Always the Puerta del Sol of Madrid!!!

Looking back in nostalgia of my older posts, notice have some pictures not included yet. These new finds were on the Puerta del Sol of Madrid!!! OF course, how can I skip these pictures of always from my dear Madrid! Therefore, will give something new in the text with older pictures to complete my sequence of this venerable beautiful square. Hope you enjoy as always the Puerta del Sol of Madrid!!!

Mad puerta del Sol 24jan10

The Puerta del Sol is one of the most celebrated places in Madrid and the meeting point par excellence for the inhabitants and tourists of Madrid. It opens up some of the most important places and buildings in the capital, such as

Statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, is the work of the sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé and was inaugurated in 1967. located at the start Calle de Alcalá, you will see the statue of the symbol of Madrid; the madroño, and is one of the most popular points of encounters of the capital.

Equestrian statue of Carlos III, nine meters high. It is a bronze reproduction preserved in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. It was erected in 1994.


Kilometer zero in front of the Post Office is located in the square since 1950, the current one is a new plaque placed in 2009. The Zero Kilometer of the Puerta del Sol is indicated by the sun and the tourists usually never leave Madrid without having taken a photo of it.

Statue of the Mariblanca. It is a reproduction of the original, which is in the Casa de la Villa,(see post) the statue was part of a fountain installed in Puerta del Sol, it has been installed since 2009.


For many years, the advertising poster for “Tio Pepe” banished from its preferential place and replaced by the apple logo of the Apple store. However, back by popular demand of the inhabitants of Madrid in 2014.


Two plaques on the façade of the Casa de Correos, (post office bdlg) dedicated, one to the Heroes of the Popular Uprising of May 2 1808, and the other to the victims of the March 11 2004 terrorists attacks and to the people who collaborated on the day of the catastrophe.

In the 19C, the Puerta del Sol was totally transformed, and it is between 1857 and 1862, after the demolition of a certain buildings, which adopts the current appearance . It was the seat of many historical events such as:

The mutiny of Esquilache, in 1766.
Resistance against Napoleon’s troops on May 2, 1808.
In 1812 the proclamation of the constitution of 1812 (Cadiz).
The proclamation of Fernando VII as king in 1812.
In 1861 attack against Queen Isabel II.
April 14, 1931. Proclamation of the Second Republic.

Mad puerta del Sol christmas dec08

The clock of the Casa de Correos or Post Office is known throughout Spain for being the place where the famous carillon of the Puerta del Sol  is at since 1962. It is on the Puerta del Sol that meets the old and the new year with thousands of people to eat the twelve grapes and celebrate the new year.  It is indeed the great clock which presides over one of its buildings which is responsible for wishing the Spaniards a Happy New Year.

The Casa de Correos or post office was built between the years 1766 and 1768. Throughout its history it has performed various functions as headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior , General Directorate of State Security during the Franco dictatorship and currently houses the Headquarters of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid. 

If you are looking for more shopping, you will have the possibility to see a lot of good things on the main streets around the Puerta del Sol, sublime shopping!!! Head for the Calle Mayor, where you go you will see the Plaza Mayor; Calle del Arenal that will take you to the Royal Opera ; Calle Preciados and Calle Montera that links with the Gran Via; and Calle Carretas that relies the Plaza Jacinto Benavente square at the Puerta del Sol. See my many posts on shopping in Madrid!

The Madrid tourist office on the Puerta del Sol

The city of Madrid on the Puerta del Sol (in Spanish long thread):

There you go folks, a dandy wonderful sublime beautiful square that never ceases to amaze me each time there! Nostalgic hugely since walking on it to get my souvenirs and shoes with my Mom Gladys and later with my wife Martine and the boys, memories forever! The Puerta del Sol is the beaten heart of Madrid me think.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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