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And back at you with my series of some news from Spain !!! thanks to you all. There is lots of things going on in my beloved Spain, and it seems we will have a wonderful summer season. I am eagerly looking forward to that!! Let me tell you the latest tidbits of news chosen by yours truly, Enjoy it as Spain is everything under the Sun!

The Feria del Libro or Madrid Book Fair closed earlier this past Saturday due to the red heat alert, as announced by the organization of the Fair, after receiving an official notification from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) according to which, due to adverse meteorological phenomena in the Jardines del Buen Retiro in Madrid, the red alert will be activated from 21h to 24h Saturday, Too much heat in Madrid ! High of 37C that is about 99F,,,fyi

And since it is hot in Summers in my Madrid you have places to cool off outside, My favorites are the Madrid Rio Beach, Three oval aquatic enclosures with water jets ideal for cooling off in summer, surrounded by a large rest area with hammocks. Fountains in operation from 11h to 21h The Madrid tourist office info :

Also , two other sports complexes I know well and have a great pool are the Centro Deportivo Municipal Casa de Campo at Paseo Puerta del Angel,7 and the Centro Deportivo Municipal La Elipa (see post played baseball here ! ) at Calle Alcalde Garrido Juaristi 17 Keep cool even visiting….

And I continue to warn you ahead for the Summers in Spain ; see too many fall like a red tomato from the heat, in Spain ,everything is under the Sun ! Therefore, some drinks to have cold on a terrace in Madrid are : A pitcher of ice-cold beer is one of the drinks that go down best in summer The typical brands that are ordered in Madrid are San Miguel, Cruz Blanca, Águila, Cruzcampo and Mahou (the traditional from Madrid and my meau!). Although you can also drink craft beers. Sangría is one of the most requested drinks in Madrid in summer, The kalimotxo is a fashionable drink and very popular among young people. It is made mainly with red wine and coke, which makes it go down wonderfully at any time. Coffee is a universal drink and practically everyone likes it. In addition, it can be enjoyed in many ways but it always feels great if it is with ice. The popular horchata (super, divine we love it) , made with rice, sesame, melon, morro, etc. horchata is it, In addition, other ingredients such as lime, vanilla, sugar, etc. can be added. The summer tinto de verano with a young red wine, a bottle of soda or lemon and some ice will suffice, we love it in Summer, Stay cool and enjoy them.

El Chorro de Navafria in the province of Segovia, Castilla y Léon region, In the heart of Sierra de Guadarrama, 34 km from Segovia and an hour and a half from Madrid, this paradise is located nestled in a forest with one of the largest extensions of Scots pine in Europe. 4 km from the town of Navafría is the El Chorro Recreational Area, which has beautiful natural pools, picnic tables, barbecues, a beach bar and a green esplanade for sunbathing. After about 15 minutes walking you will reach El Chorro, a spectacular waterfall with more than 20 meters high. Access to the recreational area is free, but parking is paid. More info in Guadarrama park webpage :

The Paulaner Biergarten (beer of Munich Germany) opens in Madrid, and one of the most typical plans in summer is to sit on an outdoor terrace, In September you have an appointment at Príncipe Pío, especially from Thursday to Sunday, days when you can enjoy live music shows. Take advantage of these hot nights, order a Paulaner while you listen to live music and eat something. You will be able to taste different typical dishes of German gastronomy such as col-slow salad, different types of sausages (Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Moruna, Vegi), knuckle, bretzels or Apfelstrudel. On June 11 the concerts will begin, which will take place at 21h on this outdoor terrace. Bonaparte Terrace (on the Principe Pío esplanade, in Madrid Río), Info webpage

After the success of Jardín Cervezas Alhambra in previous years, this urban oasis will land again in Madrid from June 21 to August 7 2022 to become the meeting point to enjoy a leisurely beer afternoon this summer. A space that will have an urban terrace, a restaurant area and a bar. The perfect setting to enjoy cultural and gastronomic activities and the acoustic concerts of Momentos Alhambra (of course a beer from Granada) in the emblematic Palacio Santa Bárbara palace in the Chueca neighbourhood. The Palace of the Count of Villagonzalo will become the Alhambra Beer Garden. A space dedicated to transmitting a lifestyle that defends the need to stop, listen to ourselves and reflect on what we really want to feel. Palace of Santa Bárbara ,Calle Hortaleza, 87, webpage :

