The beaches of San Sebastian!!

And now back to the lovely city of San Sebastian and its wonderful beaches! I am updating this older post on the wonderful beaches of the city. They were always a reason to be here along if any, but read my other posts on San Sebastian ,is a lot more than beaches. Anyway, hope you enjoy the post as I.

There is snow in Spain as well and my favorite areas are covered already so why not bring on the beaches of San Sebastian!  I came here with the family including my Dad (my dear Mom Gladys had already passed away in France 2007). Even while living in Madrid never made it here, so ironically finally went to these wonderful beaches from France. I am talking about the Zurriola and La Concha beaches of San Sebastian.

The beach of Zurriola is one of the three beaches of the city of San Sebastián . It is located between the mouth of the Urumea river and Mount Ulía, and has an approximate length of 800 meters. Facing the elegant and quiet profile of the beaches of Ondarreta and La Concha, the beach of Zurriola has been consolidated as a beach with a younger profile and suitable for the practice of surfing (it is the most open beach and with strongest swell in the city) and to have  the Jazz Festival of San Sebastian and of competitions of bodyboarding, surfing, skateboarding and similar events. The practice of nudism is allowed since 2004, being one of the few Spanish urban beaches that allow it.


This is the beach area where we parked each time there by the Kursaal Congress area Gros neighborhood , really across from the beach! There is a more popular beach but we still preferred Zurriola of all the beaches there, more intimate, and local. Of course, better for the younger crowds.

Do not want to tell you more as plenty on these popular Zurriola beach,therefore, will give you some webpages to help you enjoy your visit here:

The San Sebastian tourist office on Zurriola

My fav beach webpage Plages TV on Zurriola

The city of San Sebastian/Donostia on Zurriola

Moving . on to the more popular La Concha beach. La Concha Beach is located in the Bay of La Concha in the city of San Sebastián. Located west of the mouth of the Urumea river, separated from the same by Mount Urgull and the center of the city and housed in the Bay of La Concha, the island of Santa Clara closing the bay. It has an average length of 1 350 meters, an average width of 40 meters and an average surface of 54 000 m².  It is a sandy beach and shallow, in which the tides travel often limits the surface useful for use. It can be considered a beach of urban environment and massive use. Of the same bay form the beach of Ondarreta, more familiar, and not frequented by us.

san-sebastian-playa-de-la-concha-to city

The shell railing (barandilla) extends from the city/town hall of San Sebastián to the Ondarreta beach, and only changes design in the area of the Caseta Real (Royal Hut) . To know the origins of this architectural element we go back to the time when queen Isabel II reigned and in which San Sebastián was visited by royalty. The handrail was  built in 1910 and inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1916. It was placed by sections and the previous railing was moved to the Paseo de France. There is a stretch of railing totally different from the rest is where the Caseta Real was formerly. Right next to Thalassotherapy La Perla.  My memorable picture (me and Dad) on this post and showing my proud Paris Air Show polo!


La Concha is the most popular beach there and one of the best in Europe. Do not want to tell you more as plenty on it. Here is looking at Santa Clara island

san-sebastian-la-concha-beach to santa clara island

The San Sebastian tourist office on La Concha

The city of San Sebastian/Donostia on La Concha

My fav beach webpage plages TV on La Concha

There you go plenty of beaches in San Sebastian to choose and enjoy it with your family in nice San Sebastian or Donostia (basque). Always a pleasant visit by my family. And important to know the weather in advance you can count on Spain official meteo service AEMET. Enjoy your time here in Summers of course.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. We visited San Sebastian in September a few years back for a family birthday weekend. We got bad weather (story of my life!!) so couldn’t enjoy the beach. But everyone loved the town … and the food…. and I’ll definitely go back..

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