Plaza Mayor of Cuenca!!!

And I bring you back to a sentimental town of my beloved Spain. This is Cuenca in the province of Cuenca and Castilla de La Mancha region in the kingdom of Spain. We walked all over here already is like our town; but spent most of the time in the wonderful quant Plaza Mayor of Cuenca. Another dandy main square of my Spain.

The plaza Mayor is the meeting place and communication hub between the various routes in the old part of the city. The Cathedral, the City Hall building and the Convent of San Pedro dominate the landscape. From the Plaza Mayor part of the Calle Pilares, which leads us to the Ermita de las Angustias, the Calle San Pedro and Ronda de Julían de Romero, which lead to the Castle, the Canónigos and Calle Clavel to the Casas Colgadas (hanging houses) and the Puente de San Pablo (bridge of Saint Paul).


The land is so small that if we access the square through the Calle Alfonso VIII , we will see that once inside it is a continuation of the street that widens. The main road crosses the square until starting the ascent to the ruins of the Castle, along Calle San Pedro. It is the center of city life, an ideal place to take a break on the terrace, to capture the atmosphere of the city and see its most important architectural works. You can also buy traditional crafts from the region.

In the Plaza Mayor you will find as emblematic buildings the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Grace (see post) from the 12C, the City Hall, a baroque style building from the times of Carlos III; that is raised by three semicircular arches. In the 20C it had to be rebuilt to obtain the appearance it has today, and the beautiful facade of colorful buildings. On one side of the cathedral we find a street that leads us to the statue of Alfonso VIII, (see post) the most important king for the city of Cuenca, since it was he who liberated the city from Muslim occupation in 1177. This monument was built in 2009 and it shows Alfonso VIII on the back of his horse. It is a bronze sculpture on a stone base that exceeds 3 meters in height.


I like to give you some webpages to help you plan your trip here and especially around the Plaza Mayor; hope it helps.

The city of Cuenca webcam on the Plaza Mayor

The Cuenca tourist office on the Plaza Mayor

The province of Cuenca tourist office on the Plaza Mayor of Cuenca

The region of Castilla La Mancha on the Plaza Mayor of Cuenca

There you go folks, another dandy in my beloved  Spain. This one very close to the heart in memorable Cuenca and its quant nice Plaza Mayor. Enjoy it as we did.

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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