Castiello de Jaca up in Aragon!!!

Another wonderful experience in my beloved Spain. Driven by it so many times and passing by Jaca, Do not forget the silohuette of Castiello de Jaca passing by this wonderful Pyrénean mountains of Aragon! This is new text and older picture to remind me of this wonderful memorable family passage on our trips to Spain, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Castiello de Jaca is in the province of Huesca and in the autonomous community of Aragon. The town’s territory is located in the mountainous massif of the Pyrenees , and in the comarca (group of towns) of Jacetania. The origin of the name of Castiello de Jaca could be linked to an ancient castle, currently in ruins. The town is 7 km from Jaca (see posts), The town of Castiello de Jaca borders Villanúa (see post) to the north and east, Jaca to the south and Borau to the west. The town is crossed from south to north by the Aragon river. The Aragonese branch of the Camino de Santiago runs through the terminus of Castiello de Jaca.


In the upper part of the town stands the Romanesque parish Church of San Miguel from the 12C, extensively reformed in the 16-17C .Castiello de Jaca is known as the one with a thousand relics, due to the legend that indicates that these relics have been there since a pilgrim who carried them with him stopped to rest in the place, while making his pilgrimage to Santiago. When he tried to resume his journey, the sack in which he carried the relics was so heavy that he had to leave them there, since apparently the will of the relics was to remain in Castiello de Jaca. They are kept in a silver chest next to the altar largest tabernacle of the Church of San Miguel.

Other things to see are : Hermitage of Our Lady of Trujillo. Romanesque, 12C ; Hermitage of San Bartolomé. Romanesque, 12C ; Hermitage of Santa Juliana. Romanesque, 12C ; Hermitage of the Virgin of Iguácel. Romanesque, 11C, The medieval fortress, was first the Signal Tower in late Roman times, to defend the Via del Somport that the Visigoths inherited. Then border line with the Muslim world and key to the defense of the valley with its castle. In the travel books of the 18-19C through romantic Spain, when crossing the border and before reaching Jaca, one of the obligatory stops was the Posada, or Venta de Carruajes de Castiello de Jaca. It was a meeting point for travellers, merchants, pilgrims and residents of the valleys. Today ,it continues to maintain that meeting vocation.

The town of Castiello de Jaca on its heritage

The metro area Jacetania on Castiello de Jaca heritage

The Aragon region tourist office on Castiello de Jaca

There you go folks, a short but memorable passing by Castiello de Jaca places that we shall return one day hopefully, and enjoy them again, recommended in off the beaten path  Castiello de Jaca, in the valley just before reaching the Pyrénées on your way to France. These trips is what makes me come back to Spain !!

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Except for Zaragoza I have neglected to visit Aragon.

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