Again, the Royal Palace of Spain !!

Let me take you back to my Madrid , and Spain, always memories and wonderful times of old and new. When I lived in the city going to the Royal Palace was a treat, we had no money to go in back then in the old regime.  It took me to leave Madrid and Spain , spent some years in  the USA; and finally come back to it in 1990 to see it inside. It was a treat I will always cherished for me and for the fact that I was there with my girlfriend , later wife of 28 years, my Frenchie Martine !!! and 3 wonderful young men !!! 

The Royal Palace is used for protocol functions, and they are own and maintain by the Spanish government. The palace is bordered on the east by the Plaza de Oriente, from which it is separated by the Calle de Bailén It is the official resident of the king of Spain even if only uses it for protocole functions and the rest is open to the public as a museum. I have other posts on the Royal Palace but this entry is using old pictures from my vaults taken from paper pictures and shot with my digital camera; hope you enjoy it as I.

Madrid palacio real from plaza de oriente

The architecture and history is huge here of all my dear Spain. I like to just touch base on the main things to see as much of the history is on the other posts.  The current palace was built on the ruins of an old castle which dated from the emir Mohamed I (i.e. 9C). At that time, Madrid was not yet the capital of Spain. This construction served to protect Toledo against the advance of the Christians. It was not until the 14C that the first kings of Castile began to use this building, then called Antigua Alcazar.  But in 1734, a fire destroyed the building. King Philip V asks for a new palace to be built.  Construction began in 1738 and lasted 7 years. King Charles III was the first monarch to reside there in 1764. He was also the first to take charge of the interior decoration.

Madrid palacio real side calle bailen

The current Palacio Real or Royal Palace has more than 3000 rooms. Some places deserve special attention such as:  The majestic main staircase with its 70 steps, created by Sabatini; the royal chapel and its collection of stringed instruments that we owe to the famous Italian, Antonio Stradivari!. The Salon de Trono and its fresco by Tiepolo on the ceiling; the Royal Chapel is accessed through the Palace Gallery. In 1742 it was decided to place it on the first floor, instead of in the space initially planned and which is now occupied by the Halberdiers’ Hall. In 1748 it was built just as it has remained for posterity  ; the royal kitchen, open to the public since 2017 after a long restoration. This place is one of the finest examples of royal kitchens. Vast and including exceptionally well-preserved utensils, the kitchen is in the first basement of the palace; the Royal Pharmacy in which there are medicinal plants, prescriptions prescribed to the royal family, ceramic containers etc. The Alabarderos room or Halberdiers hall, this ballroom which was transformed into a guard room by Charles III; the Royal Armory in which one finds one of the finest collections of its kind in the world, including weapons and armor used by the kings of Spain and other members of Spanish royalty since the 12C; the Salita Gasparini and its magnificent plant decor; the painting gallery alone is worth the detour. Comprising around 70 works by masters, most of them Spanish, such as Velázquez, Goya, Federico Madrazo Rubens, Greco, Caravaggio and Sorolla, it has been arranged in 9 rooms of the palace, which includes dozens of them spread over 6 floors.



Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, visitors will rush to watch the changing of the Royal Guard in front of the monument around noon. Every first Wednesday of the month, a special changing takes place: the majestic Solemn Changing of the Guard.

The National Heritage of Spain on the Royal Palace

The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Spain

The Madrid tourist office on the Royal Palace

Needless but worth repeating, this is a very popular monument and lines are long, so need to prepare for it and come early. If you like the freebies there is free admission from 16h to 18h from Mondays to Thursdays and from October to March, and from 18h to 20h  from April to September for citizens of the European Union. However, do come anyway, it is worth the admission and an opportunity to see the architecture and history of the kingdom of Spain in Madrid! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. In 2019 I was lucky to see a fabulous parade at the Palace in celebration of 5 year reign of Felipe VI.

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