The tunnels of Monrepos and Nueno!!

My road warrior instincts need to tell you about some road experiences, well pretty much let you know the trips taken between my two combo of France and Spain over the years, There have been huge improvement in road travel when the times I started of dirt road following snow cap mountains to cross the border with custom houses. Many memories and posts like this bring them back the good and the sad of those not anymore around me but always remembered,

I like to update refresh this post on the tunnels of Monrepos and Nueno as have many road mountain pass posts in my blog, which you are welcome to take a look ,especially if thinking of making the trek , and unbelivable thrill indeed, I have been driving these lands since the 70’s and myself at the wheel since 1990, again, the progress has been huge! Many of these crossing were done in dirt road and over very steep mountain passes! Today we have the tunnels! Hurray!!! Let me tell you about a couple of them, and hope you enjoy the post as I.


The tunnels of the Monrepós are a set of seven road tunnels located in Spain on the Col du Monrepós in the Pyrenean mountain chain. They are located on the axis of the A-23 (European Axis E-7 (Pau-Zaragoza)) between the towns of Huesca and Sabiñánigo.  There are two tunnels in operation on the N-330 and four others under construction on the A-23 section of the road. The total length of the six tunnels that will remain in service is 7 743 meters, which will make this set of tunnels one of the most important in Spain.

huesca-tunel-de-monrepos aug17

The tunnels of upper Aragon are two consecutive single-tube tunnels of three lanes with a length of 1 449 meters and 609 meters (5th and 10th longest road tunnels of Aragon). Designed and built in the early 1990’s, these tunnels allow improved access to the Pyrénées compared to the old road. They represent a gain of 100 meters in altitude, avoiding many problems in winter, as well as a distance gain of 3.2 km and the passage of a narrow and winding road to a wide road with three lanes (two normal lanes and one lane for slow vehicles).  The option chosen is to use part of the existing roadway of the current N-330 and to construct a new, more or less parallel road, which will cross the pass through a network of viaducts and four new tunnels. The tunnel is currently under construction, located at the top of  Monrepós and will be a twin tunnel of the Monrepós  tunnel (or upper-Aragon). It will measure 1 500 metres (4th longest road tunnel in Aragon) and be a two-lane mono-tube tunnel. The route is integrated into the Haut-Arguis (upper) section of Monrepós on the A-23 highway. The future tunnel of Caldearenas will be located in the top of Montrepós. (also under construction) ,Its first section will be a twin tunnel from that of Monrepós 2 (or upper-Aragon 2), while the following are used to gain 2.6 km of descent from the top of the pass towards the city of Jaca. With a length of 2 885 meters, it will be the longest of all the tunnels of the Monrepós, the 2nd longest road tunnel of Aragon and the 15th of Spain. Like the other tunnels on the A-23, it will be mono-tube double-track. The predicted maximum slope is 3%. A 2 km parallel evacuation gallery is also provided. The route is integrated into the top section of Monrepós-Caldearenas on the A-23 highway. technical info on Monrepos tunnels on the Altimetrias network in Spanish :


The tunnel of Nueno  is located at the banks of the Isuela river ,between the towns of Arguis and Nueno,on the beginning of the descend to the port. The banks of the Isuela river is a very tight and delicate for the environment therefore this is a alternative route to the N-330 highway, in occasions with parallel lanes and sometimes independent of each.  The tunnel in the banks of the Isuela river has 494 meters and it is a mono tuve doublé lane of one way.  It is integrated to the section of the highway A-23 “Nueno-Congosto del Isuela”, that has 5 km and opened in 2015.  On this section there are ,also, 3 viaducts of 315, 202 ,and 140 meters respectively.


There is a huge construction project going on as i write that will create 8 tunnels for a total of 8 km and raise 12 viaducts ! Even if takes several years for the road to reach Jaca. The  20,6 km reaching  Sabiñánigo  are offering the union of the sections Lanave-Jabarrella and Jabarrella-Sabiñánigo south. The tunnel of Caldearenas on the A23 the 2nd longest in Aragon with its 2997 meters is done. The works are located in the section  Alto de Monrepós-Caldearenas, that is part of the system of tunnels of  Monrepós, connecting the towns of Huesca and Sabiñánigo, relieving most traffic ; this has help improve the flow of traffic here.


The Spanish highway A-23 (my main road to from France) also call the Autovía Mudéjar is a communication axis between the Mediterranean coast and the Valencian community as well as central Pyrénees. It cuts thru the towns of Teruel, Zaragoza, and Huesca . It ,also, extends the French national road  RN 134 between  Pau and Oloron-Sainte-Marie . The A-23 follows the route of the national roads N-234 between Sagundo and Daroca and later the N-330 between Retascón and the tunnel of Somport. The A-23 arrives to Zaragoza by the south to connects with the beltway Z-40.  Which are our usual trip to from France/Spain. The last sections are still in construction that will take you directly to Jaca where it will connect with the highway A-21 coming from Pamplona and the town of Canfranc  by the tunnel of Somport.


The Transports Ministry of Spain on the trajects along the A-23 highway :

Michelin tunnel Monrepos map  : Carte MICHELIN Puerto de Monrepós – plan Puerto de Monrepós – ViaMichelin

Michelin tunnel Nueno map :

There you go folksn, a lovely run over the mighty and beautiful Pyrénées ,love it!!  The thrill of freedom on the road effortless, It is my contribution to road travel between France and Spain. Again ,hope you enjoy the post on the tunnels of Monrepos and Nueno !!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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