Cuenca and its old castle!!

This is a thrill trip of many years , and repeat visits to Cuenca with the family. Memories of always in my heart. We walked all over even steep cobblestones streets and in summer! I like to update this older post of many memorable moments for us. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And let me tell you about a nice old ruins overlooking a wonderful view of the city of Cuenca, in Castilla La Mancha, in my beloved Spain. This is the remnants of an old castle that is worth a detour.  In the heat ,they tell you to go high for breezes and cooler air, well not here, high is direct sunshine and hot so you are better off getting here early in the mornint or late in the evening. However, do get here, you will love it.  I am talking about the old ruined castle of Cuenca. We came to love this town after staying nearby for a couple times in our trips down to sunny Spain.


A bit of history I like 

The castle is located at the top of the city, between the two gorges, and what remains of it is just two cubic constructions, remnants of the walls ,and the Bezudo Arch which retains a shield with fleece.


The Muslim citadel and later the Christian castle, was located in the castle district, at the access to the Bezudo arch, in the highest area of ​​Cuenca, between the Júcar and Huécar rivers, being for centuries an important defensive enclave for the city .  It was conquered by king Alfonso VIII in 1177, and in 1325 king Alfonso XI gave it to Don Juan, son of Don Juan Manuel.

The ruins of the Castillo de Cuenca are located at the top of Cuenca, between the famous Castillo District and the Calle del Trabuco. It was called Calle del Trabuco because it was installed in the Church of San Pedro ,a lombard to defend the city from the attacks of D. Diego Hurtado de Mendoza.


Finally, the Catholic Monarchs ordered the demolition, perhaps to end the defensive places of the feudal lords to end up with their intrigues and disloyalties. But above all, his demolition was a symbol of the fall of the power of the Hurtado de Mendoza. In the 17C, the seat of the Inquisition Tribunal was built on the castle grounds, and it was used as a provincial prison until a few years ago. This, in turn, was partially destroyed in 1812, during the Spanish War of Independence and which has been the headquarters of the Provincial Historical Archive since the end of the 20C. In its entrance there is a statue of Fray Luis de León commemorating the four centenary of his death.

From the castle, dating from the 13C, we have only received a rectangular tower, with several floors, as betrayed by the mechinales that we see today of its forgings. We also find some fragments of the Caliphate wall from various construction periods. The structure that we see today does not correspond to the original fortress, but to a part of it that has been integrated into later constructions.

Today, the ruins of the castle of Cuenca are equipped with stoney square steps stairs by which you can ascend to the highest part of the wall to access the viewpoint with some of the best views of the city to the gorges of the Jùcar river and the Huécar river at the same time. The part of the Huécar river gives us views of the hanging houses (casas colgadas), the bridge of San Pablo (St. Paul) and the Church of St. Paul (San Pablo). While at the other end of the viewpoint, the Jucar river, we can contemplate the wonderful and refreshing sickle of the Jùcar river along with its well-known Ojos de la Mora (eyes of the moor).



The Arch entry that makes the gate of the castle was baptized as Arch of the brothers Rodríguez Bezudo, in memory to the death of these in the taking of the city by king Alfonso VI. According to historical accounts, one of them died in the assault on this fortress while the other was named governor. At present you will see a cobbled plaque with the name Arco de Bezudo.

The Castilla La Mancha tourist board on the castle of Cuenca:

The Cuenca tourist office on the castle in Spanish:

The city of Cuenca with webcam on plaza mayor and cathedral:

We had nice memorable moments climbing the steep hilly road the first time to reach this castle to find out there was a parking on top next to it lol! Well we came back ,and parked on top ! Either way is a great walk , again do it on the shade of the day. Enjoy the castle and arco de Bezudo of Cuenca as we did and still many nice family memories forever!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. It sounds like after the 16C this poor castle didn’t stand a chance, first with Inquisition, then other events which would have damaged it further 🙂 Looks like you got some great views too.

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  2. Another favourite of mine.

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