Again Plaza Mayor of Madrid!!

This is a must for me to tell you again with new pictures in my blog and new text. One of the emblematic squares of Madrid, the world comes here yes, but still a lot of flavor to find the little niches in and around it. I have been coming here since a child and as a teen with my mom Gladys,  came to eat in one of its institutions, and then wife, and then kids and Dad; still open. I have other post on the square, this one is additional text and pictures. Let me tell you again more of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid!!! 

mad plaza mayor fachada feb13

 I am coming to it and see its transformation since childhood and always amazes me to see it. It is part of the quinssentional Madrid. And  a great spot to look down on it or as we say, from Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day !!Located in the district of the Centro and in the neighborhood  of Sol.

The Plaza Mayor was Inaugurated in 1620, it is a rectangular square, 129 meters by 94 meters, bordered by arcades. The square is surrounded by 3-story residential buildings. There are 237 balconies. The ground floor of these constructions is embellished with granite arches. At the southwest corner of the square, a pretty passage is known as the Arco de Cuchilleros. This arch takes its name from the butcher knife street which supplied knives to the butchers of the market. This passage leads to a staircase which provides access to many restaurants. And my all time favorite Las Cuevas de Luis Candela (see post), This square witnessed many public events, such as bullfights, processions, feasts, theatrical performances, Inquisition trials and even executions. The City of Madrid tourist office is also located in the square, in the famous Casa de la Panaderia, (one of them) see post)

mad plaza mayor feb13

Another curious fact is that each arch of the Plaza Mayor has its name: four of them, depending on the corporation or the commercial activity they housed, such as the Arc de Cuchilleros (cutlers), de la Sal (du salt), Paños ( or draperies which no longer exists) and Botoneras (buttonholes). Seven more are important dates and strategic places, such as the Arc de Triomphe (to commemorate the victory of the national militia over the Royal Guard), the Arc de Ciudad Rodrigo (to remember the recapture of the city), the Arc of Felipe III , the Arc of Calle Zaragoza (to commemorate the defense of this city), the Arc of Calle Toledo (to underline the road that led to Toledo), the Arc of Calle Gerona (in memory of its defense during the War of Independence) and the Arc of Calle 7 de Julio (don’t forget the day when the national militia defended the Plaza Mayor from the attack of the royal guard).

mad plaza mayor horse police feb13

Any day you go to the Plaza Mayor you will see street artists, painters, a fair or a special exhibition there, but if you go on a Sunday you will see the market which is installed under its arcades, where you will find coins, stamps and collectibles. There are also stalls selling fabrics, hats and souvenirs. But if you visit the Plaza Mayor in December, you can enjoy the Christmas market with its colors, lights, costume stalls and decorations to celebrate these special dates.


The Madrid tourist office on the Plaza Mayor:

The Comunidad de Madrid tourist office on the Plaza Mayor:

There you go folks, now you are all set to visit this wonderful old square ,only in time as it is always young and vibrant, the heartbeat of Madrid !; the Plaza Mayor!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Fabulous but my favourite is Salamanca.

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