Shopping in Madrid!!!

Ok this is not my strongest subject but dare dwell on it. In my one of my favorite cities in the world and very dear sentimentally to me shopping was heavens. In a city not really known for shopping you are missing on something. I did this post back in 2016 and feels needs update on text and links; hope you enjoy it as I remembering these memorable places. This is shopping in Madrid!!!

I was just back again from Madrid and looking at my blog, have not updated the shopping in Madrid since I started blogging! Therefore,it’s time for me to do an update now. 

Rather than give you individual store webpage I will just tell you about them. My favorites that I have stop by or my family still there shopped are these:

Oh yes El Corte Inglés department store, a classic for many many years (they took over another of my old  favorites Galerias Preciados).  The nice stores are by the Puerta del Sol and just coming out left on Nuevos Ministerios line 8 coming from Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport.

The Street to be. At Calle Serrano 16 is the main store of Carolina Herrera for a complete wardrobe of men, women and kids as well as accessories.  They have move from Serrano and now at Calle de Lagasca, 21  you have Matarranz, for the house deco, bedding ,bath all with natural products. 

For high end shoes go to Calzados Bravo at Calle Serrano 42, great Spanish shoes with pure leather ,for over 50 years of service. Of course, the ultimate Spanish porcelain/ceramics at Llàdro in Calle Serrano 68; the very essence of Spanish beauty for your home.

For fashion clothing for men and women go for Purificacion Garcia, purely Spanish styles; ready to wear for you; At Calle Serrano 28 by plaza Colon  or Calle Serrano 47. 

For men’s suits made to order go to Echeverria at Paseo de la Habana 17 (closed here for the memories) near the Bernabeu; business suits were always right. The official men’s wear of my Real Madrid CF is Pedro del Hierro, and of course have a suit from them! They are sold in Cortefiel stores like the one at Calle Serrano ,29. Part of the same group that owns Springfield and Women’Secret.

Not for me ok but ladies underwear or lingerie, my women go often to Andrés Sardà at calle Ramon de la Cruz 14 near Plaza Manuel Becerra; if you want to buy simply Spanish.

For real local sports store go to Décimas, the one at the shopping malls  Vaguada or Principe Pio; I preferred the Vaguada. Individual store at Gran Via 29.

For my watches well I was a Casio men for yeears and always reliable , easy to find anywhere in the world even to change a bracelet.  I have since change to the mobile phone or cellular phone for the time and al. Here for the memories . Official resellers in Madrid are at Baroli , calle de Gabriel Lobo, 7 near metro Cruz del Rayo o Republica Argentina. Also, at El Corté Inglés dept stores.

For perfums, the stores Perfumeria Madrid Paris in Madrid since 1943! The one at  Avenida Reina Victoria 27, near metro Cuatro Caminos . And the one for perfums cosmetics toiletteries etc is Perfumerias Julià for the local touch. Calle del Carmen 2 , just around from the Puerta del Sol , just great!

For gifts souvenirs, decoration, there are many, but i have purchase at Bazar El Pulpito at the famous Plaza Mayor 11. By the side of the Arcos de Cuchilleros. At paseo del Prado 10 you have the Objetos de arte Toledano, (now closed in 2019 after 60 years here for the memories) wonderful store for many years there and always stop by.

And of course, why not a Real Madrid souvenir to take home, the best club in the history of football/soccer ::) Many stores now but the original is go to Santiago Bernabeu stadium. However, been closer to the centro or city center there is one nice store at Calle Carmen,3.

For knives kitchen stuff, the house kitchen all good brands,  see Cuchillerias Simon, Calle Virgen de los Peligros 10, near metro Banco de España or Sevilla.

A quaint  pharmacy and near an area of ladies of the night (much better clean now) but the pharmacy has everything you need for anything at good prices is Farmacia Montera at Calle Montera 9 near metro Sol. Not far there is Farmacia Mayor at Calle Mayor 13, plenty for the travelers’s need there too ; and the closest one for me (Calle Alcalà 331) for years is at Calle Alcalà 321 , Farmacia 24H, under new name and management. And if one to go to a pharmacy and history go the oldest one in Madrid since 1578!! Farmacia Real Botica de la Reina, Calle Mayor 59. It has many unusual things such as recipes by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (Don Quijote) and Calderon de la Barca etc.

Gourmet are plenty in Madrid and my favorites over the years are the huge supermarket AlCampo (Auchan in France) at the shopping center la Vaguada by metro line 9 Barrio del Pinar. Of course many other supermarket such as the Hipercor of El Corte Inglés, by Vista Alegre at Avenida de la Plaza de Toros; there is a nice size one, metro line 5 (my old home line! ) ,there is another good one at Calle Retama ,8 metro Mendez Alvaro line 6 .And my gourmet favorite by Paseo de la Castellana 196 ,the Sanchez Romero with inside cafeteria too.

For eyeglasses , near my old home there is Optica Roma by Plaza Manuel Becerra 28, and Calle Alcalà 388 near metro Manuel Becerra line 2 and 6. And Soloptical for the chain lover, this one at Plaza del Emperador Carlos V near Atocha train station.

You have electronics and information technology in the FNAC store near Nuevos Ministerios metro train station off Paseo de la Castellana 79  ,here as my boys love it. Other are MediaMarkt, Plaza del Carmen, 2. And Electronica Embajadores for all kinds of gadgets in all forms calle de Embajadores ,138 metro Delicias line 3 and cercanias trains C1 and C10.

Generally speaking, Madrid can be put into shopping areas as well. The luxury shopping is around the Streets of Serrano and José Ortega y Gasset in the Salamanca district. Then, you move on the vanguard areas of the movida such as around the districts of Malasaña,around the Streets of Gran Via, Fuencarral, and Corredera Baja de San Pablo.  Also, the areas from Calle Fuencarral to Paseo del Prado, the district of Chueca is the underground movement in fashion.  Moving to the center you have the Plaza Mayor and surrounding, as well as the Gran Via area ,especially around the Streets of Preciados and Carmen. The Rastro for the bargain hunter.

You move up north to AZCA near Plaza de Castilla, and the Streets of Orense, ave del General Peron, Raimundo Fernandez, Villaverde , etc.  And if you have the heart for the Madrileños then go beyond the M30 ave de America, de la Paz into the non touristic areas along Calle Alcalà near the Monumental bullfight arena and into Calle Alcalà out further, you hit my neighborhood, great choices and great prices.

The Madrid tourist office on shopping areas:

I am not into guides as better to know the territory like me than reading a guide, but this TimeOut for entertainment and shopping is very good, here is their shopping in Madrid:

 Enjoy shopping and enjoy Madrid. An event walking shopping the streets of this wonderful beautiful city that needs to be discovered more when possible.Hope you have enjoy the post and look forward like to come back shopping in Madrid!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I am not a big fan of shops or shopping. Amazon does it for me.

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