Plaza Quintana of Madrid!!!

I have several posts on Madrid and touch base on this memorable square ; however, feel needs a post of its own in my blog. Therefore, for memories’s sake here is my take on my Plaza Quintana of Madrid. Hope you enjoy the nostalgic ride with me.

The Plaza Quintana is at Calle de Alcala, 339 with zip code 28027 of Madrid, It is for short between Calle de la Argentina and Calle Virgen del Sagrario, The neighborhood of Quintana is in district Ciudad Lineal of Madrid. The neighborhood have change a lot since my times there, but I always make a point to stop by when in the city. Memories forever with my dear late mom Gladys!!!


A bit of history tell us that the square where it is located once belonged to D. Timoteo Damián and was expropriated in the 1940s for urban reasons in order to eliminate the existing curve of Calle de Alcalá , but in the end this was never done and the fate of the D. Timoteo’s estate was to host the square as we see it today, a pedestrian area surrounded by shops and open on one side to Calle de Alcalá. Across this street was my piso or apartment where I lived with my dear late mother Gladys in very memorable moments to relish forever, My must stop when in the city,

The nickname of the Plaza de los Cromos comes from the market for the purchase-sale-exchange of cards that is organized spontaneously on Sunday mornings and Holidays from 9h to 14h and that attracts hundreds of children and parents looking for the latest issues to finish the collection. The tradition dates back many years and is probably among the busiest markets in its category in Spain, even ahead of the Rastro de Madrid.

It’s officially located within district number 15, Ciudad Lineal. Its main streets are Calle de Alcalá and Calle José del Hierro. Among the most important places in the neighborhood is Plaza de Quintana, located on the corner of Calle de Alcalá with Calle Virgen del Sagrario, which joins it with the neighborhood of La Concepción. It extends, from Calle José del Hierro to Calle de Alcalá; and Calle General Aranaz to Calle Florencio Llorente.

Several buses passes by it such as the No 21 connects Quintana with Calle del Pintor Rosales and with calle El Salvador. The No 38 connects Quintana with Las Rosas and with the Manuel Becerra metro station, in the square of the same name. The No 48 connects Quintana with Plaza Manuel Becerra and with Canillejas neighborhood. The No 109 connects Quintana with Ciudad Lineal and with Castillo Uclés. The No 113 (this was my bus !!! when it was called the P13) connects Quintana Méndez Álvaro bus Station and with Ciudad Lineal. As well as my old baseball park La Elipa,(see post) The No 146 connects Quintana Plaza de Callao and Los Molinos, For night journeys there is the Bus N5. Metro you have my old reliable line 5 , exit right at the entrance to my former apartment ! Quintana. Line 7 also passes by Ciudad Lineal stop.

Some of the things to see which could be interesting to many like me are on the Calle de los Misterios, bordering Calle Arturo Soria, is the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, with an allegedly Mudejar exterior and an altar of some value. At No 292 Calle de Alcalá you have the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Fátima, presided over by the crowned image of Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Fátima. The Nuestra Señora de Fátima school is attached (my former school!!!). In the Plaza de Quintana, is the Bar Docamar, (my nostalgic favorite of always) famous for its bravas potatoes since 1963, with several awards and mentions in television programs and gastronomic critics. The best patatas bravas of Madrid !!! The limit of the neighborhood is occupied by the Parque Calero (my closest park), entrance by Calle José del Hierro, 1 , which separates Quintana from the Conception neighborhood.

I spent my time in Madrid here at Calle de Alcalà 331 , 2do A (apart 2nd fl no A) ,Buzon 67(mailbox), metro Quintana line 5 just out of the metro. Nearby is Plaza Quintana, and our closest park was Parque el Calero. Going to the sports complex Elipa  was fun on the bus P13 now name 113Docamar the best patatas bravas of Madrid since 1963 are still there! Calzados Victor at 238 Calle  de Alcalà, my mom purchased my first shoes in Spain there, and ever since, I stop by and already got my boys shoes there too. The beltway or first one the M30 was finished by 1974 when I left Madrid. It was nice to walked all the way to the Monumental Ventas bullring. Memories forever, which lucky me get to relieve them each year!

The other neighborhoods of Madrid on the Madrid tourist office:

The city of Madrid on its districts in pdf file the Ciudad Lineal district of Quintana:,%20Clima%20y%20Medio%20Ambiente/Territorio/Mapas%20de%20dist%20y%20bar/Ciudad%20Lineal/Distrito%2015%20-%20Ciudad%20Lineal.pdf

From Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday!!! yes!! There you go folks a bit more about me, my blog and my beautiful experience in my Madrid! Always thankful and always remember it. I always thanks my Mom Gladys for taking me there!!! Hope you enjoy this nostalgic brief ride of mine. Madrid is it!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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