The Lugo province of Galicia!!

This is a memorable road warrior trip a while back and only had glimpses of it mix in other posts. I decided to do one for them deservingly so for Lugo and Sarria, all in the Lugo province of the autonomous community of Galicia in the kingdom of Spain. Let me tell you a bit about it ok.

I took a car trip to  Lugo, not much time there just passing city center for a quick look, One of my road warrior trips ,and always looking to be back.  Lugo is the capital of the province of Lugo, in the autonomous community of Galicia. It is located about 100 km from the Costa Verde on the Bay of Biscay. The city is known for the ramparts that surround the city, a well-preserved remnant of Roman civilization dating from the 3C. Madrid is 500 km away,

lugo on road from coruna may16

Some of the things to see here are the Roman wall , built between the 3C and 4C, the wall is 2,266 meters long, 6 meters thick and 10 meters high ! The Saint Mary Cathedral, began built in 1129, The Roman Baths, located within the Hotel Balneario, Visit the underground part Casa de los Mosaicos Batitales with the archaeological and decorative remains of a large Roman house Domus Oceani, The Museo Provincial arranged pell-mell around the cloister, a profusion of coats of arms and stone stelae ; a Franciscan convent is now integrated into the museum which it adjoins, with a Gothic church (San Pedro) and a cloister, a kitchen and a refectory, The Churches of San Froilan and San Pedro ,located closed to the old town not far from the Puerta Falsa, of Roman origin, the San Froilán Church bears witness to the Baroque of the 17-18C.

The city of Lugo on its heritage

The Lugo province tourist office on Lugo:

The Galicia region tourist office on Lugo

On my way to Lugo we passed by Sarria. A nice detour in my road warrior trip of the province of Lugo.

Sarria road by Ferrol jul12

The city was founded by Alfonso IX under the name of Vilanova de Sarriá (new town of Sarrià).  The passage of the Way of Santiago de Compostela through the village has favored the construction of numerous ecclesiastical constructions and, from its medieval past, it preserves various examples of civil and military architecture. You have to visit the castle, the convent of La Magdalena, the churches of Santa Mariña and El Salvador and, why not, take a look at the objects sold by the many local antique dealers.

sarria en lugo passing park and architecture mar17

I was really busy passing by these areas and for sure need to be back. For now just the souvenirs of been there and told wonderful stories by the locals. You can see my other posts on Galicia in my blog as well.

The Lugo province tourist office on Sarria

The Galicia region tourist office on Sarria

There you go folks, a wonderful road ride into beautiful Galicia and on this time, the pretty Lugo and quant Sarria in the province of Lugo. Hope you enjoy the quick ride and as said , always looking forward to be back.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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