day and night of Madrid and surrounding areas. Of course, this is a huge task and impossible to tell much about each line, however, you have the official source and always can ask me too. Hope it helps your stay in the Comunity of Madrid and city of Madrid!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I used the metro in Madrid this summer, arriving from Paris, I found the platforms quite narrow, but otherwise it’s an excellent way of getting around quickly and in comfortable conditions.

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