Plaza Mayor of Segovia!

And let me update this memorable older post on a wonderful square in Segovia. The plaza Mayor is omnipresent all over Spain as the central focus of power, history, architecture, and everyday life which Spaniards fully enjoy. I have great memories of childhood coming with my mother for an ice cream lol!! Now let me tell you a bit more of this wonderful Plaza Mayor of Segovia!

So moving right along with my stories of my beloved Spain, once again one very popular place for locals and visitors alike but only touch on briefly in my previous posts. Need to do justice to one of my favorite cities in all of Spain, Segovia.  And time to tell you about its wonderful Plaza Mayor or main square the historical center of it all in Segovia.


The Plaza Mayor is located in the historic center of Segovia, in Castilla y Léon autonomous region. The urban space has all the characteristics of a typical Spanish main square or Plaza Mayor, and on which are located some important monuments such as the abside of the Cathedral , The theater Juan Bravo (b. 1917) or the city/town hall of Segovia (1610). (See posts).


It was historically called the Plaza de San Miguel,referencing a primitive Church of San Miguel that was originally there.  In this Plaza de San Miguel square was held the market of Segovia, as well where Isabel I the Catholic was proclaim Queen of Castilla in December 13 1474. The Church was demolished in 1532 and rebuilt a few meters away to allow the renovations of the current Plaza Mayor. Starting from the end of the 19C, at the time of the Bourbon Restoration (monarchy) it was called Plaza de la Constitucion, and after the last Spanish Civil War (1936-39), it was named Plaza de Franco, until with the return to the democracy officially renamed again as everyone knew it the Plaza Mayor.

The square has an almost rectangular shape and near the center you will see a music kiosk ,designed in 1896 of iron work ,where music concerts are held today. For much of the 20C it was retired on several occasions and spared on this site again, until in 1986 it was definitively anchored. One day a year, during the festivity of Santa Barbara,(there is a permanent chapel inside the Cathedral and my native town patron Saint)  the kiosk was transformed into a chapel.

Late in the 19C, the square was filled with cafes, shops, trattorias, food houses and hotels, to welcome visitors arriving in the city by train, causing a big boom in the city. Today the Plaza Mayor of Segovia continues to be a meeting point for the locals and tourists who visit in a large number a city that has so many attractions. A must hangout place indeed.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here, and is a must while in Spain, are:

The city of Segovia its presentation:

The Segovia province tourist office on its heritage

The Castilla y Léon region tourist office on Segovia

There you go folks, all set for a wonderful visit to a wonderfully beautiful and architecturally stunning city of Segovia, and not to be missed its Plaza Mayor. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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