Fuente de Apolo de Madrid !

Now this is a fountain statue as you will that often is overlook by visitors to my beloved Madrid. I did a brief post on it and I like to update the text on the Apolo fountain or Fuente de Apolo de Madrid! Hope you enjoy it as I.

So much to see and do, and so many monuments time is not enough for my beloved Madrid. One thing I did a lot is to walk all over the city sometimes to the limits but it allows me to show my sons my beloved city in all its glory.  We passed by monuments hardly noticeable by visitors but with a great history and architecture on them. For now this is the Fuente de Apolo or Apollo’s fountain right on Paseo del Prado!

The Fuente de Apolo (Apollo fountain), also called the Cuatro Estaciones (Four Seasons), is a monumental fountain located on the Paseo del Prado. It occupies the center of what was called the Prado Hall, within the urban reform sponsored by King Carlos III in the 18C. It is part of the sculptural ensemble by Ventura Rodríguez for the Paseo , along with that of Cibeles and Neptune. The three fountains are considered masterpieces of Spanish Neoclassicism.


The Apollo Fountain began to be built in 1780 during the reign of Carlos III. The erection of the statue of Apollo was in 1802. The set was inaugurated a year later, 1803, to celebrate the link of the crown prince Don Fernando (future Fernando VII), son of Carlos IV.

The Apollo fountain is composed of a central body with a staircase, with two masks that throw water on three overlapping shells of different dimensions. The pedestal sculptures represent the four seasons by allegorical figures, hence the alternative name of the fountain. The monument marks an effigy of the god Apollo, divinity of light and the arts, with the features of King Carlos III.

The Madrid tourist office on the Apolo fountainhttps://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/fuente-de-apolo-fuente-de-las-cuatro-estaciones

Hope you enjoy the walks of my Madrid, there are several in my blog.  Of course, in your walks by Prado do stop to see this wonderful Fuente de Apolo. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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