The Cine de Verano in La Bombilla park or Summer Cinema. By Plaza San Antonio de la Florida 1 , It will open its doors from June 29, 2022 with the film “Canallas” by Daniel Guzmán and will be open until September. This is an open-air summer cinema with two giant screens facing each other, each of them broadcasts a different film at the same time, so that when you buy your ticket you can choose one of the two options. They open every day of the week during the summer. If you go by car, I as many others advise you to arrive early and look for a space in the car park just behind the Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida,(see post) or look for a space in the street. In this car park there are folks guarding and ask for money small coins but, from my own experience, they take good care of your car and being somewhat dark areas is even appreciated. More info webpage :

One of the off the beaten path spots in my Madrid that should be visited, The visit to the Palacio de Liria palace (see post) is a sensory experience, different from the set of cultural visits to other palaces and museums. Surrounded by gardens, this 18C palace recently opened its doors to the public to display the artistic legacy of the Casa de Alba, one of the most traditional dynasties of the Spanish aristocracy. The historical-artistic collection was incorporated thanks to the patronage and collecting work of the Dukes of Berwick and Alba for more than five hundred years. Painting, sculpture, tapestries, furniture, engravings, documents and books, in addition to a wide range of porcelain and decorative arts, are distributed in the different rooms to be admired by their owners and visitors, allowing them to enjoy a unique collection. Of the complete set, great masters of painting such as Goya, Velázquez, Murillo, Zurbarán, Greco, Ribera, Rubens, Titian, Palma the Elder, Brueghel de Velours, Madrazo and Winterhalter stand out. Great personalities from culture, the arts and politics have visited this palace, such as Cole Porter, Arthur Rubinstein, Howard Carter, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, Igor Stravinski, Ortega y Gasset or Charlie Chaplin. The visits will be made in groups, starting every 30 min. The visit lasts 65 min. Each entry will be assigned one hour of visit. Once the visit begins, you will not be able to access the Palace. It is essential to be 10 minutes in advance. The official Palacio de Liria webpage :

80 works make up the monographic exhibition that the Prado Museum has organized around the figure of Luis Paret . A contemporary of Francisco de Goya, he is considered the representative of French Rococo in Spain and his work is a true reflection of the society of the time. At the Museo Nacional del Prado, the exhibition is divided into nine sections to show an exhaustive journey through the career of this artist and discover his artistic conception and the keys to his technique that, without a doubt, place him alongside his great contemporary Francisco de Goya, Prado museum webpage :

EULEN Art, a brand of the EULEN Group, organizes from June 10 to December 31 2022 at the Palacio de las Alhajas , Madrid, the first and largest exhibition that is held exclusively around women in ancient Egypt in Spain, bringing together almost 300 pieces from 12 countries. The gallery is divided into four large areas and a final section: Women in ancient Egypt, Real women, Goddesses and temples, From death to eternity and Egyptomania. Through its sections, the assistant can verify the relevant role that women had in ancient Egypt, enjoying an independence unknown in other contemporary or even later cultures. Likewise, this equality covers a long period of time of more than 3500 years, during which the social, economic and religious structure was evolving, and of a vast territory, for which there were notable differences according to the geographical area. In the Palacio de las Alhajas, Plaza de San Martín, 1, info webpage :

The town of Mundaka,is among the 100 best places in the world to surf, The small Basque town nestled in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve is internationally famous for having the longest left-hand wave in Europe, and one of the most challenging, according to those in the know. The wave forms precisely at the mouth of the estuary and rolls up on itself in a tube with a length that reaches 400 meters, which makes it a desired candy for expert surfers. The local surf scene is considered among the best in the world. This is confirmed in the specialized book that has just been published Surf. The 100 best waves in the world (Lunwerg Editores; 24.95 euros), made by the editors and photographers (experienced surfers) of the bible of this sport, the world-renowned specialized magazine TransWorld SURF. The town of Mundaka is located very close to Bermeo,a typical small town that is worth visiting to stroll through its charming narrow cobbled streets and enjoy the beautiful views. You to see the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (city hall square), and the magnificent Church of Santa María (16C), located on a watchtower, with its back to the sea. About five minutes walking on the outskirts of the town is the Hermitage of Santa Catalina, on a promontory in a privileged place with spectacular views from where you can enjoy the onslaught of the sea and control the entry and exit of the estuary. Towards the other side of the town, there is the quiet and tiny beach of Laidatxu. To enjoy some of the best beaches in Vizcaya, you have to cross the estuary, where the beautiful and extensive sandbanks of Laida are found and, a little further east, in the town of Ibarrangelu, the spectacular Laga, between forests and far from buildings. The Euskadi tourist office on Mundaka :

