Isabel I and Emilio Castelar of Madrid !!

So much to see and do, and so many monuments time is not enough for my dear Madrid. One thing I did a lot is to walked all over the city sometimes to the limits but it allows me to show my sons my beloved city in all its glory. We passed by monuments hardly noticeable by visitors but with a great history and architecture on them.  The wonderful Paseo de la Castellana has the wonderful monument to Isabel I ,the Catholic Queen of the discovery and the square or Glorieta Emilio Castelar. Let me update and join these older posts and tell you more hoping you enjoy them as I.

In 1881, the city council of Madrid decided to create a monument dedicated to Queen Isabel I, the Catholic. The first location was in the middle of the Paseo de la Castellana just before arriving at the Plaza de Santa Cruz on the right hand side, and not on the side where it is located from the 1960. The sculpture measures about 4 meters and the original pedestal measured another 4. It consisted of marble columns of different colors. The monument was inaugurated by king Alfonso XII, accompanied by his sisters, the infantas Isabel and Eulalia and the imperial prince of Germany, Frederic Wilhem.  Queen Isabel I the Catholic is sitting on horse wearing armor. In her hand she carries the Covadonga Cross. On his left is Cardinal Pedro González de Mendoza, who carries the Gospels in his right hand. To his right is Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, the Great Captain, with his sword. In the chamfers, the shields of Castilla, León, Granada and Aragón.  In the new, simpler pedestal, you can read the original dedication: To Isabel the Catholic, under whose Glorious Reign the National Unity and the discovery of America was carried out .The town of Madrid, 1883.


The square or Glorieta of Emilio Castelar is in the middle of traffic prone Paseo de la Castellana ! The Glorieta Emilio Castelar square (formerly Plaza de la Fuente Castellana and Plaza del Obelisco), is a roundabout (glorieta) on the Paseo de la Castellana, between the Chamberí and Salamanca neighborhoods of Madrid. The Calle del General Oráa and the Paseo del General Martínez Campos converge on it. Since 1908, it is named after the 19C speaker and president of the First Spanish Republic Emilio CastelarThe monument has the speaker, erect and with an eloquent gesture, in his seat of Parliament, at his feet, a woman listens historical speakers, such as Demosthenes and Cicero speakers of ancient Rome and classical Greece, and a large group in which a worker, a soldier and a student, protected by an artilleryman, sitting on his arm, can also be seen outstanding in his speech. Complete the lower set a bas-relief representing the abolition of slavery. The work is crowned by three naked goddesses representing, as read on the label, at their feet, the motto of the French Revolution: Freedom, Equality, Fraternity.


The roundabout occupies the space that in 1833 housed, on the edge of the Paseo Nuevo de las Delicias de la Princesa, the monumental Fuente Castellana, also called the Obelisk promoted by king Fernando VII to celebrate the birth of Princess Isabel Luisa, later queen Isabel II. The Obelisk of this fountain, which gave its name to the Paseo de la Castellana, today adorns the Madrid Río park(see post). Nothing on the Isabel I as all with the discovery is still controversial in my Spain of today.

The Madrid tourist office on the Glorieta Emilio Castelar:

There you go folks, another dandy walk or drive around my dear Madrid!  The Isabel I monument and the traffic roundabout of Emilio Castelar are genuine real Madrid in an off the beaten path area for all the road warriors to enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!


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