Memories of a lifetime, Las Majadas!!!

And I make you arrive at our place in Spain for the last few years pre virus. Oh yes we have to go to Madrid of course, used to lived there and memories of family and visits on so many years, but once we found out about renting a house in the mountains near Cuenca.  We as a family came to rent a house in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains at 1400 meters of altitude in the town of Las Majadas! I like to update this memorable post with new text and updated links, a most memorable post indeed, We will see now when we will be back but hard missing my dear late wife Martine. The town of Las Majadas has officially 277 inhabitants but believe me we saw a lot less even if we went in summer. Winter the town is empty with the Rural Guard only around.

We said, Las Majadas? I even have to look it up as this is way in the mountain on really narrow roads max speed 50 KPH  (about 30 MPH) and that is too much very narrow, hilly, and curvy roads up to get to the town passing by huge extension of hunting forest. The house was fantastic and the owners superb!!!  The house had 4 bedrooms for all two bath, right in the town near restaurant , bakery ,bars on the main square. The people in town very friendly and the owners Maria Isabel and Luis just fantastic human beings ! The Casa Pitu is the name given to the house in the Calle Anastasio Lasso of Las Majadas. A town that will remain in our hearts forever. Highly recommended, and if you are into walking, nature lover this is a must.


I cannot say enough of Las Majadas we came back to repeat staying here, and my family love it as well. My dear late wife Martine love it, she spoked Spanish and immediately made friends with the locals and owners. We got pastries, wines, you name it as gifts always a friendly smile, and even Martine felled in love with the decoration in the kitchen ,utensils and paper towel holder, and the owner just simply gave it to her!! Amazing experiences to last a lifetime ; I still have it.  I have several posts on Las Majadas in my blog as an hommage to the town, the people and my dear Martine. Just do the search. Thanks.

Of course we always did the run by car from France, a wonderful trip, full of nice memories and encounters on the road, like the wonderful always stop at Bielle in the French pyrénées for breakfast, and the lunches on the A23 after Zaragoza with chorizo sandwiches my boys love it still remember fondly; the lunch and dinner in the different restaurants around Cuenca all wonderful memories on the road.(see posts). 

More on Las Majadas from the Castilla La Mancha tourist board

Like I said we used the house as a base to run all over the Castillas and even into Valencia; for the nature lover, hunters, joggers, walkers, this is tops. Because of fondness for the house this was the Top Rural renting site we got the house from , now the site is call Vrbo:

And the official webpage for Casa Pitu in Las Majadas

 Some on the history and activities in the small town are

So called Majadas, because the first to settle in this area were sheperds who were there at night. It tells the tradition that the people had been settled here  by shepherds of Poyatos through cabins in the well of the Animas. In the 12C the manor came to the Jaraba family, linked to the conquest of Cuenca.  The Jarabas came from Ramon IV Berenguer, 10th Count of Barcelona, King of Aragon to marry Petronila, daughter of Ramiro II, the monk. By not having offspring they asked Our Lady of Jarabas to grant them a wish and so they put one of her children to her, forming this family. The eldest of the marriage was Alfonso II, King of Aragon who helped  king Alfonso VIII in the conquest of Cuenca.

In the book of Montería (hunting trips) of king Alfonso XI , speaks about the good hunting in the Majadas of the king. It was a villa of relaxation or entertainment.  The patron Saint is the Virgin of the Sagrario since king Alfonso VIII. The Church Virgen del Sagrario consists of three bodies: The Belfry, the nave and the altar, these two separated by a half-point arch with pillars of ashlar.  The altarpiece has different figures of different artistic style, with two bodies of columns with corinthian capitals.  The date of 1618 is listed.  The pedestal has reliefs of the adoration of the shepherds and adoration of the Kings. The paintings of the altarpiece are Saint Lucia (martyr), Saint Christopher and Penitent Monk, the Saint Veronica, the Immaculate, the crucified Christ and the Annunciation.  The well-preserved coffered ceiling is in mudejar style with Western roots. In the courtyard of the parish is the Roll of Justice where the law was taught in medieval times.  There were also four hermitages in the 17C: San Juan, Santiago apostle, San Bartolomé and San Sebastián



The culinary delights is awesome and the dishes are the Morteruelo (sirloin, liver, chicken, rib, ham, lard, rabbit, breadcrumbs, paprika, cinnamon, cloves and also with game meat). Porridge (flour, grass peas, bacon fat, garlic, paprika…)  , shepherd crumbs (bread crumbs, garlic, paprika, bacon fat, water…), they are eaten with grapes.  Red Beans  with chorizo and rib.  Shepherd’s Cakes (flour, salt, oil, water…) Bacalado (salted and soaked codfish), battered with egg and flour. At Easter,  Puches de los Santos (flour, water, sugar and croutons…)  Toasts of bread crumbs and egg (in sugar water with apple, honey, etc.) Anise Rolls (flour, sugar, aguardiente (heavy rum type made with grapes), etc.)  They make sausages, loins, ribs, etc. All good and with good Castilian wine.

There you go folks, hope it helps you come and enjoy the real Spain, and the birth of it in Castilla. We will go on carrying with us these marvelous memories and wonderful souvenirs of our trips as a family to Las Majadas, And who knows, maybe we will make a nostalgic return one day. Thank you for your support reading me since November 2010 !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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