The Calle de Bailén of Madrid!!

So got me another picture from my vault on my dear Madrid! And of course, could not keep it out of my blog and share. This is a very famous street and a wonderful carrousel as well. Let me tell you a bit on the architecturally stunning Calle de Bailén of Madrid!!

The Calle de Bailén is in the Palacio neighborhood. It is located between the Plaza de España and the Plaza de San Francisco. The first section of the street that was opened was the one between the Cuesta de San Vicente and the Plaza de la Marina Española. It has been called several names such as Calle Nueva, Calle Nueva de Palacio, Calle Nueva that goes to Palacio and Regalada Nueva, the latter because of the house that existed on the corner of Calle del Río, called La Regalada, where the horses given to the kings were kept. It was also called Caballerizas Nuevas or new stables because they were located where the Sabatini Gardens are today. Since 1835 it has been called Bailén in memory of the victory of General Francisco Javier Castaños over the French troops in Bailén, during the War of Independence ( or peninsula war see post).

At the beginning of the street are the Sabatini Gardens (see post), which occupy the site of the old Stables and the Senate Palace. Next is the Royal Palace (see post) , and on the corner of the Cuesta de la Vega (slope) is the Almudena Cathedral,(see post) Inaugurated in 1992 by Pope John Paul II. At the end lies the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande,(see post).  In the place where Calle de Bailén passes by the royal palace, it separates the palace from Plaza de Oriente,(see post) a square that feels more like a castle park.


Calle de Bailén crosses Calle Segovia thanks to the Viaduct that connects the old hill of the Royal Palace with Vistillas, where the Moorish neighborhood was located. On the opposite sidewalk, on the corner of Calle del Río, the expansion of the Senate was built in 1992 and on the corner with the Plaza de la Marina Española is the palace of the Marquis of Grimaldi, or Godoy. (Archaeological remains found here on the palace) , On the corner of Calle Mayor stood the oldest church in Madrid, Santa María, demolished in 1868 for the construction of the Viaduct. The house of the Marquis of Malpica was also demolished, which obstructed the extension of Calle de Bailén.

The first viaduct dates from the end of the 19C, in 1874. The new one, made of three 35-meter arches and in polished reinforced concrete, was designed in 1932. It was finally built in 1949 above calle Segovia, between the Royal Palace and the Basilica of San Francisco El Grande. Pedro Almodóvar often used it as a movie setting (Stilettos, Matador). The view of Madrid, especially the west of the city, the Casa de Campo, the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral, is incredible.

You can come here in public transport with metro line 3 and 10 at stop Plaza de España, metro lines 2 ,5, and Radial stop Opéra, next to Teatro Real, on the other side of Plaza de Oriente, Also, line 5 stop La Latina ,5 minutes walk from the Basilica de San Francisco el Grande ; metro line 5 stop Puerta de Toledo, 5 minutes walk from the Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, There is also a bus stop at the intersection of Calle de Bailén and Calle Mayor, served by several bus lines. The stop’s name is Bailen – Mayor.

The Madrid tourist office on the viaduct by calle de Bailén

The Madrid tourist office on the tourist office by the Royal Palace

There you go folks, a dandy street not to be missed not only for the sights in it but for the wonderful architecture of its buildings, and great restos!! Hope you enjoy the post as I. The Calle de Bailén of Madrid is unique.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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