The Church San Millán of Segovia !

Ok so I am back in this wonderful Castilian town of my love. I heard about since birth, but finally came to see it in 1990 and has been an everlasting love affairs since. Of course, I am talking about Segovia ,in the Province of Segovia, and the autonomous region of Castilla y Léon! However, some monuments don’t get the recognition they deserve even in my previous posts touch only by word. I like to split these monuments into single entries and tell you on each as they deserve, It is time I tell you a bit more about the Church San Millàn of Segovia!


The Church or Iglesia de San Millán  is located next to Avenida Fernández Ladreda, in the neighborhood of San Millán. The Romanesque tower forms the oldest remains of the Church, since it corresponds to the 11C being Mudejar style, the rest of the Church is the product of the reform made between 1111 and 1126 by king Alfonso I the Battler (Batallador) during his government in Castile for his marriage with Doña Urraca, so it is one of the oldest churches in the city. Its construction reflects the influence of Aragonese architecture, reproducing the plant of the Cathedral of Jaca on a smaller scale. It is composed of four apses, of which three correspond to the naves and the fourth, a later addition, to the sacristy. It has three covers, one on each side, and two galleries of porticoes arches, so common in the Romanesque Segoviano. Inside we can find three large naves with a simple roof, replacing the initial Mudéjar roof. The columns and capitals are large in comparison to the size of the Church. Among the most notable capitals we find one that is thematic the magicians path of Bethlehem and another that has as a theme the flight of Egypt. Among the ornaments destined to the cult stands out its main altar of Romanesque style, composed of a crucified surrounded by ten blinded arcades, as well as several pieces of the processional imagery that participates in the Holy Week of Segovia, as are the carvings of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad or Our Lady of Solitude at the foot of the Cross and the Blessed Christ in his last Word, which were donated by the Segoviano sculptor Aniceto Marinas and correspond to his homonymous brotherhood, which has its canonical headquarters in the Church.

The Roman Segovia site on the church

The Segovia tourist office on the church

The Castilla y Léon region tourist office on the church

The quest continues for more, as Spain is everything under the sun! Never amazes me to find wonderful places to see ,no wonder is the no 2 spot on Earth for visitors . And numbers are from WTO-UN or United Nations World Tourism Organisation ,keeping numbers on travelers since 1949! Hope you enjoy this post on the Church of San Millan of Segovia as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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