Curiosities of the Americas !! Part II

Looking at my vault, found some older pictures on paper and took my electronic camera to take picture of the pictures and use them in my blog. This allows me to show in my blog places not shown or pics with new angles of places shown in the blog. Nostalgia sets in and here I go on the curiosities of the Americas !!, Part II.

Bogotá is the largest city and the capital of Colombia. This is where people from all over the country converge, so it is a diverse and multicultural city, at the crossroads of old and new. It is located at high altitude. La Candelaria, its cobblestone center, features colonial-era landmarks like the neoclassical Teatro Colón performance hall and the 17C Church of San Francisco. Popular museums are also located here, such as the Botero Museum, displaying the art of Fernando Botero, and the Gold Museum, displaying pre-Columbian gold coins.. Memories forever of my trips here in the 1990’s.

Plaza Bolivar square in its center a statue of Simón Bolivar. Located in the historic center, La Candelaria, it hosts the Primada Cathedral, the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and the Archdiocese , the City/Town Hall (Palace Liévano) built by the French architect Gaston Lelarge , the Courthouse and the National Capitol. The Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de la Inmaculada Concepción was built between 1807 and 1823 on the very spot where three of the city’s former cathedrals were successively erected and demolished.

Bogota plaza de Bolivar et Cathedral

The city of Bogotà on the Plaza Bolivar

The Igreja Nossa Senhora das Dores  or the Our Lady of Sorrows Church located in the city of Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul. Located at Rua dos Andradas, 587. It is the oldest church in the city still standing. Its construction dragged on for a long time and the facade plan was modified while it was still under construction, showing today an eclectic style, but the interior is richly decorated with gilded carving in a late-Baroque style with neoclassical elements, in addition to having an important group of life-size baroque statues of Christ representing the cycle of the Passion The restoration work was completed in 2017, with the completion of the chancel. Ancient parietal paintings were discovered during the restoration.

Porto Alegre ch nossa senhora das Dores

The city prefect of Porto Alegre on its heritage :

The Parque Farroupilha or Farroupilha Park, better known as the Redenção Park or simply the Redenção, is the most traditional and popular park in Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The place where the park is today was formerly called Varzea do Portão, a large marshy plain near the old gate of Vila de Porto Alegre. Of the park’s original 69 hectares, today 35.7 ha remain, with 45 monuments inside. On Sundays, the traditional Brique da Redenção is held in the park, with numerous stalls selling handicrafts, food and antiques. Parque Farroupilha is a place commonly holding popular demonstrations. My local friends took me here each time in the city sadly no time for more pictures.

Porto Alegre parque Farroupilha

The official Parque Redençâo or Farroupilha

The Avenida Paulista is one of the largest and most famous avenues in the city of São Paulo. The avenue is bordered by the Tenente Siqueira Campos Park commonly known as “Trianon Park” and composed of trees and vegetation from the primary forest. It is also the main tourist, artistic, cultural and media center, bringing together television channels and radio stations. Real estate prices are the highest in Latin America, It was inaugurated on December 18, 1891, My favorite street used to stayed in the off of it Maksoud Plaza Hotel for many years my home in Sao Paulo ! And as the story goes not enough pictures in those days ! It is located in the Bela Vista neighborhood, the 3 km stretch of Avenida Paulista runs from Rua Treze de Maio to Rua da Consolação !

Sao Paulo avenida paulista

This is a hugely wonderful avenue and will just pinpoint some of the great sites of it. You can go up to Mirante do SESC a great way to get ready to explore Avenida Paulista from the top ,location : Avenida Paulista, 119 , The MASP, São Paulo Museum of Art, is among the main attractions on Avenida Paulista and also in the city of São Paulo. In the museum, names such as: Cândido Portinari, Di Cavalcanti, Anita Malfatti, Rafael, Botticceli, Delacroix, Renoir, Manet, Monet, Degas, Cèzanne, Picasso, Modigliani, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Matisse and Chagall, among others stand out. Tops located at Avenida Paulista, 1578, The Fiesp Cultural Center offers visitors a very varied program between the art gallery, theater and mezzanine spaces. Location : Av. Paulista, 1313, The Itau Cultural presents a collection dedicated to the history of Brazil. Location : Av. Paulista, 149, The wonderful Casa das Rosas with gardens filled with roses, the house is a delight for all. Those who arrive there will be able to enjoy not only the green space and the elegant architecture , but also an inspiring cultural program, especially dedicated to poetry and literature, Location : Av. Paulista, 37, Cine Belas Artes / Petra Belas Artes dedicated to alternative and art films. Hidden on the corner of Av Paulista and Rua da Consolação, the art here is named: Villa-Lobos, Candido Portinari, Oscar Niemeyer, Aleijadinho, Mario de Andrade and Carmen Miranda. Off Av Paulista at Rua da Consolação, 2423, Along Avenida Paulista and nearby streets there are several options for those looking for culture in good theaters and concert halls can be found at the Gazeta Theater, Eva Herz Theater, Renaissante Theater, Frei Caneca Theater or Procopio Ferreira Theater, The Livraria Cultura is one of the few remaining mega stores dedicated to literature, art and culture. Location : Av. Paulista, 2073, Enjoy the Avenida Paulista !!

The Baths is a beach on the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. The Baths is located about 1.9 km south of Spanish Town, at the southern end of the island, between Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay. The Baths is an area of unique geological formations and one of the main tourist destinations in the British Virgin Islands. The rocks form natural pools, tunnels, arches and panoramic caves open to the sea. The largest rocks are about 12 meters long. This is heavens and glad visited, many nice memories and stories here as went on a singles cruise many years ago. So happy to have found some pictures and do see my other posts on the BVI and Fantôme sailboat! 

Virgin Gorda bath outside

You’ll navigate through caves, across boulders, up small ladders, and through short tunnels until you finally reach Devil’s Bay. Once you get there you’re rewarded with a swim in a beautiful little bay. The Bitter End Yacht Club is gorgeous and many nice antics here with my then Canadian girlfriend from Vancouver…. Another spot and wonderful memory and an institution in the Virgin Gorda, BVI was the Hog Heaven. This little dive bar sits high up in the clouds and offers the most beautiful views of Virgin Gorda and the North Sound including the Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock. Wonderful memories forever and so glad to have it in my blog.

Virgin Gorda bath inside

The limited BVI tourist office

The National Parks of BVI on Virgin Gorda:

There you go folks, a walk of nostalgia from my very earlier trips in the Americas. The wonders of the Americas that still rings a bell to my ears on each stretch of meter I take on this world. Hope you enjoy the post as I reviving these old pictures into the life of my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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