Museo Real de Artilleria en el Alcazar de Segovia!

Oh yes need to take this out of the Alcazar fortress post as it is magical ,beautiful and if anything worth the trip to the Alcazar of Segovia me think. It’s a must rooms to visit when in Segovia and we love it. Many many memorable experiences with my mom then girlfriend, then wife, then kids throughtout the years; Segovia is magical!

However, small spot in the city and a separate viewing in the Alcazar fortress is the Museo Real de Artilleria or the Royal Artillery Museum! Wonderful, a must to see me think! Let me tell you a bit more on it in a single post that it deserves.

Needless to tell you but for me will do.  This is another of my favorite cities of my beloved Spain, Segovia. From an early age , I think first time was when I was 10 years old with my mother; I keep coming back over the years, then with my wife, and then with the family and boys and parents and and ….lost count but each time is like the first time. There, the Alcazar of Segovia is awesome, a must to see. And do not forget the Royal Artillery Museum in it!!


Museo del Real Colegio de Artillería or the wonderful Royal College of Artillery museum houses many wonderful military objects as here was the Artillery Academy of Segovia founded in 1764 in the Alcazar by king Carlos III . It is said to be the oldest military academy in the world in active duty ,this the  Real Colegio de Artillería de Segovia, in the Alcazar. Here was echo the call for independence from the invading armies of Napoléon I in May 2 1808 (Spain national independence day) that was led by the Artillery captains Luis Daoiz and Pedro Velarde (statues of them in front of the Alcazar now see post) that were former students of the academy. In  1862, fire destroyed the ceilings and roof, nobles rooms and they were rebuilt thanks to engravings done in 1839.


The Artillery Academy of Segovia is a military academic institution in Spain founded on May 16, 1764 as the Royal Artillery College in the Alcázar of Segovia.  The Artillery College continued its work until the unfortunate fire of the Alcázar on March 6, 1862. The loss of the emblematic monument forced its abandonment and the immediate relocation of the cadets that same night in the former convent of San Francisco, used by the external students as a residence since 1853.



The current headquarters of the Artillery Academy is the former convent of San Francisco (Calle San Francisco ,25) . A large part of the new facilities, such as classrooms and residences, are located in the Polígono de Baterías (Carretera de San Rafael s/n) in Segovia, where Higher Technician degrees are taught to EMIES students. The Academy houses in its Library one of the scientific and documentary collections richest in the country. In it you will find  only taking into account the scientific and military part all the European science of the 18C and 19C and all the artillery and fortification treatises of the last five centuries.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are:

The official Real Colegio de Artilleria

The official Alcazar fortress

The min of defense of Spain on the college now:

The Segovia tourist office on the new artillery museum of the college near the Aqueduct:

There you go folks, another dandy in Segovia. You start with the museum in the Alcazar , gorgeous indeed. IF time, see the new one more modern spacing sober. Segovia is a wonderful town, small enough to walk all over, and huge in Spanish history with marvelous architecture, love it. This is the Alcazar and its Royal Artillery Museum!

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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