The town of Brihuega, the land of lavender, province of Guadalajara, region of Castilla la Mancha is a garden that, when it is most flowery, is in summer. In July, the lavender fields burst with color, more than a thousand hectares of purple flowers that attract swarms of tourists. In August the flowers are harvested, but their aroma, far from fading, multiplies: the distilleries then produce industrial quantities of essential oil and the local shops replenish their stocks of soaps, creams, candles, honeys, mikados, scented sachets, etc. A walk in the town is marvelous, go to the Plaza del Coso, the largest in the town, is the tourist office, which occupies what was the Royal Jail of Carlos III. They weren’t very tall in the 18C, judging by the bathroom door. In the opposite corner of the square, the Arab Caves hide 700 meters of underground galleries, built in the 10-11C, where wine was kept cool at a constant temperature of 11 degrees, In the Middle Ages the town conserves a good part of its kilometer-long wall and its main gates: La Cadena and Cozagón. And it preserves its Castle of Peña Bermeja. In the parade ground there is one of the most beautiful and romantic cemeteries in Spain, full of broken tombstones and tender epitaphs. And in the highest tower, a viewpoint to see it as those who go to heaven see it and, at the top, the Royal Cloth Factory from the 18C. Attached to the castle is the Church of Santa María de la Peña, the main church in Brihuega, from the early 13C. Its beautiful door stands out, in a transition style from Romanesque to Gothic,, You go to Plaza de Manu Leguineche, stands the old convent of San José, from the 16C, now home to the Brihuega History Museum. It has an interesting section dedicated to the battle of Guadalajara, which was fought in these fields in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. The convent also houses the Professor Max Museum of Miniatures, which treasures and exhibits (with the help of magnifying glasses) the more than 30,000 tiny pieces that Juan Elegido Millán, alias Max, a hypnotist by profession, gathered during his hectic and artistic life. Take a break at the shady, cozy María Cristina park, ideal for taking a nap, The 14 fountains in the town, fountains with thick jets and water so cold that, even in the heat of summer, they anesthetize , Among all of them, the so-called Blanquina stands out, which has 12 beautiful pipes, not including those that, from the back, lead to the old laundry room, On july 16 2022 at 21h or 9pm, the 2022 Lavender Festival will be held in the fields of Brihuega. The Brihuega tourist office webpage :

The Lavender Festival of Brihuega:

UPDATE: Madrid will have its own Central Park. The new Central Park will be visible in a few years (you heard it here first !). The pharaonic project of Madrid Nuevo Norte, which extends over more than 3.3 million square meters (2.4 million if the part that will be occupied by the train tracks of the Chamartín train station is discounted) in one of the edges of the city, will have a green area of ​​more than 14.5 hectares (145,000 square meters). Or said in a more hackneyed way: about 14 football fields. El Retiro has 118 hectares and Madrid Río, 121. The park will have an iconic element, which will become a new benchmark for Madrid: the Jardín del Viento (wind garden). It is a singular green structure in the form of a spiral that will be erected in the middle of the park and will be covered by vegetation, producing its own microclimate. It will have different areas and environments with kiosks, restaurant terraces, service pavilions, food trucks and sports areas. The new park will surround the four towers and will also connect with the Bosque Metropolitano ( Metropolitan Forest) and the Arco Verde (Green Arch) , all around the Chamartín train station with works on the new station hall and the widening of the tracks, etc..

There you go folks, another dandy tour of my beloved Spain ! Summer is practically even if officially is June 21st. Time to enjoy sunny Spain once again, and we are gear up for it! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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