Some news from Spain  CXXIX

And back at you with my series of some news from Spain !!! thanks to you all. There is lots of things going on in my beloved Spain, and it is summer awesome as folks are coming back ! I am eagerly looking forward to be back too!! Let me tell you the latest tidbits of news chosen by yours truly, Enjoy it as Spain is everything under the Sun!

The weather in Madrid will be hot from lows of 20C to highs of 37C up to next Saturday 15 August,similar rest of Spain with cooler in the north and hotter in the south. This is August!!

Tiled walls, wooden furniture, ceramic advertisements for Philips lamps or Carabaña water, “the best purgative”… Entering the ghost train station of Chamberí means going back a century and going back to the 1960s. Those were the times when there were two different aisles for passengers getting on and off, in which the inspectors checked the 0.10 peseta cent bills and in which the Metro employees could not get married. All this is now remembered in the museum of this ghost station in Chamberí, which has begun rehabilitation works this August 2022 to stop its deterioration. Chamberí station was inaugurated in October 1919 and closed in 1966. At that time, Metro needed to increase the number of train cars, for which it was necessary to increase the length of the platforms from 60 to 90 meters. In this way, the Bilbao station was extended to the north and the Iglesia station to the south, so that both were very close to the Chamberí station. This station curves and has a slope, which made it very difficult to lengthen the platforms, so it fell into disuse. After more than 40 years abandoned, in 2006 it was decided to rehabilitate it and turn it into a museum and this summer new repair tasks are undertaken, Webpage metro museums :

The Plaza de Cascorro of Madrid vibrates again, And it is that three years later the San Cayetano festivities are back, This happened today but every year so keep an eye for it sublime!!! Others taste cotton candy that impregnates the atmosphere with its characteristic smell. Hotdogs, hamburgers and fries must number in the thousands. In the center of everything, a few optimists try to score a goal against a cardboard Iker Casillas that makes it quite difficult. There are parades, contests, treasure hunts and musical performances. Of all kinds and for all audiences. Madrid is very festive, it have a lot to do with the street , here we all integrate. The neighborhood is life, and the San Cayetano festivities, the extension of this unique way of being and enjoying, are back. Madrid tourist office :

The Calvary shortcut. This was the expressive name that indicated the route followed by the hard-working mountaineers and skiers who, at the beginning of the 20C, climbed to the heights of the Sierra de Guadarrama. There was no other way than to walk for hours along the difficult route that started from Cercedilla and arrived at the port of Navacerrada. And this was my baptism in skiing felled all over the place and it was the last for me lol !! Everything changed on July 12, 1923, They went to a train decorated for the occasion. The tram, as it was called, had a colorful decoration of flowers among which the flags of Spain and Switzerland stood out, having been manufactured by the Swiss companies Fabrique Suisse de Wagons à Schlieren and Brown Boveri. They were identical to those that traveled the route of the Alps. Barely 30 km per hour, the Electrico del Guadarrama began a rattling traffic that will soon celebrate its first hundred years. The funicular of the mountains was the gateway to the overcrowding of the Guadarrama. A year after its inauguration, next to the Navacerrada port station, the monumental Real Hotel Victoria opened its doors. At the same time, the railway made possible the appearance of dozens of shelters and shelters for sports, recreational and military societies, as well as hotels and restaurants in the port, being decisive in the rise of the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort. In 1964 the route of the C-9 line was extended to the port of Cotos. Since then, Eléctrico del Guadarrama has experienced its most limping period, in which its possible definitive closure has even been reported. This deterioration was helped by the policy of abusive prices and the drastic reduction of trips by Renfe, and the abandonment of the line, with the suppression in 2011 of the stops at all intermediate halts. Something that makes it almost impossible for the train to start this summer. El Eléctrico del Guadarrama still has time to wait in the deadlock, It’s coming back stay tune!!This is what RENFE has so far :

Something general but got it from Spanish pubs so will post in my Some news from Spain,

What personal data (and what not) must be put on the identification tag of a suitcase, The basic information that the luggage must carry is the name and surname of the owner; e-mail, better if it is a secondary one; and the phone, but not the home phone. You should never give home address information. For the same reason, the phone should be the mobile phone, not the home landline. It is also not advisable to put the flags of a country or a football/soccer team, since, unfortunately, there can always be someone who does not like your nationality or your football preferences. It is also advisable to take a photo of all the luggage, with its labels, before to undertake the trip, to facilitate its identification in case of problems. On long flights, with one or more stopovers, it is interesting to stick the complete route of the suitcase on the side of the luggage: in the event of an incident, it will be useful to show which corner of the trip took the wrong turn. A professional business card can also be attached (never personal), in case the label falls off during handling or transport. Little by little, airlines are announcing the implementation of electronic tag programs, but while this is happening, what can be bought are external smart devices: personal information is on the owner’s mobile phone, and from it you can track your belongings.

Airlines transported more than 4 billions pieces of luggage throughout the world, and 99.57% arrive on time with their owners as can be read on the IATA website the International Air Transport Association). Which means that nearly four million suitcases did not. Figures from SITA (a multinational telecommunications provider of technological services to the aeronautical industry), speak of 25.4 million lost belongings in 2019, and a 24% increase in the loss rate between 2020 and 2021, coinciding with the recovery of air traffic after the pandemic. Its latest report estimates that 4.35 bags per thousand passengers were lost last year. That year 2021, it accounted for 2,3 billion passengers and 9.9 million belongings circulating without owner through the baggage carousels of airports around the planet, More in times of high influx at airports, such as now in summer vacations, and especially on international flights (with 8.7% lost, compared to 1.85% on domestic routes) and with stopovers, where 41% of incidents occur, according to the SITA study. It’s a long time I checked luggage , learn to travel light and keep with me/you.

I just realise this info! La Vuelta 2022 bike race will be held from Friday, August 19 to Sunday, September 11. The start will be in the Netherlands (Utrecht) and the end will be in Madrid, which once again hosts the farewell to the race (in the previous edition it was in Santiago de Compostela) to complete a total of 3,280.5 km. Always a great race.

There you go folks, another dandy tour of my beloved Spain ! Summer is here with all that heat wave as well. Time to enjoy sunny Spain once again, and we are gear up for it! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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