Plaza de Colon of Madrid!!!

Another dandy full of memories for me and family, well as you can read, Madrid is all happy memories that will last all my life. Hope you get the idea, Madrid to heavens and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day! This is the nice Plaza de Colon of Madrid!!!


Not a moment goes by not thinking of all the things done here, living and visiting; and both ways. One of the emblematic places in the city is the Plaza de Colon or Colon Square in the upper part away from centro Madrid.  The area is nice, modern ,and upscale. It was my passage when opened the Wax museum (see post)  around it that my Mom took me. It has been great going to the National Library (see post) as a youth, and then many times over visiting with the family. Always great souvenirs of my Madrid.

The Plaza de Colón is named after Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon). Located at the intersection of the districts of the Centro, Chamberí and Salamanca, the square has a large open space known as the Gardens of Discovery , delimited by the streets of Goya, Jorge Juan and Serrano. The west side of the square consists of a crossroads at the center of which rises the monument to Columbus, where the Paseo de la Castellana is to the north and the Paseo de Recoletos to the south. The square was originally called Plaza de Santiago, or St, James Square. In 1893 it was decided to rename the square to Plaza de Colón in honor of Christopher Columbus.


Erected between 1881 and 1885, this neo-Gothic-style monument consists of a column surmounted by the statue of Columbus (Colon) . Originally placed on the square itself, it is installed from 2009 in the center of the crossroads, surrounded by a basin. This space occupies a surface of 18 700 m2. In quadrangular form, it is divided into two triangular zones. Under the first, to the west, is the Fernán Gómez Cultural Center, as well as underground parking. The second zone, to the east, is mainly occupied by the monument of the Discovery of America, inaugurated in 1977. The Spanish Royal Mint stood here previously until 1970. In the vicinity, has risen from 2001 a mast of 50 meters high which bears the largest Spanish flag in the world, measuring 14 meters by 21 meters or 294 m2. There are stairs at the end that take you down to the Oficina de Turismo Colón.(Tourist office at Colon).




The wonderful architecture and historical here is the  Torres de Colon or Columbus Towers  office building completed in 1976, dubbed “the electrical outlet” due to the shape of its top. . In the crossing of the square or Plaza de Colon with Calle de Génova you will see the towers, at its bottom you will see an isle that crosses with Calle Génova, the sculpture with the Women and the Mirror is the work of Fernando Botero. Car parking Empark under the square entrance by Calle de la Armada Española,1 just parallel with Paseo de Recoletos. Also, metro Colon Line 4 and Serrano line 4 and many bus lines.

We, also, stayed in a nice hotel when I first took my girlfriend  in September 1990, later wife and now dear late wife Martine. It was a moment to impress the new girl and book the Fénix Tryp hotel at Calle Hermosilla just after the Plaza de Colon with windows looking over it. Now it is a Melia Hotels property. The hotel is an icon for us as well. We even have visited couple times afterward! Decorations inside are the same!


Other memorable moment of this Plaza de Colon is that upon visiting with my girlfriend we needed to take money out, first time needed to do this in Spain for me!. Looking ,asking finally at the hotel there was a Barclays bank across from Colon Square or Plaza Colon, 2  and we did!  Well the Barclays left ,after 50 years at this location,, in July 2018 ; it now says my sources will have a mix office business stores at that location. Here just for the memories!

Just below the wax museum, you have the Casino de Madrid, yes a Casino!! At Paseo de Recoletos, 37-41 which is just south of the Plaza de Colon. And just a bit further down one my hunts with my mother and later wife, the Restaurante El Espejo, under new management ;  a glass deco resto very quaint and popular with Madrilenos. webpage:

The Madrid tourist office on the Plaza de Colon

The Madrid tourist office on the Discovery America garden

The Madrid tourist office on the Fernan Gomez Cultural Center

A nice place to walk , when you want to be away from the tourist centro areas and see the real working Madrid a bit. The Plaza de Colon is another must stop for me when in town, it brings lots of good memories for my soul. Hope you enjoy the post, and dare come over from centro.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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