The Wax Museum of Madrid!

This is a novelty in my travels, do go into museums but a wax museum? Well this is Madrid after all and after living and visiting for many years never had stopped in until coming with the family from France. Curious for the historical wax figures in it went in. Pleasant surprise something different indeed and nice history. We enjoy the visit to the Wax Museum of Madrid!! or Museo de Cera de Madrid!!

When it comes to museums we go to some different museums and we like our first visit ever to the Wax Museum of Madrid. I do not recall been there , well maybe as a boy believe my mother mentioned to me took me here when it opened in 1972 , but took a long time before coming again with the family , and thereafter a couple times and as it is in one of the best areas of Madrid and the one we stayed in the Fénix Hotel by Plaza Colon (see post) when I took my then girlfriend and later dear late wife Martine in 1990 on our first trip together to Madrid.

Just wonderful memories I like to share with the world.  The Museo de Cera de Madrid shows over 450 wax figures in over 2000 square meters of space on two floors and over forty rooms in which the visitor can travel back in time accompanied by the corresponding historical figures. It is located at Paseo de Recoletos, no 41 right across from the Plaza de Colon square and get there on metro Colon line 4 , as well as buses  21, and 37.  It opened on February 14 1972.


To build the museum, a research, selection, and reconstruction of scenarios and characters was carried out, in which Oscar award-winning professionals participated. Sculptors, make-up artists, costume designers, decorators and illuminators of the moment, belonging to film production teams, collaborated in this project. Finally, the first figure, that of the navigator Cristobal Colón, saw the light, and after it many more until the 450 that occupy the scenarios that recreate the environment in which each one of them has lived and lives. These figures come from illustrious personages of the history of Spain, and also international, of different fields: history  such as king Felipe VI, the Arts like Pablo Neruda,  and Pablo Picasso; Sciences like Ramón y Cajal, and  Margarita Salas, Spectacles like Plácido Domingo, and  Lola Flores, Terror  like Dracula, and children like Mortadelo and Philemon, among other representations.

Almost all the contemporary characters that are exhibited in the galleries of the museum are dressed in costumes belonging to each one of them, from the General Franco to the master composer Joaquín Rodrigo passing by the actress Lina Morgan, the writer Camilo José Cela, the actress Carmen Sevilla or Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Kings of the Dynasties of Austria (Habsburg) and Bourbon. The museum has made a special interest in reflecting the children’s world with the presence of the Simpson familyHarry Potter, Mortadelo and Philemon and Snow White in addition to Frodo of The Lord of the Rings. You can see that one of the galleries is the crime and horror room with characters such as Count Dracula, the Mummy or Freddy Krueger.

I had personal pictures with the royals that made Spain what it is today from the union of old to the union of today! The Catholic kings of Fernando and Isabel and the new bourbon Juan Carlos I.



The museum also has three attractions: the simulator consisting of icy tunnels, the center of the Earth and space; The train of terror, which transports the visitor to the Jurassic Park, to the Galactic Tavern, passing through famous murders and other surprises; And finally a multivision that offers a glimpse of the history of Spain. Fascinating indeed.

Nearby you have some of my all time favorites eateries such as Restaurante El Espejo now call the New Espejo done with lots of mirrors all around a classic in Madrid at any time but in the terrase is sublime, just a bit south of the museum on the same side street.  For a more literally mindset and very chic Madrid come to the Historical Café Gijon since 1888. This one still a bit south than the other but close enough on same side street. 

The Madrid tourist office on the wax museum

The official webpage of the Wax Museum of Madrid

There you go folks, another dandy in my beloved Madrid. Enjoy the history in one single spot in the Wax Museum of Madrid, right in marvelous Paseo de Recoleto and near the Plaza de Colon.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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